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Why are people upset about the term «Easter worshippers»?

The term is more descriptive than “Christians,” because it conveys the additional fact that the victims were actively celebrating Easter when they were killed. They are worshippers, and it is Easter. If it helps, try putting the emphasis on worshippers in the phrase: It’s Easter worshippers, not Easter-worshippers.

If anything, “Easter worshippers” puts extra emphasis on the religious nature of the attack by pointing out that it happened on a day of special spiritual meaning to victims. It implies: Not only did you attack Christians, you did it today of all days.

(In other contexts, in fact, conservative Christians make the point that not all holiday churchgoers are “real” Christians. As early-20th-century evangelist Billy Sunday once put it: “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.”)
So far, trying to argue about the use o... show more


CSS loses case against city of Philadelphia second time in two years about foster care contract

The decision by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit was released Monday. The panel said the city didn’t target the agency because of its religious beliefs but acted only to enforce its own nondiscrimination policy in the face of what seemed to be a clear violation.

In March 2018, a same-sex couple interested in becoming foster parents said they were turned down by Bethany Christian Services because they were lesbian. An Inquirer story about the incident found that CSS had a similar policy not to work with LGBTQ people. Bethany agreed to change its policy to align with the city’s antidiscrimination rules. CSS did not, and the city ended its foster-care contract.

In January, the Drumpf administration granted a waiver to South Carolina, allowing the state to provide federal funding to a foster-care agency that works only with Protestant foster parents. The waiver allows the federally funded
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TX, TN, AZ turn towards further voting restrictions after surge in Democratic voters

In Texas, state lawmakers are considering adding criminal penalties for people who improperly fill out voter registration forms. Arizona Republicans are proposing new voting rules that could make it more complicated to cast an early ballot. In Tennessee, GOP lawmakers are considering a bill that would fine groups involved in voter registration drives that submit incomplete forms.
This is many Republicans' exact comprehension of how Democracy works: When the opposite side experiences a surge in votes, restrict their voters' rights to vote, so that they will improbably be capable of filling out a ballot correctly. Then, you are going to see your party winning in the next election. It might be autocratic and highly unconstitutional, but who cares when you're ruling?
Voting groups in the state say they are concerned this effort could result in jail time for people who don't properly fill out their voter registration forms. Currently, providing false
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Two fact-checks on the Notre Dame burning yesterday

1. Misleading tweet by Faith J. Goldy, trying to allege jihadists for arson: Truth Or Fiction?

However, the second tweet received under two dozen shares, while the misleading one was shared thousands of times. Moreover, when screenshots of the tweet migrated to platforms like Facebook, they lacked a live link to the article, the “correction,” and the complete headline which clearly contradicted Goldy’s claims.

Old news stories with headlines that do not specify a timeframe are often weaponized by disinformation purveyors to great effect, as many people cannot or will not read the linked story because of time constraints or a paywall. Newsrooms can avoid this and other pitfalls by changing the headlines on old stories and clearly labeling publishing dates. We detail this and other easy methods for stopping or s
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Understanding Wikipedia as a social network to imagine the struggle of fighting trolls there

It is also a place where editors can experience relentless harassment. In 2016, Pax Ahimsa Gethen, a trans male Wikipedian, was persistently hit with personal attacks over several months. Gethen, 49, who uses the pronouns “they” and “them,” said the anonymous harasser posted that they were “insufferable” and “unloved,” that they belonged in an internment camp and that they should kill themself. Gethen said the user also publicly posted their deadname, the name they used before transitioning.

Sydney Poore, a community health strategist with the foundation, said that when the free encyclopedia was established in 2001, it initially attracted lots of editors who were “tech-oriented” men. That led to a culture that was not always accepting of outside opinions, said Poore, who has edited Wikipedia for 13 years.

According to anonymous interviews described by the foundation, users have
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White Nationalism hearing escalates as right-winged pundit Candace Owen's comments on Hitler were heard

Both sides of the aisle were eager to note just how forcefully, at least superficially, they condemned white nationalism. Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) opened the hearings by saying it was “sadly necessary to examine an urgent crisis in our country.” Ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA), meanwhile, claimed that House Republicans had “led the chamber’s unequivocal revocation of white nationalism.”

