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I hope they neuter this sad excuse for a mayor:

measles vaccination order will face legal challenge
Children’s Health Defense ( #CHD ) is supporting a #legal challenge to this #dangerous, #unprecedented #overreach. While the City has unquestionable authority to control #disease outbreaks, it may not violate the bedrock principle of prior, #free and #
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Fordham student dies after falling off clock tower

A private mass was held on campus on Sunday night for 22-year-old Sydney Monfries, who died after climbing inside the university iconic clock tower.

Monfries was just a few weeks away from graduation and earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Fordham College at Rose Hill. Police said Monfries and her friends sneaked inside Keating Clock Tower around 3 a.m. on Sunday with designs on climbing to the top.

“It’s like a tradition, apparently, for seniors to sneak into the tower and climb up. And they were like trying to get good views of the city,” student Antonia Greene said.

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Today the old City Hall station—closed since 1945—is popular with urban explorers. If you want to avoid a criminal trespass charge, you can take a sanctioned tour, available only to members of the New York Transit Museum. But be warned: Tickets only go on sale three times a year and sell out quickly.

The next round of tickets goes on sale to members on April 17. It is “one of our most popular behind-the-scenes tours,” says Regina Asborno, deputy director of the New York Transit Museum.
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Marijuana testing of job applicants is barred by NYC

The bill passed by the New York City Council was the latest in a series of steps to ease cannabis restrictions as efforts to legalize marijuana have stalled.
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How corporate interests frame new laws

Because I couldn't read the article yet, but still have a slight idea of what it may be about, I would like to ask you: Does anyone else have problems opening this link? It seems like it was deleted, because whenever I try to open it, it redirects me to the website itself. Still, there may be a similar article that has been published by the affiliate site The Rochester Democrat & Chonicle. Maybe it's the same article under a different header? I don't know.
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N.J. counters NYC congestion toll with commuter tax


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N.J. counters NYC congestion toll with commuter tax


New York City awaits first congestion price tax ever

Plans call for a six-member commission to decide how much motorists will get soaked for the privilege of sitting in Midtown traffic, with electronic readers automatically assessing the tolls.
Previous proposals have called for fees between $11 and $12 each for cars and $25 for trucks, and they could come in addition to other tolls for crossing New York City’s bridges and tunnels.

But as Manhattan’s streets grew increasingly clogged in recent years with Uber and Lyft drivers waiting for app-based hails, Gov. Cuomo warmed to the idea as a way to raise money for the crumbling subway system.

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Bill de Blasio challenges Councilmember Kalman Yeger on Palestine comment

First: A letter to him, published by Mondoweiss.

You speak about Israel providing Jewish safety. Standing up for Israeli apartheid, as you have repeatedly done, does not promote safety. Quite the contrary. Our notion of safety is a city and a world in which all people feel and are safe. Yes, that means safety through solidarity with one another. That means safety by opposing all forms of injustice, which very much includes the injustice of occupation and the denial of a people’s right to live freely in their homes and their land.

In all your remarks, your lack of recognition of the Nakba (catastrophe in Arabic) of 1948, which refers to the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and land during the creation of Israel, reveals a gross disregard for the rights and well-being of the Palestinian people. That is also true about your lack of recognition (and denial)
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How much software engineers make in SF, NYC, and Seattle

Most online salary data is suspect due to self-reporting and selection bias. We aggregate figures from actual offers made to engineers on Triplebyte in real-time. Senior software engineer: $175,000.…
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Amid her fights for environment, AOC forgets who got her in

“I thought AOC would be our savior, but that’s not the case,” complained Roxanne Delgado, a local activist who said she has tried for months to get in touch with the congresswoman for help saving an animal shelter and to clean up parks in the district.

“I want AOC or a representative from AOC to be there,” Anthony Vitaliano, a former cop and Community Board 11 member, said at a Feb. 28 board meeting.

