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Beiträge die mit OpenBSD getaggt sind

My next small project will be to see if I can get all this up and running on my 'Lemote yeeloong mipsel laptop' with #openbsd - If that runs I'll add my laptop's webserver to a subdomain on my personal website, then get some cool stuff running there.

J'ai la joie d'annoncer la publication en ligne de "s'auto-héberger avec OpenBSD 6.4".

N'hésitez pas à en parler et à me corriger avant la publication papier.
#autohebergement #openbsd

En cours d'écriture et relecture : "Livre auto-hébergement avec #OpenBSD 6.4 ": ≈ 85 % ±3

I would not call #NetBSD "stagnating", it's making progress, but they don't have the quality control (or "screaming BDFL") that #OpenBSD has...

A #FreeBSD port would be interesting, though.

- #OpenBSD on a #Laptop

A guide to a secure and streamlined installation of OpenBSD 6.4 on a laptop.

- #OpenBSD on a #Laptop

A guide to a secure and streamlined installation of OpenBSD 6.4 on a laptop.


OpenBSD on a Laptop

It's been almost a year since I've posted any articles, and I'm afraid I have a confession to make...I've joined the dark side! Most people know my site from the How to Run a Mail Server post, which…
Article word count: 4246

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Posted by perlgod (karma: 131)
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\#HackerNews #laptop #openbsd
Article content:

Itʼs been almost a year since Iʼve posted any articles, and Iʼm afraid I have a confession to make...Iʼve joined the [1]dark side! Most people know my site from the [2]How to... mehr anzeigen

Ein Fehler eines alten Patches entfernt eine Sicherheitsabfrage beim Start von X.Org. So kann jeder Nutzer alle Systemdateien überschreiben. #LinuxundOpenSource #OpenSource #OpenBSD #Security #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücken #Xorg


OpenBSD Foundation Receives Silver Contribution from John Carmack

Contributed by Nayden Markatchev on 2018-10-21 from the we hope difficulty is set to respawning dept. Earlier this week the OpenBSD foundation received its first Silver donation from an individual…
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Theo de Raadt kann es nicht lassen: OpenBSD 6.4 ist wieder zwei Wochen früher fertig. Mit an Bord sind neue Sicherheitsfunktionen für Intel-Prozessoren. #BSD #Betriebssystem #Intel #MeltdownundSpectre #OpenSource #OpenBSD #Sicherheit #Unix

Une de mes créations les plus épineuses et longue à faire (épine par épine à coudre) mais je suis satisfaite de la ressemblance ouf!
Poisson globe jaune OpenBSD

#openbsd #crochet #amigurumi #poissonglobe #handmade #soutienframasoft #doomyflocrochet

Version 1.0 des unixoiden MidnightBSD unterstützt erstmals Ryzen-Hardware, lässt sich von ZFS starten und übernimmt einige FreeBSD-Funktionen. #BSD #FreeBSD #MidnightBSD #OpenSource #OpenBSD #Unix

Warning: Harsh language, profanity. But a good point. Rather than re-share, I thought I'd just point to the original post.

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@carlchenet @carlchenet

Carl vient de me faire penser à créer un compte de secours. Merci.

J'ai donc créé un compte sur l'instance du framapiaf.
Qui devient l'officielle - celle de mamot sera celle de secours...
(affichage trop petit, le thème "Toot Café"/piaf me plaît).

Veuillez svp ajouter cette dernière... Merci d'avance.

#humor #linux #openbsd #netbsd
What about: TCP/IP v5? IPv5 does not exist yet, because i hate IPv6. Kurz gesacht, man könnte einen RFC für ein open source IPv5 stack "ankurbeln"? 😁 IPv6 stinks, und ich IPv4 war doch nur eine Notlösing bei DARPA, Pentagon, DoD und in-addr.ARPA Legacy. IPv5 solution: not IPv4: --> IPv5 could be: [
Schönen Tag noch,
Euer Vaxima und GF Katharina, die das mit dem IPv5 und RFC "ankurbeln" Okie Dokie findet, typisch GF, wo bisher keinen Plan bzgl. dem Federation Protokoll von #diaspora,, Friendica, etc. hat 😀))

Checking #ThinkPad X1 Carbon again.

- Gen 5 is well supported by #OpenBSD.