Some of those testifying did address glaring problems in the current approach to combating white nationalism. Eileen Hershenov of the Anti-Defamation League noted how fringe online communities like Gab and 8chan had created “24/7 white nationalist rallies.” Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law asked why the FBI had devoted resources to investigating Black Identity Extremists while allowing white supremacist movements to grow at an alarming rate.
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Petition to ban Swedish Youtube star Pewdiepie didn't surprise him at all

Felix went to counter the allegations of instances in which he had been accused of propagating white supremacy. Some of them, according to the Felix, were fake and didn't happen at all, while the others he explained by saying that hey happened a long time ago.

The response comes after Maria Ruiz's petition, which called for putting a stop to normalizing white supremacy on the internet and referred to PewDiePie's channel as hotbed of fomenting white-supremacist ideas, gathered over 77,000 signatures.

This is not the first time that the Swedish content-creator has faced flak for racism and white-supremacist content. In 2017, US's Wall Street Journal uncovered nine videos and clips of the Swede in which he can allegedly be seen displaying anti-Semitic and racist content.
The article from WSJ: Wall Street Jo... show more


Motel 6 to pay $12 mn in order to avoid lawsuit filed by state of Washington

The budget motel operator illegally shared the personal information of about 80,000 customers for more than two years, resulting in a "targeted" ICE investigation into guests with Latino-sounding names, the Washington state attorney general's office announced Thursday.

"Each time Motel 6 released a guest list, it included the private information of every guest at the hotel without their knowledge or consent, violating their expectation of privacy," Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office said in a statement. "The Motel 6 guest information disclosures led to significant harmful consequences, including the detention and deportation of many guests and the suffering of their families."

"ICE agents approached him in the hotel's parking lot, detained him and deported him some days later. His wife had to retrieve the presents and his other belongings from the Motel 6 after his arrest," the attorney general's office said. "The man was the sole provider for the h
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AfD-Mitglied beschäftigt künftig IB-Vorsitzenden Daniel Fiß

Daniel Fiß' politische Wurzeln liegen in der Neonaziszene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Er war zunächst Mitglied der Jungen Nationaldemokraten, der Nachwuchsorganisation der NPD, und lief auf rechtsextremen Demonstrationen mit. In den vergangenen fünf Jahren wurde er während seines Politikstudiums in Rostock zur Führungsfigur der Identitären Bewegung und stieg in deren Bundesvorstand auf.
Und jetzt ein Job bei einem AfD-Politiker, das kann sich wohl sehen lassen, für beide Seiten.
Seine herausgehobene Rolle bei den Identitären spiele für ihn keine Rolle, schrieb Droese: "Ich nehme vor der Einstellung keine Gesinnungsprüfung der Mitarbeiter vor."
Ist wohl auch nicht nötig, AfD und IB reichen sich ja bekanntlich die Hand, wenn ich das mal so sagen darf.
Dass Droese ausgerechnet Fiß einstellt hat, ist auch ein innerparteiliches Signal. Droese gehört zum völk
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International outrage over Bruneian death penalty law for LGBT people

"Even before syariah law, LGBT+ people could be prosecuted under civil law," Zoe told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which is identifying her by only one name for her protection.

The laws, elements of which were first adopted in 2014, could see LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and related communities) people whipped or stoned to death for same-sex activity. Some aspects of the laws will apply to non-Muslims.

"It is seriously regrettable that Brunei's decision contravenes a number of international norms on human rights," New Zealand's Foreign Minister Winston Peters said in a statement on Sunday (March 31).

The Straits Times

The Thompson Reuters Foundation has also listed some of the worst countries for sexual minorities:
The move will make it the seventh country to im
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White House whistleblower alleges former employer of humiliation

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Tricia Newbold said her supervisor moved files to a shelf beyond her reach after she complained about the decision to grant security clearances over the objections of senior staffers.
"It was definitely humiliating," said Newbold, a manager in the White House’s Personnel Security Office, who has a rare form of dwarfism. "... But it didn’t stop me from doing what was right."
At least she knew that she was doing something right. Someone who has to step down one's standards to such some immature mockery has lost not only all decency, but also all high ground to claim he was being done wrong.
"The protection of national security is not a Democratic issue or a Republican issue, it's an American issue,” said Newbold, who was not speaking in her official capacity. "And we as security professionals owe it to make all our recommendations in the best interest of national security."

