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Passionate golf player and author Rick Reilly on Trump's relation to golf

He cheats. He lies. He kicks. And not just his ball—yours, too. He props up a 2.8 handicap that’s faker than WrestleMania 35. He wins tournaments he never even played in. He wins tournaments that weren’t even held.

Maybe it was his father beating into his kid brain, Win, win, win. Be a winner, over and over. Maybe it was where he learned the game—Cobbs Creek, a scruffy public course in Philadelphia full of hustlers and con men who taught him to cheat your opponent before he cheats you.

He drives his golf cart on greens. He drives it on tee boxes. He never, ever walks, even on the courses he owns that have banned carts (Drumpf Turnberry.)

Golf: Drumpf says he’s won 20 club championships. (He hasn’t.) The truth is, he played a lot of those “championships” by himself, the first day his latest course opened, and declared himself the champ. How do I know? He told me the day we played together in th
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Trump behaved like an immature child in front of Alles long before his dismissal

Drumpf had been so frustrated with the retired Marine major general that he nicknamed him Dumbo, a reference to Alles’ large ears, and mocked his appearance before ousting him from office, two officials told the Times.
Very presidential, huh?
Alles insisted he was not fired in a letter emailed to staffers at the Secret Service on Monday and revealed he was informed weeks ago that the Drumpf administration intended to execute “transitions in leadership” across DHS. "The President has directed an orderly transition in leadership for this agency and I intend to abide by that direction," Alles said. “It is my sincere regret that I was not able to address the workforce prior to this announcement.”
I hope he'll wear those childish nicknames and the mockery about his appearance as a badge of honour, as does Mr. Schiff, who fortunately still serves in the Committee.
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Trump makes impromptu rally visit in CA, was greeted by protesters

(So much for his alternative, positive event to replace the Press Conference Dinner he refused to attend because it was oh-so negative (which just shows how thin-skinned he is; mocking people on Twitter but can't stand a joke directed to him. I guess that he and Devin Nunes (R - CA) share a lot in common)
Drumpf was also expected to make an unannounced side trip to the coastal city of Rancho Palos Verdes for a dinner at his Drumpf golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a group that included members of the City Council, the Los Angeles Times reported.
If there's anyone out there, next to this site: You know what to do. Let Trump know you care about him. :'D
He flew to Los Angeles from a visit to the U.S. side of the border with Mexico. There, he took a look at a two-mile refurbished section of fencing and took aim at the surge in migrants, saying there's no room left in the U.S. for them. He was briefed on border security, which is sure to become a
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Democrats subpoena Trump's tax returns from IRS

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal sent a letter on Wednesday to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig demanding copies of Drumpf's taxes from 2013 through 2018. He gave Rettig until next Wednesday to comply with the request.

"We are under audit, despite what people said, and working that out — I'm always under audit, it seems, but I've been under audit for many years because the numbers are big, and I guess when you have a name, you're audited. But until such time as I'm not under audit, I would not be inclined to do it," Drumpf said.
I guess that he is under audit, although I am not sure whether he spoke about it yet. Did he say something like this already?
"The use of the committee's authority to access and make public he tax returns of a single individual for purely political purposes would not only set a dangerous precedent, but it also undermines the core intent of the law," Brady wrote.
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Suspect in mobster murder case caught, hearing took place yesterday

(Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa - I must have missed it yesterday, but at least we know more by now. This post is likely to include two articles instead of just one. See the full post to see how it'll be.)
Comello was officially arrested by the NYPD at 4:05 a.m. and charged by police with murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon, namely a loaded firearm, according to a statement from the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

The hearing in the courtroom took a bizarre turn when Comello held his open handcuffed palm up to reporters, showing a symbol and several words scrawled in pen. “MAGA forever” and “united we stand” were some of the phrases he had printed, while others were not entirely legible.

In the past, fascists used to have tattoos reading the 14 Words or a swastika. Nowadays, they sport MAGA tattoos, or Donnie's portrait.

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Trump orders investigation into critical news outlets, Google, Twitter and Facebook

“It seems to be, if it’s conservatives, if Republicans, there is big discrimination,” Drumpf said of social media platforms. “I see it absolutely on Twitter,” he said, also naming Google and Facebook as offenders.

I guess her heard about Nunes' lawsuit against Twitter for allowing people to express their sometimes blatant opinion. But why would he name Twitter anyway? I mean, he's on there all the time, trampling through it with his tweets, it's like his regular press secretary. He's an idiot, after all.

“You look at the networks, you look at the news, you look at the newscasts – I call it Fake News,” Drumpf said, letting Bolsonaro know he had first dibs.