- Gen 6 has slightly better look and performance, but sometimes it hangs and can't be suspended/resumed.

Price and everything else is the same.

[poll]What would you choose?

- Gen 5: Play safe or
- Gen 6: hope OpenBSD will be fixed)?

The famous children's netbook has been taken out of retirement. It's now my #OpenBSD/i386 testing machine.

Help a developer out?

Die Veröffentlichung des jüngsten Spectre-NG-Bugs wurde hektisch vorgezogen, nachdem Theo de Raadt die Informationspolitik von Intel kritisierte. #Intel #LinuxundOpenSource #OpenBSD #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücken #Spectre-NG

Just sent out a diff which implements monitor mode support in the #iwm driver on #OpenBSD:


Another department was getting rid of a couple old XServes. They said they were PowerPC, so I was excited and was going to see if the #OpenBSD folks could use them.

Looked up the specs based on serial numbers, and both are Xeon(Intel).

Oh well.

I'm impressed by #OpenBSD's rc.
The documentation is top-notch, it's simple yet powerful and, if you have to read them or if you're curious, the underlying scripts are understandable if you have basic shell scripting skills.

Essentially, using (certain) Intel CPU features may result in unexpected behavior. If your OS is affected, update. #OpenBSD is not.

p.s. :D

Ingo Schwarze of #OpenBSD #mandoc renown has a new Patreon! HT @romanzolotarev

@thfr Updates for the #OpenBSD engine available mix descriptions:
1. freespace2 has been committed to CVS (fs2open)
2. Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has been committed to CVS (openjk)
3. Barony works, almost in CVS (barony)
4. Arx Libertatis is almost in CVS (arx-libertatis)
5. Postal has a PKGNAME of postal
6. Cannon Fodder has been committed to CVS (openfodder)
7. Cannon Fodder 2 can also be played via openfodder

For some reason I have to run nginx on debian. And I want a letsencrypt cert on it. And certbot failed me.

So I do what every normal person would do: proxy_pass the challenge directory to an #openbsd box with httpd(8) and acme-client(1). The renewed cert gets scp(1)'ed to the debian box and a ssh(1) force command restarts nginx.


Gefilterter Begriff: nsfw

OK, so I have one serious gripe about the new "rcctl" stuff in #OpenBSD: it turns a well-formatted, well-commented rc.conf.local into a mess.

If you use rcctl enable/disable then it moves all the entries in the file around.

"I have a problem with this"™

For anyone seeing "heap full" messages on #OpenBSD -current, there's an issue with the early firmware loading in boot(8) for certain large Intel firmware, there's a commit to disable it for now.. but as a temporary workaround, you can boot from USB and move the firmware out of the way in /etc/firmware.

Become a port maintainer on #OpenBSD. Submitting patches to -current will keep your cvs skills fresh. ;-)

So, I am not the only one who got hit by the surprise "early" release of #OpenBSD 6.3 :)

m:tier has not yet prepared 6.3 packages and running openup breaks because it cannot find m:tier's signify key on their servers (ain't there folks…).

Not to worry, as I paid up for a Platinum contract I got to open a ticket and politely ask: they're working on it!

So (BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite web app stack) has gotten a bit of a "nerd chic" make-over. Any constructive criticism? #bchs #openbsd

A back-burner project was a new deploy of roundcubemail. So I upgraded the VM to #OpenBSD 6.3. Did a pkg_add -u... and PHP 5.6 is still there. I look into it and the roundcubemail package still depends on 5.6. Dig further and it depends on 5.6 because 5.6 is the default version of PHP for dependencies.


It's not as bad as I thought, since 5.6 gets security updates through the end of the year, but I'm wondering how many ports still *need* 5.6.

Another shoutout for upobsd by @semarie.

Allows automatic upgrades and installs for #OpenBSD.

My serial console server is CompactFlash based and is (for obvious reasons) the one I cannot watch remotely. I usually have a long wait for upgrades since the CF is so slow.

Yesterday I used upobsd to do the main upgrade part unattended. It was *lovely*.

It's a package for 6.3. You can use it on a 6.3 box to make your bsd.rd and copy it to the 6.2 server in question.

Join me now in testing awesome #FNA #indie #games to make sure they run well on #OpenBSD -current: