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If you can't trust the #Iran-contra #cover-up guy, who can you trust?

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«Donald Trump is cancer», opines husband to Kellyanne Conway, George Conway

That’s especially damning because the ultimate issue shouldn’t be — and isn’t — whether the president committed a criminal act. As I wrote not long ago, Americans should expect far more than merely that their president not be provably a criminal. In fact, the Constitution demands it.

Trump tried to “limit the scope of the investigation.” He tried to discourage witnesses from cooperating with the government through “suggestions of possible future pardons.” He engaged in “direct and indirect contacts with witnesses with the potential to influence their testimony.” A fair reading of the special counsel’s narrative is that “the likely effect” of these acts was “to intimidate witnesses or to alter their testimony,” with the result that “the justice system’s integrity [was]threatened.” Page after page, act after act, Mueller’s report describes a
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Trump's approval rate decreases by five points, hitting all-time low

Only 39 percent of voters surveyed in the new poll, which was conducted Friday through Sunday, approve of the job Drumpf is doing as president. That is down from 44 percent last week and ties Drumpf’s lowest-ever approval rating in POLITICO/Morning Consult polling — a 39 percent rating in mid-August 2017, in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Only 34 percent of voters believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings to remove the president from office, down from 39 percent in January. Nearly half, 48 percent, say Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings.

Most notably, independents are split, 39 percent to 37 percent, on whether Congress should keep investigating — but just 31 percent of independents support beginning impeachment proceedings, compared with 44 percent who oppose impeachment.

But many voters appear confused about what Mueller found in his report. Two in 10, 20 percent, say Mueller found tha
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The Mueller report couldn't be in worse shape, the PDF association claims

It was produced on April 17th on “probably a typical office network copier/printer,” and it uses lossy compression “more appropriate to photographs than to text.” The Justice Department might have gotten a high-quality PDF from Mueller, printed it, and re-scanned it, or Mueller might have delivered a paper report that the department scanned and released

Badly redacted searchable PDFs have occasionally revealed embarrassing secrets. A court filing in a Facebook lawsuit left text selectable under some hastily drawn black bars, and the Proud Boys extremist organization accidentally revealed its leadership with the same technique. Professional redaction software can prevent this, however, and the PDF Association post notes that an untagged and unsearchable PDF could violate the Justice Department’s accessibility rules for people with disabilities.

Since this is the PDF Association, there’s a detailed explanation about why th
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Longish, but good and worthwhile read. #WitchHunt #Mueller #DCSwamp #FBI #DOJ

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So, the Mueller Report ...


The conclusions of the (redacted) report, as I read them:
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The Mueller Report Can’t Be Copyrighted, Is Flagged by Copyright Bots Anyway

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Scribd taking down the Mueller Report is the future the EU has voted for

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So, the Mueller Report ...


The conclusions of the (redacted) report, as I read them:
  • Russia interfered with the 2016 elections.
  • Trump’s campaign knowingly expected to benefit from that interference, and Russia knowingly expected to benefit from Trump winning. But Mueller couldn’t demonstrate active cooperation, so conspiracy charges could not be placed against anyone.
  • Trump repeatedly and (probably) clearly attempted to obstruct justice, but didn’t manage to successfully do so because enough people — out of principle or out of fear — didn’t follow his orders.
  • The above is only probably because Mueller couldn’
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"AG Barr redacted everything incriminating from the Mueller report!"

Well, actually, no. In fact, he redacted rather little, as this LA Times article shows. Trying to err on the generous side here (i.e, if unsure, I called "yes") as to what constitutes a "major" redaction, it looks to me from a quick count as though about 60 of the 448 pages contain major redactions. And most of the pages have no redactions at all.
Officials redacted information based on four categories:
  • Grand jury evidence, which is subject to secrecy rules
  • Classified material from U.S. intelligence agencies or allies
  • Information about ongoing investigations
  • Details that could unfairly infringe on the privacy and damage the reputations of peripheral third parties
None of these reasons for redaction are "to protect the President". They protect classified material, peripherally involved third parties, grand jury testimony, details that could imperil other ongoing inves... show more


How Trump tried to obstruct justice from investigating his relations to Russia

Drumpf has never hidden his hostility toward what he’s styled a “witch hunt” carried out by partisan and venal prosecutors. But many of the president’s efforts to fight back were made public for the first time on Thursday, and all of them appear to have been aimed at allaying Russia-related press scrutiny and federal investigations.