During the eventful Rose Garden presser, Drumpf also announced the “twilight hour of socialism has arrived” in the Western Hemisphere, citing unrest in Nicaragua, and change in Cuba.
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On the semantics and pragmatics of hatred

(Please mind the editor's note if this text appears familiar to you, you might have read it before. Trump has also spoken positively about the manifesto the Christchurch shooter has written and published. He doesn't think that White Nationalism was an actual threat, in the country that is home to the KKK and Madison Grant. One should really know about one's country's history and presence. Trump, on the other hand, is part of the problem, altogether.)
This seems to be part of a broader developing idea: ignore the tweets. Ignore Drumpf’s inflammatory language. Ignore the words. What counts is the policy outcomes. People took Drumpf’s “American carnage” inaugural address seriously, but after an exhausting year, it’s tempting to find an excuse to stop listening.

Politics is persuasion as well as coercion. Immediate policy outcomes mainly have to do with coercion: who is taxed, regulated, expropriated, imprisoned, deported, conscripted, what wars are fought, who is kept out of the co... show more


Mobster-turned-POTUS encourages supporters to «play it tougher»

“You know, the left plays a tougher game, it’s very funny," Drumpf said in the interview with Breitbart published on Wednesday. "I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher."

Ms. Hirono (D - HI) was right: This sounds like an indirect encouragement to turn violent on the opposition.

During a rally for then-Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley (R) in September, Drumpf said that his opponents "were lucky that we’re peaceful."

Drumpf also encouraged his supporters at another event to "knock the crap" out of any protesters causing trouble.
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Congress votes against Trump's declaration of national emergency

“I think they’re really unique,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) told Vox. “The Yemen vote was based on concerns Congress had acquiesced too much executive authority when it comes to engaging in conflicts or supporting allies and obviously concerns about the humanitarian crisis, which is terrible, in Yemen. This vote is more an institutional concern about separation of powers and Congress’s prerogatives more than anything else, so I don’t [see]those as part of a larger trend.”

Yet luckily, those two votes passed successfully and in everyone's favour. Glad to see that the checks and balances still work properly, even in times of despair.

“I don’t think [this shows a willingness to oppose the president in the future],” Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) said. “Each senator had to come to his or her conclusion.”

“I share President Drumpf’s goal of securing our borders, but expanding the ... show more


On the Never-Trumpers

1. Washington Examiner:

What I can't brook is how these critics shout from the rooftops that Never Trumpers are irrelevant and yet in the next breath blame us for using our supposedly great influence in dastardly ways to harm their hero. No one can square that circle.

What Never Drumpf means to me is simply that I won’t vote for Drumpf. I don’t accept that he’s a good president or a successful one, and I certainly don’t agree that he’s the “only one” who can fix the system or defeat the Left. I can always work to try to encourage other conservative candidates to run, or to write in a vote, and that’s what I will do.

I will not vote for Drumpf, because I can never vote for a virulent bigot. After much reflection, I personally believe Drumpf to be just that. This is a personal belief that I will not defend here and now, but i
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Libertarians have hit the nail in the head again

“For the comparatively cheap price of just $66 trillion I’m told the government could buy every American a Ferrari,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Because this clearly is a valid argument against the Green New Deal. Give everyone a Ferrari instead, this will solve the problem likewise.

McConnell joined other Republican lawmakers who took to the Senate floor to criticize the Green New Deal, which calls for radically transforming the U.S. economy to fight global warming and dramatically expand welfare and “social justice” programs.

“Cars, lawnmowers, commercial airliners, everything must go,” McConnell said.

Why's this phony know-it-not still in charge? Could we get rid of him and replace him by someone who actually knows how to properly execute the job?
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Trump presents budget plans - cuts for Medicare, upbeat for military

Since health care spending typically rises more swiftly than the consumer price index, tying it to the nation’s overall inflation rate would put a strong squeeze on the public insurance system that covers tens of thousands of poor, vulnerable people, some of them elderly.

The spending plan calls for a cut of nearly $1.5 trillion in Medicaid over 10 years and for $1.2 trillion to be added for a new “Market Based Health Care Grant” – that is, the block grants that would start in 2021. It also would eliminate funding for Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act has gone to about three dozen states over the past five years.

Drumpf said he would not cut Medicare or Social Security, the retirement program for the elderly, but his budget last year also included a proposed cut of more than $550 billion to the program.
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From liar to brave man - Trump changes mind on Paul Manafort

Drumpf has also encouraged it when his advisers or legal team have made public statements bashing the feds’ treatment of Manafort. “It’s good you got them [in the press] asking questions about Paul,” the president said last year to his lawyer Rudy Giuliani following one of Giuliani’s media appearances, according to two sources familiar with the comment.

“In sentencing financial crime and corruption defendants, Judge Jackson, a former federal prosecutor, historically has demonstrated a sensitivity to the concern that social status and privilege alone ought not warrant leniency,” said Paul Pelletier, a former U.S. federal prosecutor, adding that Jackson is unlikely to take into consideration Ellis’s opinion in Virginia that Manafort led an “otherwise blameless life.”

