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Beiträge die mit OpenBSD getaggt sind

and if you want to upgrade your #OpenBSD -current using sysutils/upobsd (and you are using latest snapshot), you want to add "-V snapshots".

$ upobsd -V snapshots
$ doas cp bsd.rd /bsd
$ doas reboot

Cc @kurtm

For the record, if one is trying to update packages with pkg_add -u on an #OpenBSD -CURRENT box right now, you want to add "-D snap".


pkg_add -D snap -u

This comes up so seldom I just did the computing equivalent of stepping on rakes for a bit.

YouTube: Sideshow bob stepping on rakes (blindandstoopid)

Mike Larkin showing off more cool #OpenBSD #vmm things, this time installing Fedora as a guest with (fedora's) own VNC console redirection

Link to birdsite:

Bonus fun: the host is a tiny GPD Pocket ;)

Twitter: Mike Larkin on Twitter (Mike Larkin)

Neat! Mike Larkin has a WIP for #OpenBSD #vmm pxeboot!

(Link to birdsite source tweet)

@phessler You #OpenBSD devs and your fixing "real problems that people have".

Why do you think computers should help people?!?


Woo hoo! The first #OpenBSD #arm64 ports bulk build after we added has finished.

Build time: 05D20h23m

If people have a chance, please look at and see if there are any build failures you can fix :)

Yak shaving like a champ!

Trying to test some #openbsd slaacd code, need to upgrade the laptop and guest vm.

@phessler @js And even the filesystem on #OpenBSD isn't bad. The FFS is almost bullet proof and highly reliable. I can see why the devs aren't too concerned with trying to fix something that isn't really broken.

#finishedreading Absolute OpenBSD by @mwlucas

A highly informative and entertaining read on systems administration in #OpenBSD

I highly recommend it.

#OpenBSD "stack-register checking", by Theo de Raadt & Stefan Kempf (stefan@):

@phessler Here's hoping the schedule works out with little or no overlap among the #OpenBSD-ish talks. Gonna be sad if I miss any. o_0

Nice to see #OpenBSD included in this list of, “10 projects where individual donations can have a direct impact on Internet freedom, underfunded infrastructure and inclusivity.”

Each #OpenBSD relase contains both its own public key, and the next release's public key.

from signify(1):
Verify a release directory containing SHA256.sig and a full set of
release files:
$ signify -C -p /etc/signify/ -x SHA256.sig

Verify a bsd.rd before an upgrade:
$ signify -C -p /etc/signify/ -x SHA256.sig bsd.rd

#OpenBSD #signify keys, verified by me from

untrusted comment: openbsd 6.3 base public key

untrusted comment: openbsd 6.4 base public key

One thing I would like to see with #OpenBSD #httpd would be an option to specify multiple index types. For exampe:
directory index { index.html, index.php } Thoughts?

Could a knowledgeable #OpenBSD httpd person help me with this? The following is not prompting for a password. The password file is owned by www.

prefork 3

types { include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types" }

server "www.home.lan" {
listen on egress port 80
root "/htdocs"
directory index index.html

location "secret" {
authenticate with \

#OpenBSD has moved 6.3-beta, get ready to make some time for testing! :thinkerguns: 😎

Quick #OpenBSD question: I am unclear what the userbase part of smtpd.conf is supposed to do. I am also a little foggy on what the rcpt-to parameter does. Anyone clarify?

Awesome read about Meltdown protection, crazy kernel stuff and the collaboration between #Illumos, #DragonFlyBSD and #OpenBSD

Please remember that hardware donations to individual developers is also very helpful & important: #OpenBSD

Don't feel bad, #OpenBSD. The US Government didn't learn about #meltdown or #spectre until public disclosure either. #intel o_0

My favorite accepted patch into #OpenBSD so far was committed by Theo Juily of last year:


I am looking for tests of an #OpenBSD #wifi diff that affects several drivers: iwn(4), iwm(4), athn(4), wpi(4)

This is in response to (⚠️ potential confusion alert: That post contains top-posting!)


# upobsd -u /auto_upgrade.conf -o /bsd && reboot

Fetches the latest installer, injects my answers, reboots into it, upgrades and reboots into new kernel.

How do you upgrade your #OpenBSD?

It's been a while since I updated my #OpenBSD current dev box. So I used upobsd (by @semarie) to allow it to even do the hitting enter steps of the upgrade 😀

Then I followed up using sysclean and cleaned up the crud that had been accumulating. Both very useful tools.

Also please remember that hardware donations to individual developers is also very helpful & important: #OpenBSD

The #OpenBSD Foundation's supported activities in 2017 & 2018 Fundraising Campaign pages are live. Also the total from smaller donors has already cracked Bronze! 🐡🏆

With regards to the whole "BSD is irrelevant" nonsense. I disagree. It's not easy maintaining an OS with limited resources. I, for one, am really glad of the work BSD devs do. (though especially of #OpenBSD because that is what I use by choice)

Time to say more about my #crafts adventures 😀 Meet #OpenBSD puffy 🐡 @mulander request ;>



This Meltdown and Spectre issue reminds me how good is #OpenBSD attitude, f.e. with the refusal to blindly use the "hardware optimizations" in the EdgeRouter Lite:

"Probably something designed for PERFORMANCE, and acting to the detriment
of any attempt to smart filter/route packets."

I really like redshift. It takes the edge off the brighter-than-the-sun display of my T450s. Unlike f.lux, redshift works on bsd. It even has hooks so you can add your own actions when it's time to shift. #openbsd

Hey #BSD people: did you know that NYC*BUG has been running a public repository of user-contributed dmesgs for nearly 15 years?
Submit your #dmesg today! Every time you get a new machine, submit a dmesg.
#FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD

OMG, @thfr was not kidding - you can play FTL (Faster Than Light) on #OpenBSD

Do you use / write / do stuff with #BSD? Want to go to Ottawa Canada in June? The BSDCan 2018 CFP closes in three days (Jan 19). Don't put it off.

Travel costs are covered (flights, hotel, conference ticket) for accepted speakers!

#OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD

@slp The handling of this has been a mess. Even if there isn't more, I think it is natural to think that there is. Intel had seven months and all they have come up with are half-baked microcode updates that only solve part of the problem.

Honestly, the response of folks like #OpenBSD, #FreeBSD, #illumos, and #DragonflyBSD has been far superior, and they were almost all caught flat-footed.

#OpenBSD #pf is this real? rules per user?!? 🤭

Is toot port broken on #OpenBSD? It's giving me traceback and some unicode error with any command.

It's uplifting to see that #OpenBSD, #Illumos and #DragonflyBSD -- who were all left in the dark about Spectre by Intel and Google -- are working together on the fix 💞

( )
“@bcantrill @rmustacc To clarify, we're definitely not done, and we already owe a lot to mlarkin@ and guenther@ over at #OpenBSD, as well as Matt Dillon @dragonflybsd. This is a cross-project effort for sure, and sharing ideas and advice has been invaluable.”