Over and over, Drumpf pressed underlings to pass messages to those who might damage him and to exert influence over investigations, often without success. At one point, in July 2017, Drumpf gave instructions to his former campaign manager, a private citizen running a lobbying firm, for firing his attorney general. Those instructions were ignored.

“Now that we fired Flynn, the Russia thing is over,” Drumpf declared, prompting laughter from the former U.S. attorney. Christie told the president that Russia would still be hanging over him on Valentine’s Day 2018, and that Flynn was goi
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full #redacted #report
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Bill #Weinberg says;
"Isn't it interesting how all the #Assange sycophants who glorified the #Wikileaks hacks have not been clamoring for an #unredacted release of the #Mueller Report?"


Rapport Mueller : pas de collusion entre Trump et les Russes


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Le rapport Mueller exonère Donald Trump d'entente avec les Russes durant sa campagne électorale de 2016, mais il détaille une série de pressions troublantes exercées par le président américain sur son enquête.Bild/Foto
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The Mueller Report [pdf]

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Don’t call the #Barr report the #Mueller report, dear journalists. It’s redacted and IMHO until proven otherwise to be considered materially changed. #kthxbai


While everyone's waiting for Mueller's report, everything depends on Bill Barr

1. The Hive

_“We’ve lived through so many big developments in the story that it’s hard to be fazed by any of it.” Said another, “It could end up being pretty revelatory, or it could end up being a recap of stuff that’s mostly been reported.” A third concurred, “We’re all curious to see how much of our reporting drove Mueller, as opposed to vice versa. It’s sort of a scorecard to see how much of the reporting was right, and how much of it was wrong.”__

“I think we’ve gotta see how much is redacted, because we could end up being very unsatisfied,” a fourth source told me. “High on my list are 1) to what extent did Barr’s letter accurately and completely represent the report? 2) How did Mueller come to the conclusion that he couldn’t come to a conclusion on
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ICE deportees improperly medicated, watchdogs claim

Giselle says her father languished there for three months without his diabetes medication. Now, she says, the guards give it to him at odd times during the day and night. And, she says, ICE agents took his eyeglasses so he can't read legal documents or write letters.

The facility — run by a federal contractor, GEO Group, a for-profit company based in Boca Raton, Fla., that runs private prisons — has a troubled past. During an unannounced visit last year, federal inspectors from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General found "nooses" made out of bedsheets in 15 out of 20 cells. The inspectors found that guards overlooked the nooses even though a detainee had died by suicide using a bedsheet in 2017 and several others had attempted suicide using a similar method. The government audit concluded GEO Group guards improperly handcuffed and shackled detainees, unnecessarily placed detainees in solitary confinement and failed to provide adequate medical care.
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A FAQ on the Mueller Report

The fact of the interference itself had been long established, and last month Attorney General William Barr told Congress that Mueller did not find that Drumpf's campaign was involved with it.

Democrats say they can't be sure Barr isn't providing political cover for Drumpf, pointing to skepticism he voiced about Mueller's inquiry before he was nominated to be attorney general. Drumpf's opponents say they can't be sure what to make of Mueller's findings until they see the findings firsthand.

No. Barr told members of Congress that he has been working with the special counsel's office to redact four kinds of information.
First, grand jury material, which is secret under the law. Second, foreign intelligence that could compromise the sources and methods from which it originated, which American spies want to protect.

The FBI and Justice Department conducted surveillance of Drumpf's campaign in 2016 as they investigated the election interference. What Republicans have charged sin
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You were wrong on the Brexit referendum, you were wrong on the 2016 election, … .