“I’m not giving you another chance,” Jackson told Stone. “I have serious doubts whether you’ve learned any lesson at all.... show more


The untouchable Ivanka Trump

Ivanka and her brother play to opposite ends of the political spectrum in America, and they’re being treated differently in return. Most notably, as multiple federal and congressional investigations target her father, her brothers, and her husband, Ivanka has remained seemingly unscathed.

It’s not that “Democrats are too scared to take on Ivanka,” added another congressional aide—it’s a sense that “Republicans will go to war to protect her.”

Donald Jr.’s approach to social-media could be described as more like “shitposting.” On Twitter (3.4 million followers) and Instagram (1.6 million followers) he spreads racist memes, retweet white supremacists, snipe at his father’s enemies, and shows off his hunting skills and MAGA fashion choices.
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Californian judge tells Trump administration to reunite more families

"But a government watchdog report revealed that the administration may have separated thousands of additional families under an earlier pilot program that was not disclosed.

Attorneys for the Justice Department had argued that the class action lawsuit should not be expanded because "they assert it would be too burdensome for them to identify the members of the newly proposed class," the judge wrote.

"The court made clear that potentially thousands of children's lives are at stake and that the Drumpf administration cannot simply ignore the devastation it has caused," said Lee Gelernt, the lead attorney in the ACLU's family separation lawsuit, in a statement.
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News on Trump, Mueller, and the probable impeachment

1. CNN:

The President reacted to his worsening plight with a vehement defense on Sunday, after a week in which testimony from his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen deepened his political vulnerability and ahead of the expected filing soon of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

And given his responsibilities and powers, the warning from Nadler took the President's political and legal nightmare to a new plane, and opened a new, more serious stage of the showdown between House Democrats and Drumpf.

Drumpf also sketched a defense for two potential areas of vulnerability: his call for Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails during the 2016 campaign and his firing of former FBI Director James Comey in 2017.


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Are we going to see Trump's tax returns at last?

Watch the video (approx 3 minutes) and find it out yourself. No spoilers delivered.
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Cohen shed light upon Trump's tax return cover-up

“What he didn’t want,” Cohen testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, “was to have an entire group of think tanks that are tax experts run through his tax return and start ripping it to pieces, and then he’ll end up in an audit and he’ll ultimately have taxable consequences, penalties and so on.”

“I don’t know the answer. I asked for a copy of the audit so that I could use it in terms of my statements to the press, and I was never able to obtain one.”

“It’s identical to what he did at Drumpf National Golf Club at Briarcliff Manor,” Cohen said, referring to a New York golf course the president owns. “What you do is you deflate the value of the asset and then you put in a request to the tax department for a deduction.”
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On Trump's presidency after two years

Or would Drumpf, a rambunctious, ego-driven outsider who never follows the rules, change the office itself by establishing precedents that his successors would eventually use to justify their own flexing of presidential power?

Drumpf's verbal torching of the institutions of his own government like the Justice Department and the FBI appears to be becoming more intense as Robert Mueller's special counsel probe grinds on.

"I use many stats. I use many stats," Drumpf told a reporter who challenged him with official government data on drug trafficking last week. "Let me tell you, you have stats that are far worse than the ones that I use."

Admitting that his own were corrupt as well, although he presumes that the government's, thus his, data were wrong. His own administration spreaded lies, then, even those he doesn't want to influence or control anyhow.
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Donnie assails man who revealed the DOJ contemplated his impeachment

And, seemingly in response, the president tweeted: "Disgraced FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe pretends to be a 'poor little Angel' when in fact he was a big part of the Crooked Hillary Scandal & the Russia Hoax - a puppet for Leakin’ James Comey. I.G. report on McCabe was devastating. Part of 'insurance policy' in case I won.

Does Donnie actually have a hard time pretending to not actually speak with a backwater redneck accent? I could really imagine him with an accent that sounded like half of his jaw is deranged significantly, so that he is mumbling all the time.

“I wrote this book because the president’s attacks on me symbolize his destructive effect on the country as a whole,” Mr McCabe said in a statement issued through his publisher, St. Martin’s. “He is undermining America’s safety and security, and eroding public confidence in its institutions. His attacks on the most crucial institutions of government, and on the professi... show more


On Richard Nixon's healthcare program

"In the ultimate sense, the general good health of our people is the foundation of our national strength, as well as being the truest wealth that individuals can possess."

"While we emphasize preventive maintenance for our automobiles and appliances, we do not do the same for our bodies. The private health insurance system, good as it is, operates largely as standby emergency equipment, not coming into use until we are stricken and admitted to the most expensive facility, a hospital."

"Equal access for all to health care: We must do all we can to end any racial, economic, social or geographical barriers which may prevent any citizen from obtaining adequate health protection."

This is what I call a presidential initiative. Not what the orange toddler-in-chief currently executes, lobbyism combined with ignorance and stupidity. Even though Nixon was just another president who had to leave due to a scandal he caused himself, he still embodied what can be a capable president... show more