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Is it native as in using the D* API or a web-client?

I was trying to make an #easy-share-option for Android/D* a while back but discovered that at the time, the only part of the #API which was implemented was the #OAuth2 / #OpenID login.

I did start to implement parts of the API to achieve my goal (sloppily, and in PHP ;) ) but got sidetracked into trying to find out what the state of the D* API was at the time (ie nonexistent) so let it slide.

Maybe I'll chuck the code up on my #github at some point. #diaspora #client #native

Yesterday was Sunday 17 Feb 2019, day 22 of my #nogaming #challenge. I did learn about Node.js, but I didn't spend the 2 hours I wanted in an online class. I went on a tangent learning about Linkedin's API and trying to implement oauth2. So, it wasn't as productive as I wanted. #nodejs #oauth2