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19-year old dies for having knocked at the wrong door while being black

"He pleaded for his life. He was like, 'Hold on, I am sorry, I am sorry' and the dude shot him," a witness said.

"He has five kids, he was literally protecting his family. His truck was stolen earlier this week. Right now, that's all they're trying to do is protect their family," Makayla Johnson said.
You don't protect your family when you behave like a mad paranoid and shoot down innocents. He was not involved in his truck theft, he didn't do anything to him. He even cried that he was sorry, there was no need to shoot him down. But as it seems, gunning down others when feeling offended must be a usual action in the US, land of the free and of a party that thinks that more guns will create more safety. This is some fucked-up shit.
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Is Israel moving towards the far right wing?

In fact, just last May, Israel passed a nation-state law, which ended once and for all, any supposed confusion about Israel's identity. The new law openly declared Israel as "the nation state of the Jewish people", completely disregarding the Palestinian people and marginalising their rights, culture, language and history.

Camus, himself, has expressed his admiration for Israel on a number of occasions. In December 2017, after Donald Drumpf moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, he tweeted: "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Israel is a model of resistance. We must make Europe a greater Israel".

"There is nothing wrong with preserving our own Judeo-Christian civilization. That is our duty […] Look at Israel, learn from Israel; Israel is an island in a sea of Islamic barbarism. Israel is a beacon of freedom and prosperity in a region of Islamic darkness. Israel refuses to be overrun by jihadists. So should we."

Both Wilders and Robinson have received money from the
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AfD-MdL Winhart erstattet Anzeige gegen Entertainerin Enissa Amani

„Von der Aussage ‚Bastard Andreas Winhart‘ fühle ich mich persönlich beleidigt, was nun die Staatsanwaltschaft Traunstein verfolgt“, sagte Winhart. Zudem habe sein Anwalt Amani eine Unterlassungserklärung zukommen lassen. „Frau Amani behauptet in Ihren Videos beweislich falsche Aussagen. Daher sehe ich mich gezwungen dagegen vorzugehen“, so Winhart.
Man reiche dem Herrn bitte ein Taschentuch, denn er hat nie gelernt, über solchen Äußerungen zu stehen.
„Ich möchte wissen, wenn mich in der Nachbarschaft ein Neger anküsst oder anhustet, dann muss ich wissen, ist er krank oder ist er nicht krank.“ Er warf Flüchtlingen eine Mitschuld an HIV-, Krätze- und TBC-Fällen in seinem Landkreis vor. Die 37-Jährige schrieb dazu, Winhart sei ein „elender Rassist“, seine Aussagen seien „Volkshetze“.
So viel dann wohl zu den falschen... show more


Mother to fatally shot son Antwon Rose II. still fighting for justice

Former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld fatally shot Rose in the back, arm and side of the face as the 17-year-old fled from an unlicensed taxi that Rosfeld had pulled over following a drive-by shooting.

The teen "was unarmed, and he did not pose a threat to the officer or to the community, and the verdict today says that is OK, that is acceptable behavior from a police," Merritt added.

Zaijuan Hester, 18, who was in the car with Rose before he was killed, pleaded guilty last week to charges related to the drive-by shooting.
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Why fascists have always been trolls

The Nazis were dedicated trolls who weaponized their insincerity to take advantage of liberal societies ill-equipped to confront them. This was not done just for political advantage—rather, the insincerity itself was a moral act, an expression of contempt for the weak.

The original Nazis were open about their intentions, but their strategic insincerity created a fog of doubt that allowed observers to avoid the obvious. In 1922, The New York Times infamously declared that many believed “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded, and that he was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers and keep them aroused, enthusiastic, and in line for the time when his organization is perfected and sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political purposes.” In 1930, even after the Nazis had become the second-largest party in the German legislature, the Times assured its readers that “there is no present basis for assuming that th... show more


On the aftermath of an underfunded judiciary system

Evans’s record against Flowers is 1–5. First, he obtained a conviction that was set aside by the state appeals courts because of misconduct designed to confuse and mislead the jury—he introduced evidence of crimes that were not before the court; implied that he had evidence that a defense witness had lied when there was no such evidence; and told the jury about “taped statements” by Flowers that didn’t exist. In the next two trials, he obtained convictions by engaging in the precise misconduct alleged in this case: intentionally using race to skew the jury against Flowers, who is African American.