Although Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about improving mail service in The Bronx this month, Vitaliano said he was still experiencing problems and waiting for her office to arrange a meeting with post-office management.
Damn. This way, she is not going to be re-elected, and her opponent who recently threw her hat in the ring, is more likely to make the race. For Pete's sake, this cannto be true.
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Republican woman intends to run against AOC after failed deal with Amazon

“ [AOC]chose ideology over paychecks,” swannabe candidate and medical journalist Ruth Papazian, noting that Amazon vowed to create 25,000 jobs before pulling out of its deal to open a campus in Queens. “People need jobs. We don’t have economic diversity in the outer boroughs.”
Look at her picture in the article and then imagine her to tell you that you chose ideology over paychecks. Could you take her serious?
Anyway, but seriously: Amazon is known to employ people below the average payment of at least 12 Dollars or so. The warehouse conditions for employees are knowingly horrible, you cannot tell people that this was the most reasonable choice, to let Amazon create another headquarter in your borough because jobs were desperately needed. There have to be better choices, and AOC has to find them.
A daughter of Egyptian immigrants, Papazian said she would run on a platform of creating jobs, not chasing them away.
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Workers on top of #PanAmBuilding (Walter Gropius-Emery Roth & Sons-Pietro Belluschi, 1963), during its construction. Spring, 1962. At.right is the Art Deco’s 500 Fifth Avenue tower (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931).
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I just discovered Haywyre ( and it turns out they’re playing at the Mercury Lounge in #NYC on this Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

Anyone would like to join me?

#LiveMusic #Concert

Blast from the past by Bill #Weinberg.
This #2011 critique of #OccupyWallStreet ( #OWS ), published by the local, neighborhood, #NYC, #newspaper, #TheVillager, was very forward-looking, almost prophetic.
#BillWeinberg is a very misunderstood #leftist #journalist, because he is so critical of the #left. Imo, if more #leftists would listen to him, they/we would be stronger.
#PopulistRight vs. #CorporateRight
#capitalist #anticapitalist #rightism #leftism #populism #protest
Occupy Wall Street: Yes, we are anti-capitalist!


Donald Trump Jr. defends Chelsea Clinton in standoff with NYU student on islamophobic comments

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “Certainly it was never my intention. I do believe words matter.”
Still, the student persisted in dressing down Clinton, claiming the shootings were “stoked by people like you.”

While it’s unclear which statements the student was referring, the exchange subsequently prompted a series of reactions on Twitter, including one from Drumpf Jr. who called it “sickening.”

Instead, he contended that he didn’t see white nationalism as much of an issue, speculating that the issue lies within “a small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess.”
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Murdered mobster Frank Cali met murderer beforehand

Cali, 53, exited his home shortly before 9:20 p.m. Wednesday after a motorist in a blue pickup truck reversed the vehicle into the mobster’s parked Cadillac Escalade, causing it to “rock significantly,” Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea has said.

“It’s not like they came out, started a fistfight,” the high-ranking source said. “The importance of that is — it’s almost as if proof of the concept that hitting the car was contrived.”

Cali tried to escape the hail of bullets by hiding under the Cadillac, which initially led investigators to believe that he had been run over during the attack. Police no longer believe that was the case.
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Vice leader of Gambino family shot in Todt Hill section, pronounced dead in hospital

Investigators say 53-year-old Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali was shot multiple times outside 25 Hilltop Terrace in the exclusive Todt Hill section shortly after 9:15 p.m.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn had referred to Cali in court filings in recent years as the underboss of the Gambino organization, related through marriage to the Inzerillo clan in the Sicilian Mafia.

His only mob-related criminal conviction came a decade ago, when Cali pleaded guilty in an extortion conspiracy involving a failed attempt to build a NASCAR track on Staten Island. He was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison and was released in 2009.
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One and half of a ton of Cocaine seized in ports of New York and Newark, NJ

(Just saying for the Trumpists who crave the wall along the US-Mexican border: No, the wall wouldn't have prevented these amounts of cocaine, because the wall doesn't extend overseas. Stick it in your pipe and smoke it: The wall wouldn't prevent the US from drug trafficking, even ships are more favourable for the dealers than the plain way across the landborder.)
The bust was part of a joint operation of the DEA, Customs and Border Protection, Coast Guard, Homeland Security Investigations, New York Police Department and New York State Police.

"This interception prevents a massive quantity of drugs from getting to the streets and in the hands of our children," said Troy Miller, CBP Director of New York Field Operations, in a statement.