And – oh boy – were you wrong about Trump escalating conflict with North Korea. xD In fact, NK has been more peaceful since Trump's meeting with Kim than in the preceding 3 decades: no rockets, no missiles, no tests, no launches, no assassinations, … even better: regular talks between NK and SK politicians, removal of border mines/wires/blockades, first-ever family reunions across the border in 50+ years (!!!), the return of the fallen US soldiers from 60 years ago, …

I can't imagine being so utterly wrong on such an EPIC scale and yet considering myself in any way competent enough to say anything apart from "sorry, I have to go home and start learning some more before I open my mouth again." XD
while we know there was #RussianCollusion with the the campaign staff, and the Russians were interfering with the 2016 election on behalf of Trump
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Please enlighten me as to my 'wrongness'
#Brexit hasn't happened, yet.
#Trump is still an Asshole.
#NorthKorea is still making nuclear weapons, and rockets
while we know there was #RussianCollusion with the the campaign staff, and the Russians were interfering with the 2016 election on behalf of Trump, we have Not heard the results of #Mueller report.

Your youth is an impediment to your world view, you will grow out of it, if it doesn't kill you.


The Mueller investigation's aftermath will be tremendous

Though seemingly unrelated, the two cases, legal experts say, showcase how threads from the Mueller probe could continue to yield new evidence and even more charges for months, if not years, to come — tied to everything from Russian interference in the 2016 election to the hush-money payment scheme Donald Drumpf’s campaign designed to help sway the last White House race, from the fundraising for Drumpf’s 2017 inauguration to unregistered foreign lobbyists working in the U.S.
Still, Miller said he does expect other U.S. prosecutors will try to question Assange on the Russian hackings that upended the 2016 American presidential election. “But they probably assume he’s not likely to be cooperative, and if he is, they can bring a case through another office,” he said.

The charges against Craig are tied to work he did preparing a report for the Ukrainian government that was intended to be used by Paul Manafort, the former D
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Fmr. counsel to Obama and Clinton expected to be indicted in Mueller-related probe

Craig had prepared a report concerning Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's jailing of one of his political opponents, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The report was meant to be used by President Donald Drumpf's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who had been lobbying for Yanukovych at the time, to defend the former president. Craig would be the first current or former Democratic official to be indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation, which ended last month.

"Mr. Craig is not guilty of any charge and the government's stubborn insistence on prosecuting Mr. Craig is a misguided abuse of prosecutorial discretion," the statement said.

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Sen. Dems demand AG William Barr to withdraw espionage allegations

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) accused Barr of "perpetuating conspiracy theories" during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was scheduled to discuss the department's budget but ultimately was dominated by questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) accused Barr of "perpetuating conspiracy theories" during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was scheduled to discuss the department's budget but ultimately was dominated by questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Barr told senators on Wednesday that he was looking into the FBI's investigation of members of Drumpf's campaign and that he believes "spying" took place.
Please highlight that he believes it, meaning he has no ground on this allegation. Therefore, he rather spreads a conspiracy theory, although we, on the other hand, didn't h... show more


We should be expected to hear why the Trump-Russia investigation was started in the first place

Barr told senators that “I think spying did occur” in the Drumpf-Russia investigation conducted by (among others) the Justice Department and the FBI during the 2016 presidential campaign.
“The question,” Barr elaborated, “is whether it was adequately predicated.” Because “spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” he explained that he would undertake an internal review, focusing on what the original rationale was for the spying.
Did he also emphasise on what evidental ground he had to believe that spying did occur on the Trump campaign? I mean, he possesses the Mueller report as one of the only people in the political circus (beside (fmr.) Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, Mueller and his team. Trump, as he said, could read the report, but didn't, because he's a semi- to illiterate who struggles to read a full page without losing concentration immediately). Maybe he has got more information on... show more

I am so very sick of this shit. This is the view from the fake news outlet, spinning the already-awful bullshit from Barr. It's time to Amendment 25 this motherfucker, and start looking into his enablers: Barr, Nunes, McConnell, Ryan, etc.

