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HP Print Service - 23 MB

Why? What are you? I don't recall every having printed anything on my #Nexus7. Why are you demanding 23 MB of what every single day? I could go on...

Clock - 2.1 MB

What the hell does "Clock" need 2,100,000 bytes for? That's like... 10 novels. It's "Clock" for fudge sake!

Facebook - 80 MB

That's about every day. The Nexus 7 has a little feature that tells you what's using #bandwidth. When I have Auto Updates on, 99% of my bandwidth is all these fudging "apps" updating themselves. Somehow Hulu can live inside 5.5 MB, but Contacts (which appears to be some kind of list. A list... A LIST) can barely scrape by with 8.6 MB. What the ever-loving Fudge!?

As far as I can tell, 95% of these "apps" are browsers that only connect to one webpage. The other 5% of thes... show more