On a national level, the volume of drugs seized at ports of entry and in the field has been fluctuating. Officials at the borders seized 6,550 pounds of cocaine in 2018, down from 9,346 pounds in 2017, but up from 5,473 pounds i... show more


Charges against NYPD officers in rape case dropped

Because the police are there to maintain law and order, how would they ever fall from grace by committing a misdemeanour on their own? This of course is impossible, thus, any charges against them were purely heretic! We all have to be glad this girl was taught her lesson, to never accuse the cops again.
(For those who didn't realise: I was being sarcastic)
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Rape Charges Dropped Against NYPD Cops Who Had Sex With Teen #ViaDiasporaNativeWebApp


Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg not going to run for president

(Unlike the former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Michael Bloomberg felled the right decision not to ruin his entire reputation by running as a self-financed candidate who embraces his so-called independence from anybody. No duties for Howie, huh?)
“I know what it takes to run a winning campaign, and every day when I read the news, I grow more frustrated by the incompetence in the Oval Office. I know we can do better as a country. And I believe I would defeat Donald Drumpf in a general election,” Bloomberg wrote. “But I am clear-eyed about the difficulty of winning the Democratic nomination in such a crowded field.”

“Many people have urged me to run. Some have told me that to win the Democratic nomination, I would need to change my views to match the polls,” Bloomberg wrote. “But I’ve been hearing that my whole political career.”
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#NYC #Jersey Following up to part 1 posted last week, the people against #Amazon (Part 2) - YouTube


Alex from the Bronx moves to apt. in the Bronx

A day after residents at the Democratic congresswoman’s listed address told The Post they’d never seen her around, her spokesman on Sunday said she moved recently to a larger apartment “a block and a half away” with her boyfriend.

“A man was just arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me & others,”Ocasio-Cortez added in her tweet. “So yeah I’m not gonna disclose my personal address or tell people when I move. Sorry!.”

«Understandable, understandable // this is perfectly, understandable»
But as someone said in her tweet: A politician, especially a Rep., should live in the district he or she represents. Proximity to one's represented people is vitally important in such a relationship.
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On AOC, the GOP, and ecnomics

“Frankly, if we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district, ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that amount of money if we wanted to.”

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio explained, the Amazon deal would have produced “$27 billion in new tax revenue to fuel priorities from transit to affordable housing — a nine-fold return on the taxes the city and state were prepared to forgo to win the headquarters.”

Think she and her allies have any idea how to, as her now infamous talking points put it, upgrade or replace “every building in America” … or replace “every combustible-engine vehicle” … or connect every corner of America with high-speed rail … or replace all fossil-fuel energy with alternative energy sources — all in 10 years’ time? Apparently, they think we just have to find all th... show more

Was reminded I first made friends with Corinne Loperfido 7 years ago. The person who first told me I should move to #NOLA cause I was unhappy in #NYC.

Took this picture of them the night we met.

#America's #socialist revolution has begun!

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America’s Socialist Revolution has officially begun

Sovereign Man: America’s Socialist Revolution has officially begun | Sovereign Man (Simon Black)


NYC Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez invited by Amazon to ascertain herself about working conditions

"Is that culture of 'strict performance why Amazon workers have to urinate in bottles & work while on food stamps to meet targets?'" Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "'Performance' shouldn’t come at the cost of dehumanizing conditions. That’s why we got rid of sweatshops."

Ocasio-Cortez hasn't replied to Clark's invitation as of this writing, nor has she replied to requests for comment from the media. But! Let's not pretend like Amazon's totally innocent here.

Still, she should have accepted this invitation. Of course Amazon would have removed all the shameful evidences that proved her point, but at least, she wouldn't have looked like the one who bowed before her opponent.
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#Amazon Pulling out of #NYC #Gianaris , #AOC hate rich people. #democrats
However, a spokeswoman for [Cuomo's] office blasted Senate Democrats for #opposing "the greatest #economic #growth potential our state has seen in 50 years." Amazon has promised to create some 40,000 jobs at its new campus - jobs that reportedly will carry an average salary of $130,000.
I bet there are other states that would take this #opportunity, as #NY continues to lose residents, business, economy suffering, etc, due to progressive policies. Maybe NY can just raise taxes to fix the subway instead.....