If challenges by a prosecutor (or, less often, a defense lawyer) seem to follow a racial pattern, opposing counsel may allege a “prima facie” case of discrimination; if the judge agrees that there is a questionable pattern, he or she convenes a “Batson hearing,” in which the lawyer using the challenges is allowed to give a “non-racial” r... show more


Rep. Steve King (R - IA) uncertain about whether a white society was superior to a nonwhite one

“I don’t have an answer for that. That’s so hypothetical,” Mr. King, Republican of Iowa, told her. “I’ll say this, America is not a white society — it has never been a completely white society. We came here and joined the Native Americans.”

I wouldn't call a genocidal commitment and the full displacement of Natives from their homeland joining.

Mr. King again faced scrutiny on Monday after a post on his Facebook page speculated who would win a second civil war between red states and blue states.

On Tuesday, pressed by a reporter from CNN, Mr. King told constituents that he “wasn’t aware” that the image had been published on his Facebook page the night before, and said he does not personally manage that page.

Reminds me of the N. C. (?) Senator who was unaware of the Andrew Jackson biography in his office which was coincidentally opened on a page that... show more


On the semantics and pragmatics of hatred

(Please mind the editor's note if this text appears familiar to you, you might have read it before. Trump has also spoken positively about the manifesto the Christchurch shooter has written and published. He doesn't think that White Nationalism was an actual threat, in the country that is home to the KKK and Madison Grant. One should really know about one's country's history and presence. Trump, on the other hand, is part of the problem, altogether.)
This seems to be part of a broader developing idea: ignore the tweets. Ignore Drumpf’s inflammatory language. Ignore the words. What counts is the policy outcomes. People took Drumpf’s “American carnage” inaugural address seriously, but after an exhausting year, it’s tempting to find an excuse to stop listening.

Politics is persuasion as well as coercion. Immediate policy outcomes mainly have to do with coercion: who is taxed, regulated, expropriated, imprisoned, deported, conscripted, what wars are fought, who is kept out of the co... show more


Prozessauftakt gegen Mörder von Daniel H. in Chemnitz

Den Ermittlungen zufolge geriet der flüchtige Iraker in jener Augustnacht auf der Straße mit dem späteren Opfer in Streit. Nach Informationen mehrerer Medien soll Farhad A. unter Drogeneinfluss gestanden und zusammen mit dem späteren Opfer Kokain konsumiert haben. Als es zwischen Farhad A. und Daniel H. zu einem Streit kam, sei Alaa S. dem Iraker zu Hilfe geeilt. Beide hätten anschließend "ohne rechtfertigenden Grund" mit Messern mehrfach auf den 35-Jährigen eingestochen, heißt es in der Anklage.

Dem widersprach der sächsische Ministerpräsident Michael Kretschmer. "Es gab keinen Mob, keine Hetzjagd und keine Pogrome", so Kretschmer. Meldungen, denen zufolge rechtsextreme Gruppen Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund durch die Stadt gejagt hätten, seien falsch. Er sagte auch, der Staat lasse sich das Gewaltmonopol nicht nehmen. Er geißelte die "politische Instrumentalisierung durch Rechtsextremisten" als "abscheulich".

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Now guess who was meant by this post - I'll take bets

Multipe mentionings are allowed as well, don't worry.
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Indonesia intends to ban AUS Sen. Fraser Anning to enter

”As I condemned the terrorist acts in two mosques in Christchurch, I also strongly condemned the official statement of Senator Fraser Anning of Queensland who basically assumed that terrorism against mosques was a price worth paying [by]Muslims and that Islam is an 'ideology of violence',” Charles said on Saturday evening.

An Indonesian national identified as Lilik Abdul Hamid was killed when a gunman opened fire during Friday prayers at the mosques in Christchurch. Two other Indonesians were injured. A right-wing Australian extremist, identified as Brenton Tarrant, has been arrested in connection with the attack. (ipa)
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The mysterious deaths of two young BLM protesters in Ferguson, Missouri

Police say there is no evidence the deaths have anything to do with the protests stemming from a white police officer’s fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and that only two were homicides with no known link to the protests.

— Edward Crawford Jr., 27, fatally shot himself in May 2017 after telling acquaintances he had been distraught over personal issues, police said. A photo of Crawford firing a tear gas canister back at police during a Ferguson protest was part of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage.

