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Edison and his electric car, which drove 1000 (1600km) miles on one charge

Эдисон и его электромобиль, который проехал на одной зарядке 1000 миль (1600 километров)

This is the original edison battery guide of the 1920s
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Alexis Grigoropoulos, murdered by the police on December 6, 2008 in Athens, he was 15 years old.

Thoughts on him, his relatives and also his companion Nikos Romanos, imprisoned since 2013.

Today, December 6th. marks the tenth anniversary of the murder, by a police officer, in Exachia, Athens, of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos, a brutal sadistic action that lit the fires of some of the fiercest riots in Greece in recent years. I was in Athens at that time and remember the feeling of outrage and fierce red hot anger that ran through the streets for many weeks after the brutal pointless murder of a youth out on a Saturday evening, having a coffee with friends. It still hasn't subsided, ten years on and the feelings still run high, people find it difficult to forget the murder by a state minion, of an innocent youth, and so they should. His murder is still commemorated,
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Like it or not, Adobe Creative Cloud has a monopoly on our muscle memory

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Intel announces Cascade Lake Xeons: 48 cores and 12-channel memory per socket

And out today, some low-end Xeon E parts.
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- #Heavy #multitasking may #cramp your #memory

A new review summarizes a decade’s worth of research on the relationship between media multitasking and various domains of cognition, including working memory and attention.


Heavy multitaskers have reduced memory

People who frequently engage with multiple types of media at once performed worse on simple memory tasks, according to the last decade of research. However, it’s still too soon to determine cause and…
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Falling down the Stairs
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My parents added on to our house when I was a child. We expanded the house from a 1-story, three bedroom, and one bath house to a three story, two bed, and two bath home. The new part had an unfinished basement that was mostly play / junk space, a new living room more than twice the size of the old living room, and an upstairs master suite with a huge bedroom and a master bath.

The old part of the house remained mostly unchanged. The old living room became a dining room, the old master bedroom became my brother’s room (and later my room), though it wasn’t really any bigger. But there was a hall that ran from the main floor bathroom, down the length of the house, and into the livin... mehr anzeigen


Memory Allocators 101 – Write a simple memory allocator from scratch

Code related to this article: This article is about writing a simple memory allocator in C. We will implement malloc(), calloc(), realloc() and free(). This is a…
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