Also time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and shut down the disinformation campaign known as "Fox News" - they are basically a fifth column in this country. Fox and those that adore it are traitors to everything America, and they hate everything about America. Fox is the perpetrator of fake news and they are trying to destroy this country from the inside - they still support a "president" who thinks we should not have judges.

Fuck the entire right wing. Even the goddamn "never Trumpers" stood by and let their party turn into a shit show of racists, anti-intellectuals, and "free market" assholes, long before the asshole Donnie came along. show more


On the Mueller report and Trump's tax returns

1. The Hill:

Today, Ranking Member Collins called for Special Counsel Mueller to appear before @HouseJudiciary. I fully agree. Special Counsel Mueller should come before the Committee to answer questions in public about his 22 month investigation into President Drumpf and his associates. 1/2
"In order to ask Special Counsel Mueller the right questions, the Committee must receive the Special Counsel’s full report and hear from Attorney General Barr about that report on May 2. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Mueller at the appropriate time," Nadler added.

2. Stars & Stripes:

In a series of tweets, Drumpf — who until recently ha
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Stop circumventing my orderly process, ye crooked Democrat!

The Department of Justice said in its response to a transparency group's Freedom of Information Act complaint that the court shouldn't "circumvent this orderly process" of Attorney General William Barr's plan to release a redacted version of the report in the coming weeks.

Justice Department lawyers even note that the timing of Barr's planned release of a redacted version of the report is well before politically charged dates, such as Barr's possible testimony to Congress in May, and the 2020 primaries and general election.

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Mueller-Mitarbeiter: Die Ermittlungen belasten Trump stärker als bekannt

Der US-Präsident wähnt sich in der Russland-Affäre als „komplett entlastet“. Mitarbeiter des Sonderermittlers widersprechen dieser Interpretation.
Hinweis: Der RSS-Feed ermöglicht es den kompletten Artikel zu lesen.

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WA/DC conservatives cautious about anonymous Mueller employee criticism on Barr summary

Like the Times, the Post’s article doesn’t directly quote or even paraphrase members of Mueller's team. Rather, the article attributes its findings to “people familiar with the matter,” “two people familiar with their reactions,” and “people familiar with their responses.”
The usual terms that are used for sources who would like to not be named directly regarding their safety and any consequences that could follow subsequent to their whistleblowing of inconvenient information, or however you would like to call this kind of information.
I'm going to wait until someone goes on the record or provides evidence to back up what these unnamed “government officials” suggest. That's based on the press' lousy track record of such anonymous Mueller bombshells, which previously guaranteed prosecutions or even impeachment.
No need to be so salty about this probable bombshell repo... show more

"The bottom line is #JoeBiden was the #Obama administration’s point-person on policy towards #Ukraine," said #Schweizer. "He steered $1.8 billion in aid to that government and while he was doing so, his son got a #sweetheart deal with this energy company – that we’ve been able to trace over just a 14-month period – paid $3.1 million into an account where Hunter Biden was getting paid."

On Wednesday we reported that Biden #bragged last year to an audience of foreign policy experts how he threatened to hurl Ukraine into #bankruptcy if their top prosecutor, General #Viktor #Shokin, wasn't immediately fired, according to The Hill's John Solomon. Shokin was investigating #Burisma.
Quick! somebody call #mueller!

Not only is he #creepyJoe, his son is.... #SleezyBiden #hunter #ukraine


Mueller staff say Barr's summary was relativising in favour of Trump

Some of the investigators believe Barr should have included more information and details from the 400-page report in the summary released at the end of last month.
Does it actually matter? I mean, once the report is disclosed to both the public and Congress, we will all see what the report really says. No-one actually believed that Barr said the whole truth about what can be found in the report, you could even tell by the comparison to more than 400 pages altogether and a four-pages summary. Every book of half the length required more than four pages to properly summarise the content. Barr's defense of Trump was weak, barely exonerating.
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When will Trump critics admit they're wrong? When the report was disclosed