Bush said her car has been run off the road, her home has been vandalized, and in 2014 someone shot a bullet into her car, narrowly missing her daughter, who was 13 at the time.
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Donald Trump not a white supremascist, says acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

Wallace asked if Drumpf has considered making a major speech “condemning anti-Muslim, white supremacist bigotry?” because of the criticism he has faced.
“The president is not a white supremacist. I’m not sure how many times we have to say that,” Mulvaney replied.

This doesn't answer the question, though; when is Trump going to speak out decidedly against racism, Islamophobia, bigotry and discrimination of minorities? When?

“And to simply ask the question every time something happens overseas or even domestically, to say, ‘oh my goodness, it must somehow be the president’s fault,’ speaks to a politicization of everything that I think is undermining sort of the institutions that we have in the country today,” Mulvaney added.

No-one said that (explicitly). It was just asked whether Trump is ever going to speak out against these evil-doers, when he is ever going to speak out against the a... show more


Teenager smashed egg on AUS Sen. Frasier, police investigates

Video circulating on social media shows a man holding the teenager in a headlock while a man can be heard telling him: "You are nothing but a weak human f--king being, you prick."

"Having seen that footage I instructed that our people examine the whole of that footage with the relevance to whether any assault charges be laid [against]anyone in that footage that may have committed an offence, not only from that first egging incident, but then everything that followed on from that," Mr Ashton said.

Last year, Mr Erikson was convicted of inciting serious contempt against Muslims, over a mock beheading he staged in the regional Victorian city of Bendigo in 2015.
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On the Christchurch shooting and Donald Trump

"I spoke with Prime Minister Ardern of New Zealand to express the sorrow of our entire nation following the monstrous terror attacks at two mosques," Drumpf said in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon after first condemning the attack as "a horrible massacre in the Mosques" on Twitter.

Too late, and still not enough, dude.

But asked whether he saw a worrying rise in white supremacy movements around the world, Drumpf said he did not, blaming a small group of people "with very, very serious problems." He also told reporters that he had not seen the manifesto linked to by a social media account that's believed to belong to one of the attackers, which mentioned Drumpf by name and saw him as a symbol of renewed white identity.

Drumpf has many times been accused of using rhetoric that emboldens extremists and dehumanizes his targets. He has used vulgar language to criticize NFL stars who took a knee during the National Anthem. In announcing his campaign, he said Mexico was sending "rapists"... show more


Australian Senator blames shooting victims for their own death

“However, while this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within the community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

“They are comments that are going to cause greater division, and they have already led to a number of sites – one by the white supremacist movement – praising the actions of the shooter,” Mr Rajan said.
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On White Nationalism's deep American roots

The seed of Nazism’s ultimate objective—the preservation of a pure white race, uncontaminated by foreign blood—was in fact sown with striking success in the United States. What is judged extremist today was once the consensus of a powerful cadre of the American elite, well-connected men who eagerly seized on a false doctrine of “race suicide” during the immigration scare of the early 20th century. They included wealthy patricians, intellectuals, lawmakers, even several presidents.

“Even though the Germans had been directly influenced by Madison Grant and the American eugenics movement, when we fought Germany, because Germany was racist, racism became unacceptable in America. Our enemy was racist; therefore we adopted antiracism as our creed.” Ever since, a strange kind of historical amnesia has obscured the American lineage of this white-nationalist ideology.

Grant was not the first proponent of “race science.” In 1853, across the Atlantic, ... show more


Fox News rebukes its host Jeanine Pirro for comment on Omar

"We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar," Fox News said in a statement. "They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly."

Pirro suggested on her Saturday show that Omar's beliefs about Israel stem from her religion. Omar is Somali-American and a practicing Muslim who wears a religious head-covering called a hijab.

Funnily, there are Muslims in her district who state that she doesn't represent Islam, which sounds about right. I mean, no-one would ever say that David Koresh represented American christianity. It's simply not true, but what else was to be expected from Fox News' hosts? I mean, you can read it later on, I still have an article about Tucker Carlson remaining in my bookmark lsit.

"Special Report with Bret Baier," tweeted: "@JudgeJeanine can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren't American enough? You have Muslims working at... show more


Chemnitzer FC hält Trauerfeier für verstorbenen Neonazi ab

Vor dem Spiel gab es zudem eine Schweigeminute, ein schwarzes Kreuz und ein Transparent wurden ausgerollt. Die schwarz gekleideten Fans in der Südkurve zündeten außerdem eine Pyro-Show in Rot und Weiß. In einer Rede wurden die Verdienste Hallers für den Verein gewürdigt.

