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OpenBSD 6.5

HN Discussion:
Posted by vetelko (karma: 235)
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#HackerNews #openbsd
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Poisonous fishes are still there. I thought they are orange custard apples. #OpenBSD

I visited #OpenBSD website, and I didn't see that poisonous fish anymore.

robert@ modified www/{chromium,iridium}: disable wasm (WebAssembly) by default because it is a disaster

This commit changes the default for both the Chromium and Iridium browsers in #OpenBSD ports.

Good riddance. :flan_thumbs:

Sodelle, sämtliche aktuellen Varianten von #OpenBSD stehen jetzt ebenfalls per #BitTorrent auf meinem Pi zur Verfügung.

Ist mir eine Ehre - vielen Dank auch an dieses großartige Projekt.

Even worse are script that use /bin/bash. #FreeBSD #BSD #OpenBSD

A website that helps me showing people why #OpenBSD rocks

@evolix , est a la recherche d’un nouveau administrateur système a #Montreal. :flan_announcer: On fait du #Linux et #OpenBSD avec #ansible et d’autres technologies libres. :flan_hacker:

Boosts appréciés! :flan_sign:

@evolix is looking for a new sysadmin in #Montreal! :flan_announcer: We work on #Linux and #OpenBSD systems with #ansible and other free tools. :flan_hacker:

Boosts are welcome! :flan_sign:

Inspired because of @claudiom showing of his #cwm #openbsd setup. Here is my setup running #FreeBSD 12 STABLE with my own window manager #hikari #showyourdesktop #shareyourdesktop 😀

So I'm working on a #OpenBSD #malloc special API for sensitive data. If alloced with the special function, calling free() will actively wipe or unmap() the allocation. The relevant pages will also be excluded from coredumps (need kernel support for that...).

Cool stuff, #godotengine on #openbsd , very cool that it works there. and one of very few game engines \ editors (if not the only one) that has info about how to compile it on openbsd in their documentation. Is also in openbsd as binary package ready to install.

@matrix 👍 Synapse on #OpenBSD soon, thanks Linda

Had some time to kill at the airport, so I was able to sneak in a bulk build on #arm64 for #OpenBSD, so that'll be 3/4ths done by the time I get home. maybe finished before my brain works again.

(insert joke about "does your brain work anytime" here.)

first post-hackathon bulk, so should cover all of the library bumps and the addition of apm(4).

Starting my trip home from the #OpenBSD #a2k19 #hackathon in Wellington. Step one, cable car down the hill!

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

Am besten verrammelt man ein Windows, indem man es vor Inbetriebnahme durch ein saftiges #OpenBSD ersetzt.

#JustHeiseTrolling ;)

Has the lack of a graphical WordStar clone been getting you down?

Here's WordTsar.

Coming soon to an #OpenBSD ports tree near you.

Dear new followers,

I'm here to help you start with #OpenBSD.
Toot at me, if you have questions or need help.

I run
and host stories of BSD users.
DM me, if you #RUNBSD.


J'ai la joie d'annoncer la publication en ligne de "s'auto-héberger avec OpenBSD 6.4".

N'hésitez pas à en parler et à me corriger avant la publication papier.
#autohebergement #openbsd

En cours d'écriture et relecture : "Livre auto-hébergement avec #OpenBSD 6.4 ": ≈ 85 % ±3

Ein Fehler eines alten Patches entfernt eine Sicherheitsabfrage beim Start von X.Org. So kann jeder Nutzer alle Systemdateien überschreiben. #LinuxundOpenSource #OpenSource #OpenBSD #Security #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücken #Xorg

Suis-moi SURTOUT sur mon instance du piaf ;)

Merci 😁

@carlchenet @carlchenet

Carl vient de me faire penser à créer un compte de secours. Merci.

J'ai donc créé un compte sur l'instance du framapiaf.
Qui devient l'officielle - celle de mamot sera celle de secours...
(affichage trop petit, le thème "Toot Café"/piaf me plaît).

Veuillez svp ajouter cette dernière... Merci d'avance.

Checking #ThinkPad X1 Carbon again.

- Gen 5 is well supported by #OpenBSD.

- Gen 6 has slightly better look and performance, but sometimes it hangs and can't be suspended/resumed.

Price and everything else is the same.

[poll]What would you choose?

- Gen 5: Play safe or
- Gen 6: hope OpenBSD will be fixed)?

Just sent out a diff which implements monitor mode support in the #iwm driver on #OpenBSD:


Another department was getting rid of a couple old XServes. They said they were PowerPC, so I was excited and was going to see if the #OpenBSD folks could use them.

Looked up the specs based on serial numbers, and both are Xeon(Intel).

Oh well.

I'm impressed by #OpenBSD's rc.
The documentation is top-notch, it's simple yet powerful and, if you have to read them or if you're curious, the underlying scripts are understandable if you have basic shell scripting skills.

Ingo Schwarze of #OpenBSD #mandoc renown has a new Patreon! HT @romanzolotarev