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Has anyone got recommendations for a not too expensive (~300€ max.), low-power, small computer with 8 or more RS232 ports that can run #OpenBSD for a console server? Bonus points if it's shipped from Europe.

"If a penny was donated for every pf or OpenSSH
installed with a mainstream operating system or
phone in the last year we would be at our goal. " #openssh #openbsd #bsd #unix


Gefilterter Begriff: nsfw

For some reason I have to run nginx on debian. And I want a letsencrypt cert on it. And certbot failed me.

So I do what every normal person would do: proxy_pass the challenge directory to an #openbsd box with httpd(8) and acme-client(1). The renewed cert gets scp(1)'ed to the debian box and a ssh(1) force command restarts nginx.

I can confirm that #OpenRA runs on #OpenBSD. It's a C# source port of Command & Conquer games... pretty slick! Needs a little more work with thirdparty stuff before it'll be ready, but this will likely be in the ports tree before 6.4!

@thfr Updates for the #OpenBSD engine available mix descriptions:
1. freespace2 has been committed to CVS (fs2open)
2. Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has been committed to CVS (openjk)
3. Barony works, almost in CVS (barony)
4. Arx Libertatis is almost in CVS (arx-libertatis)
5. Postal has a PKGNAME of postal
6. Cannon Fodder has been committed to CVS (openfodder)
7. Cannon Fodder 2 can also be played via openfodder

Ingo Schwarze of #OpenBSD #mandoc renown has a new Patreon! HT @romanzolotarev

Essentially, using (certain) Intel CPU features may result in unexpected behavior. If your OS is affected, update. #OpenBSD is not.

p.s. :D

Landry Breuil committed his pledge(2) work along with the #Firefox 60.0 update to #OpenBSD -current!

Other interesting/noteworthy changes:
• Pocket extension is disabled by default.
• "activity-stream/sponsored content" is no longer displayed by default in new tabs.

I'm impressed by #OpenBSD's rc.
The documentation is top-notch, it's simple yet powerful and, if you have to read them or if you're curious, the underlying scripts are understandable if you have basic shell scripting skills.

@cynicalsecurity It also enables #OpenBSD users and developers to use Comic Sans in emails.

If you are using #iwm on #OpenBSD -current, please help out by testing the diff linked below:

[Older]#OpenBSD 6.3 : why and how ttps:// #unix #bsd

Another department was getting rid of a couple old XServes. They said they were PowerPC, so I was excited and was going to see if the #OpenBSD folks could use them.

Looked up the specs based on serial numbers, and both are Xeon(Intel).

Oh well.

Just sent out a diff which implements monitor mode support in the #iwm driver on #OpenBSD:


Pfiou, j'arrête avec les piques sur celui-ci 😓
#amigurumi #puffy #openBSD #crochet #fish

Your own #VPN with #OpenIKED & #OpenBSD


OpenBSD, C, httpd and SQLite – Web App stack

BCHS is a stable, developer-oriented platform for operating in hostile environments. Get used to minimalism and security: componentised, privilege-separated binaries in file-system jails. Most of all,…
Article word count: 52

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Posted by dhruvkar (karma: 902)
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\#HackerNews #and #app #httpd #openbsd #sqlite #stack #web
Article content:

BCHS is a stable, developer-oriented platform for operating in hostile environments.

Get used to minimalism and security: componentised, privilege-separated binaries in file-system jails. Most of all, forget your LAMP instincts to desperately search Google and StackExchange for every parameter and function call: man pages and "-Wall -Wextra" are your new best friends.

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Pledge and Unveil in OpenBSD [pdf]

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Posted by gshrikant (karma: 974)
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\#HackerNews #and #openbsd #pdf #pledge #unveil
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Hej all, I am kind of #newbie, interested in #bsd, #ed, #firefox, #freebsd, #linu, #mirbsd, #netbsd, #nvi, #openbsd, #opensource, #prague, #unix, #vi aaaaand #vim. Not so much #emacs :-)

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #openbsd, #vi, #nvi, #bsd, #bsdjobs. ;)

If you run #OpenBSD related projects and need some help with website or branding, I'm here to help. Ping me.

Just launched the first one today:

Disclaimer: OpenBSD Amsterdam is managed by High5, I've just helped with their logo and media kit.

Right now runs in on a FreeBSD machine. As I have to move the server out of the data center I plan to move to a VPS (possibly only temporarily). I'm considering trying to get it to run on #OpenBSD. How bad is this idea? Are there any other hubs running on OpenBSD? (Are there even any other hubs running on any BSD?)

Die Veröffentlichung des jüngsten Spectre-NG-Bugs wurde hektisch vorgezogen, nachdem Theo de Raadt die Informationspolitik von Intel kritisierte. #Intel #LinuxundOpenSource #OpenBSD #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücken #Spectre-NG

The famous children's netbook has been taken out of retirement. It's now my #OpenBSD/i386 testing machine.

Help a developer out?

BSD: FreeBSD's New RC and Latest in #OpenBSD Development

RT @m3tti: i struggle with me switching to #netbsd or #openbsd any suggestions. i'm currently running #slackware.