Die SPD-Stadträtin kondolierte dem Verstorbenen. Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite findet sich ein Eintrag, in dem es unter anderem heißt: "Wir lebten in komplett verschiedenen Welten und entschieden uns irgendwann für völlig andere Wege. […] Wir waren immer fair, straight, unpolitisch und herzlich zueinander - das hat dich ausgezeichnet. Ruhe in Frieden!"

Wie kaputt kann eine Stadt/ein Bundesland sein? Die Stadträtin aus der SPD kondoliert einem Neonazi, das muss man sich mal vorstellen.
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On the (actual) crisis at the border

More than 76,000 migrants were apprehended crossing the southern border last month, the highest February in more than 10 years and the highest month of the Drumpf administration. The number of apprehensions tops any month during the 2014 border surge under President Barack Obama, which no one had a problem calling a crisis at the time.

There is no mechanism to return these migrants home, to hold them after they cross the border, or to remove them once they are in the interior. And word has gotten out. There’s a reason that the subset of migrants that we can’t stop from getting into the country is rapidly growing.

We should question why there is no such mechanism to return them. Because then, we would get to the actual crisis: The irresponsibility of the US ( country founded by immigrants) when it comes to safely returning those people. In the past, they used to simply tell them that they wouldn't get in, and to return from where they've come from. This indeed is irresponsible, regarding the s... show more


Fired police officer sentenced to 25 years in jail for manslaughter

They found the 41-year-old Raja guilty Thursday of manslaughter and attempted murder for the 2015 death of Corey Jones. He faces a sentence of between 25 years and life. Aronberg declined to comment on the specifics of the case until the April 26 sentencing.

Raja was in plain clothes and driving an unmarked white van when he drove the wrong way up a darkened ramp to Jones' stalled SUV. Prosecutors said an audio recording showed Raja never identified himself and approached Jones aggressively, making him believe he was being robbed.

Apparently, the man was black, which infuriated the sentenced police officer even more.
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Mapping affective polarisation in the US

To find out, The Atlantic asked PredictWise, a polling and analytics firm, to create a ranking of counties in the U.S. based on partisan prejudice (or what researchers call “affective polarization”). The result was surprising in several ways. First, while virtually all Americans have been exposed to hyper-partisan politicians, social-media echo chambers, and clickbait headlines, we found significant variations in Americans’ political ill will from place to place, regardless of party.

In general, the most politically intolerant Americans, according to the analysis, tend to be whiter, more highly educated, older, more urban, and more partisan themselves

He found, for example, that age, race, urbanicity, partisan loyalty, and education did coincide with more prejudice (but gender did not). In this way, he created a kind of profile of contemporary partisan prejudice.

If you happen to check out the map, remember that Florida, a federal state that is located in the Deep So... show more


Detroit man files lawsuit for gardening while being African-American

Peeples alleges that the women — Deborah Nash, Martha Callahan and Jennifer Morris — had their own plans for the park and wanted to see him "incarcerated or seriously injured by law enforcement."

I guess those women thought that he should be picking cotton somewhere in dem ol' cotton fields back home. Gardening is a job made for Meheecans.

Two months later, as Peeples was in Hunt Park teaching a group of home-schooled students about gardening, one of the women called 911 and falsely reported that Peeples was a convicted pedophile and wasn't legally allowed near kids, the complaint said. Police arrested Peeples in the park.

Seriously, what is wrong with those women?
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Students saluting Hitler around swastika-shaped cup figure under Social Media shitstorm

“I was simply devastated to see that,” Metoyer said of the photo. “As a school board, we’re not only concerned by the underage drinking, but also the mental health of the students who participated in this horrendous act and all their fellow students who will be affected by it. This is appalling to not just our Jewish student community, but to all of us who care about human rights.”

What is the most appalling about this picture is that we did this too when we were minors, but we didn't mean it and we also didn't share the picture on Social Media (mainly because Facebook wasn't such a thing back then; and also, this figure didn't exist longer than a few seconds, when the adults entered the room).