Does such an ineffective stunt not play sweetly into the man’s manipulative hands? How does this help media in their ongoing death struggle for influence, relevance and financial stability in a turbulent era of change? Or the country, for that matter?
This quote, combined with the previous sentence of more then 300 newspapers simultaneously publishing columns and what-not critical of Trump were all prepared, so that they would all come at once. But this simply did not happen, or at least, it is unknown to the public whether there were any conspiratorial meetings that took place and led to this strange coincidence. Sometimes, you are unable to write something positive of a man becaues there is nothing positive left about him, or on him. Trump didn't do himself a favour when he constantly behaved like a five-year old with a temper tantrum, attacking not only the free press but also the opposition. Shortly after the Mueller report was handed over to Mr. Barr, he almo... show more


The Rights and Wrongs of subpoenaing for the full Mueller Report

Congressional Democrats are right to demand the full report – but they are wrong to ask the attorney general to violate the law. Instead, they should learn from the lessons of Watergate and the example of Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski and House Judiciary Chair Peter Rodino. They should demand the full report but only for their own use. They should use it as a road map for their own investigation. And they should not wait.

Per Haldeman, all Chairman Nadler needs is a subpoena. He should not wait. He should get his hands on the report and all the underlying evidence — as his predecessor Rodino did — and start his investigative work. And he needs to do so now, in anticipation of a court battle.

Congressional Democrats should accept this imperfect result. There are good reasons why grand jury proceedings and intelligence activities are generally shielded from full public view — to promote candor, stealth and speed, and to protect both the inn
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Head of House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler (D - NYC) permits subpoena for Mueller Report

The House Judiciary Committee will also vote to authorize subpoenas for five former White House staffers — Don McGahn, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus and Ann Donaldson — whom Nadler says may have received documents from the White House relevant to the special counsel's probe and the committee's investigation that would waive executive privilege.

"We require the report, first, because Congress, not the attorney general, has a duty under the Constitution to determine whether wrongdoing has occurred. The special counsel declined to make a 'traditional prosecutorial judgment' on the question of obstruction, but it is not the attorney general's job to step in and substitute his judgment for the special counsel's."

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Eternally acting Chief Of Staff Mick Mulvaney claims that Mueller meant to tell AG Barr to rule on Trump's obstruction of justice

“What you saw here is simply Mueller saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to let Barr call this one,’” Mulvaney said, discussing the final report on Mueller’s 22-month probe with host Jonathan Karl on ABC’s “This Week.”

“When you do an investigation like this, there’s typically two outcomes — either criminal indictments come down or it just quietly goes away. These types of investigations are not designed to exonerate people.”
Trump really only hires people who overly simplify an actually complicated system, or who mess it all up so that an entire country has to feel ashamed of those who are paid much more than they should be, because they behave like mentally deranged simpleton who could be outsmarted by four-graders with a stable C-.
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Until there are consequences.. and you've just bean #Bill-Whittle'd
The #Trump #Mueller #Report

More of the same from the front

Not sure why the "liberal media" is going to great lengths to validate the disinfo campaign from the cons. Even by their BothSiderist standards, this is fairly egregious.

A man, hired by Spanky to essentially let him off no matter what, cranks out a 4-page report to summarize a 2 year investigation into a narrow area of Spanky's many, many, many crimes, and we are supposed to take his word?


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Two thirds of the US-American people want the full Mueller report to be released

Only about a third of Americans believe, from what they've seen or heard about the Mueller investigation so far, that President Drumpf is clear of any wrongdoing. But they are split on how far Democrats should go in investigating him going forward.

At the same time, 56 percent said Mueller conducted a fair investigation, and 51 percent said they were satisfied with it. That included 52 percent of independents who said they were satisfied with the investigation. It's one of the rare questions in the first two years of the Drumpf presidency in which a majority of independents sided with Republicans instead of Democrats on a subject.

In this poll, Drumpf's approval rating is 42 percent. That's up slightly (but within the margin of error) from January, when it was 39 percent and unchanged from December.

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#RussiaGate #VIPS: #Mueller’s Forensics-Free Findings – Consortiumnews
VIPS: Mueller’s Forensics-Free Findings