Amazon pulls out of NYC

#amazon #nyc #out #pulls


YC Interviews in NYC

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding a small number of interviews for the Summer 2019 batch of YC in New York City on February 23. This will be the first in a series of interviews we do in…
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Undercover spy exposed in NYC was one of many

LONDON (AP) — When mysterious operatives lured two cybersecurity researchers to meetings at luxury hotels over the past two months, it was an apparent bid to discredit their research about an Israeli…
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New York Times – A 26yo illegal immigrant killed a man at a New York train station with a handgun.

Passengers look on in disbelief: #Guns are illegal in #NewYork!

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Infamous Brooklyn prison restored electricity

While the prison's statement said that "staff are working to restore the facility to normal operations," New York governor Andrew Cuomo has asked for the Department of Justice to investigate the prison and the circumstances leading up to the power outage.

I hope for this facility that it was not due to public failure. Because so far, what I have heard is that the privately owned prisons provide higher standards than the public ones do. Of course this is due to the fact that taxpayers' money has to be utilised rationally, and not wasted big-time so that there are hardly any saves for bad times, but on the other hand, it should be clear to see that the money was spent for good, and not for nothing.

The trouble began on Jan. 27 when an electrical panel caught fire at the prison, cutting off power to part of the facility. According to facilities workers, the prison then shifted to emergency power rather than generator power as the generator switch had melted in the fire.

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An insight on El Chapo's confinement

Instead I’m asking the court to force MCC NY to respect human dignity, the First Amendment, federal regulations, and other human and civil rights.

Just in case you wondered about the US' comprehension of the state of human rights enforcement: They incarcerate human rights activists as well, but fortunately managed to move him to end his hunger strike. After reading these first chapters, I wonder if they let the same thing happen as what happened with former Irish MP Bobby Sands., but with other human rights activists.

The prison transferred Spanish-speaking staff to his unit in case he ever let something slip in his native language. This also seemed to be part of a “good cop, bad cop” routine. They vacated the cell next to his in an apparent effort to reduce his conversational options. They seemed to hope that he’d get lonely and decide to speak to prison staff.

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#Brooklyn inmates freeze to death during polar vortex in richest country on earth

The commissary, where they can buy additional warm clothing and snacks, has also been closed down, due to the limited electricity.

Former supervising paralegal Rachel Gregory told Quartz that colleagues report accounts of “people sitting in darkness and in freezing temperatures all day long,” with the jail on temporary lockdown, or served cans of sardines rather than ordinary meals.

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Cuomo's planned legalisation on marijuana may be postponed

“With eight states now having enacted regulatory structures and launched consumer sales over the last five years, it’s certainly less of an unknown now. We’re happy to share w/you best practices&encourage you to review our core attributes,” the pro-marijuana group NORML responded on Twitter.

“You are welcomed to send any info, you believe is helpful to this process, but please have some patience. As a person of color, let alone the speaker of assembly it is disappointing that I am being scolded about a 6 week time-frame. This issue is deeply personal to me,” Heastie (D-Bronx) responded to NORML.

I wonder what this has got to do with his skin colour has got to do with it. Or does he refer to the correlation of drug abuse, a lower social standing and the byproduct that most of the lower social classes that are more likely to suffer from drug addictions are minorities? Then, this would make sense, and I guess that this was his main intention to s... show more

Marzie Hashemi fue liberada hoy,
permanecerá en NY para la protesta de mañana por su injusta detencion


She was released today, will stay in NY for the rally,

protesting her unjust detention

Yemen on the Edge @YemenEdge
Join the Global Day Of Action By Protesting Against Human Rights Violations For Marzieh Hashemi In #NYC [Grand Central Station, 89E 42st New York @ 5:30pm]

#NYC Pop Quizz: @wakest, @sanspoint , @amphetamine and I are meeting on Sunday September the 30th? Where do we go to grab a bite and have a chat?

2nd ever #Fediverse meetup in #NYC: Come join at least @ Wakest and me #IRL on Sunday Sep 30th for an afternoon of rambling about NYC transports and the future of decentralized social media!

Hey gonna be in #NYC September 22nd and 23rd! Who wants to do a little #fediverse meetup, and maybe go to the NY Zine Fest as a group?!
#zines #meetups