“I’d like to see genuine remorse from the perpetrators here,” she said. “They need to learn about what those symbols mean and how devastating it is to see it occurring in 2019. We obviously need to do a better job o... show more


Former TV star-turned-racist bitch expressed her two cents again

The comedian sat down with conservative commentator Candace Owens in an interview that posted on YouTube Sunday to talk politics, Hollywood, race, religion and the #MeToo movement, taking specific aim at the women who accused Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct while in his hotel room.

Barr said her insight into women is different than most because she has two sons — 23 and 40 — and five grandsons. “I know a ho when I see one,” she told Owens. “I’m telling ya, they come for my boys ’cause my boys, you know, I’m their mom and they’re, you know, we have a little bit money. So I got an eagle eye for this thing.”
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VA First Lady Pam Northam under fire for handing cotton to black students

"The Governor and Mrs. Northam have asked the residents of the Commonwealth to forgive them for their racially insensitive past actions," Leah Dozier Walker, who oversees the Office of Equity and Community Engagement at the state Department of Education, wrote Feb. 25 to lawmakers and to the office of Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat.

"Mrs. Northam then asked these three pages (the only African American pages in the program) if they could imagine what it must have been like to pick cotton all day," Walker wrote. "I can not for the life of me understand why the First Lady would single out the African American pages for this — or — why she would ask them such an insensitive question."

Does anyone else wonder that she indirectly told those black students that it was actually the Africans' fault to have been enslaved? I mean, the African-Americans can surely imagine best how it is to be oppressed by people who think they were superior to them. She would've bette... show more


Oscar winner Spke Lee holds fiery anti-Trump speech

“We will have love and wisdom regained, we will regain our humanity. It will be a powerful moment. The 2020 presidential election is around the corner. Let’s all mobilize. Let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate. Let’s do the right thing! You know I had to get that in there.”

__When Lee heard that Green Book, a movie about a white man driving a black man through the segregated South, beat BlacKkKlansman, he was clearly pissed. He rose from his seat to leave the theater, but was stopped at the doors. He turned his back to the stage in protest and only returned to his seat after the speech was done._
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Jair Bolsonaro: Slayer of the indigenous people

“With Bolsonaro, the invaders are feeling more at ease,” Bitete Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, who lives on an Indigenous reserve, told The Intercept by telephone.

Last month, the image of a bullet-riddled metal plaque reading “National Indigenous Foundation, Protected Territory” made the rounds on WhatsApp, Brazil’s most popular messaging app. The sign marks the entrance to one of several villages in the vast Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau Indigenous reserve, in a lawless region of the Amazonian state of Rondônia, near the Bolivian border.

Days after signing the decree, Bolsonaro tweeted a video clip of another one of his ministers who argued in a cable news interview that many of the existing Indigenous reserves were established using fraudulent documents, and called the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples “spurious” and “treasonous.”
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Comment on the Laquan McDonald case and Jason Van Dyke's sentence

Why now? Because one fact sits there, for me, and vibrates. It has all along, and while I can’t vouch that it hasn’t been highlighted somewhere in the Niagara of articles and podcasts and TV specials and shadow puppet theater devoted to the case, I didn’t notice it and it seems germane now that Raoul is seeking to pile years of prison upon Van Dyke, which will neither reform the ex-cop, assuage the clannish moral blindness of a significant chunk of his former fellow officers, nor revive the dead teen.

Remember, he wasn’t a bigot shooting up a bar, or a commander torturing suspects. He was a cop, working. A scared cop, sure. Judgment impaired, obviously. Three years isn’t much for a life, and those who point out that it being a black life means some people value it a lot less are not wrong.
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On the Rohingya crisis, and late justice

Today, more Rohingya reside outside Myanmar than inside the country. The diaspora initially comprised Rohingya uprooted by decades of violence and institutionalized discrimination — including sporadic military campaigns and a denial of citizenship. This longstanding exodus has established outposts around the globe, including refugee camps in Bangladesh, as well as communities resettled in America, Europe and Australia.

For example, Rohingya-led news sites like the Kaladan Press Network, established in Bangladesh, and Rohingya Blogger, established in Germany, regularly report on violations perpetrated against the community in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The new Rohingya diaspora also has its own movements, groups like the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, which advocates, among other things, for more Rohingya involvement in running the camps in Bangladesh.

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Black bartender fired over allegedly racist intentions

Carinne Silverman-Maddox of Oakland County was the only black bartender at the restaurant on Oct. 13, the first day she'd changed her hair, when she was "abruptly suspended and dismissed for allegedly overpouring a single drink," according to a race discrimination lawsuit filed Tuesday. It adds that white co-workers were pouring drinks the same way and had been approached over it, but they were able to keep their jobs.

This is at least the third federal lawsuit in the past six months alleging racial discrimination against an employee by a business in Detroit's downtown or Midtown areas.

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Faschisten feindselig gegenüber "Ureinwohnern": USA vs. Sachsen

Scheiß Sorben!, hätten die Angreifer gebrüllt. Scheiß Nazis, habe er entgegnet. Die erste Faust sei direkt in seine linke Gesichtshälfte gegangen. Er sei raus in den Hof, aber da hätten weitere Schwarzgekleidete schon auf ihn gewartet, ihn geschubst und gedrängt.

So machen es Nazis halt immer: Sie treten immer in der Überzahl sind, weil der Einzelne unter ihnen stets zu feige ist, um seinen Mann zu stehen, obwohl er es schon ist, der die Streiterei provoziert.

Deutsche Jugendliche provozieren sorbische (wobei natürlich auch sorbische Jugendliche Deutsche sind). "Fakt ist aber", sagt Statnik: "Seit 2014 haben die Angriffe eine andere Qualität." Für ihn sehe das nach konzertierten Aktionen aus.

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Former Sri Lankan military attaché arrested for throat-cut gesture

The private prosecution of Brig Priyanka Fernando has degenerated into extraordinary legal confusion, forcing the chief magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, to take control of the case.

Fernando was filmed making cut-throat gestures aimed at Tamil protesters outside the Sri Lankan high commission in London on 4 February 2018. Demonstrators were highlighting concerns about human rights violations against Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority. Footage of the incident went viral on YouTube.

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Jewish groups and Australian Labour Party urge government to ban conspiracy theorist David Icke for preaching hatred

Labor has written to the immigration minister, David Coleman, calling on him to ban Icke from the country on the basis ofhis “extreme antisemitic views, including campaigning for Holocaust denial to be taught in schools”.

In December there was uproar in the US after the Pulitzer prize-winning author Alice Walker recommended Icke’s book And the Truth Shall Set You Free in an interview with the New York Times Book Review.

Now I remember where I've heard his name before! It was about Ms. Walker who recommended on of his pulp (non-)fictional writings!

“It is imperative that the government stop racist hate preaches like Mr Icke visiting Australia and profiting off racism.”

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State of freedom of expression worsening in #Myanmar

Freedom of expression has been worsening since the Nobel peace laureate's administration took office in 2016, with prosecutions creating a "climate of fear" among journalists, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Friday.

However, the government led by de facto civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi had made "only marginal changes" to oppressive legislation and continued to use "overly broad, vague, and abusive laws" to prosecute peaceful speech and assembly, it said.

Laws criminalising defamation, the Official Secrets Act, the Unlawful Associations Act, the 1934 Aircraft Act, and section 131 of the Myanmar Penal Code have all been used against journalists in recent years.

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Actress and activist Alyssa Milano compares #MAGA hats to #KKK hoods

At the time, Milano tweeted: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood. Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

“Some things in that video cannot be disputed — no matter what angle or how extended the cut is,” Milano wrote. “These boys, who attend a religious school, were there on a school trip protesting against a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Several of these boys were wearing red MAGA hats, a hat that has become synonymous with white nationalism and racism. Several were doing a ‘tomahawk chop.’ Several were laughing.”

“I won’t apologize to these boys. Or anyone who wears that hat,” she said. “But I will thank them. I will thank them for lighting a fire underneath the conversa... show more

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano compares #MAGA hats to #KKK hoods

At the time, Milano tweeted: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood. Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

"Some things in that video cannot be disputed — no matter what angle or how extended the cut is," Milano wrote. "These boys, who attend a religious school, were there on a school trip protesting against a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Several of these boys were wearing red MAGA hats, a hat that has become synonymous with white nationalism and racism. Several were doing a 'tomahawk chop.' Several were laughing."

"I won’t apologize to these boys. Or anyone who wears that hat," she said. "But I will thank them. I will thank them for lighting a fire underneath the conversation about systemic racism and misogyny in this country and... show more