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A Measles Case Hits Google's Silicon Valley Headquarters

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I hope they neuter this sad excuse for a mayor:

measles vaccination order will face legal challenge
Children’s Health Defense ( #CHD ) is supporting a #legal challenge to this #dangerous, #unprecedented #overreach. While the City has unquestionable authority to control #disease outbreaks, it may not violate the bedrock principle of prior, #free and #
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It's ok for a mother to decide kill her baby after it is born, but it's not ok to decide not to vaccinate her baby.

The mayor can shut down rabbinical schools that he doesn't own for not vaccinating, but he won't shut down public schools with lead poisoning that he does own?
Still no answer for how unvaccinated people pose a threat to vaccinated people. Two (even "two" is debatable...) people have died this century from measles in the U.S., but the vaccine has killed 127 people in the same time period. You're 63 times as likely to die from the vaccine as you are the disease. Surviving measles grants proven lifelong #immunity, whereas the vaccine only grants questionable "immunity" against "certain strains" for an "unknown" time period, yet measles parties are ridiculed as dangerous?

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Measles cases surge amid rise of the anti-vaccination movement

The surge has been fueled in part by the anti-vaccination movement – most people who contract measles have not been vaccinated, the CDC said. If one person has the disease, up to 90% of the people close to that person will become infected if they are not immune, the CDC warned.

"The numbers serve as a kick in the butt that says, hey, we probably should start paying attention to vaccination again," he told USA TODAY. "One of the most challenging aspects of public health is balancing between individual liberty, for people who don't want the vaccine for whatever reason, and what is best for everyone."

"The religious communities that I've spoken to in no way prevent people from getting vaccinated," New York state Sen. David Carlucci said. "This (bill) would take any of that misconception out of the puzzle."

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Measles and Polio Reunite to Tour America
PORTLAND, Ore. — Legendary childhood diseases Measles and Polio will co-headline an upcoming U.S. tour, thanks entirely to the countless parents who absolutely refuse to vaccinate their young children, the CDC confirmed today in a press release.
“We simply couldn’t wait to get them back on the road together,” said Clarence Tebb, the great-great-grandson of William Tebb, the infamously heedless madman who founded the Anti-Vaccination Society of America. “The children who witness this historic reunion will be literally paralyzed with emotion!”
Negligent parents across the United States are delighted to be able to give their children the crippling and entirely preventable experience of a lifetime...


New York county declares measles outbreak emergency

Unvaccinated children are barred from public spaces after 153 cases in Rockland County, New York.
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DON’T Get Measles Shots – Only Jews Get This Disease!


Okay so now we know why the #government is trying to #force #vaccines down your throat and all these #social-media companies are #cockblocking all of this #anti-vax #content – because only the #

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Measles outbreak in NYC from one unvaccinated kid shows just how far the disease can spread
Oregon Parents Refuse Further Vaccination After Their Child Nearly Dies From Tetanus

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Tensions are high regarding vaccines lately.

Due to a #measles #outbreak in the United States, frightened people are pushing an #agenda to take an important #medical decision out of the hands of parents. They’re calling for federally mandated #vaccines. They’re calling for the shaming of #parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their #children.

The #hysteria is running high, fueled by f... show more

Measles: The New Red Scare.... **
**While human instinct is exceptional in evaluating and reacting to a natural personal risk, as in facing a predator, humans are terrible at assessing modern risks. According to Psychology Today1 this is because our ancestors were programmed to quickly react and respond to a situation before it is even consciously perceived.

Our reactions aren't based in logic and statistics, but in lightning fast primitive responses. Threats such as venomous spiders and snakes2 cause an out-of-proportion fear compared with the more likely threat of being killed in a car crash.3 The low risk of a being killed in a shark attack4 evokes more terror than the much greater chance of dying from a prescription drug.5 (Spider and snake bites kill approximately 13 people a year and shark attacks kill 1 person every 2 years in the United States; there were 32,719 deaths in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 a... show more

#Measles #Vaccination #Vaccines #Hysteria A GP who believes patient education is key on a one on one basis. Common sensical.

#Vaccinations #Vaccines How to fix the #Measles Mess

"Folks, we don’t live in Nazi Germany where medical procedures were done without consent." -#Bernstein

Remember the current #measles #vaccine suffers up to 10% primary vaccine failure and is unable to confer lifelong #immunity!!/

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Note to The Powers-That-Be: Measles is NOT Ebola!

"Folks, we don’t live in #Nazi #Germany where medical procedures were done without consent." -#Brownstein

Besides the current #measles #vaccine suffers up to 10% primary vaccine failure and isn't able to confer lifelong #immunity!

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Measles Outbreak,Fake News and Mass Hysteria.... **
**Darla Shine,Wife of a Trump Administration Official,found herself labeled as “anti-vaccination” in the center of a media storm this week after she made a few comments on social media about “bringing back childhood diseases” like measles,.

Virtually every major news outlet ran vicious anti-Darla Shine “hit-piece” articles which defamed her character, her husband’s character, and offered opposing “Pro-Vaccination Material” for the discerning consumer.
Search Engine Results Couldn’t Be Rigged,Could They?
In addition,Google search engine results have obviously been manipulated to preferentially show pro-vaccination search results when entering key words such as “Darla Shine” and “measles”.Welcome to the new world of internet censorship.Next you might ask: will You-Tube and Facebook block users who question vaccine safety?If vaccines are so safe and effective,why did Con... show more


Child to anti-vaxxers wishes to testify before Congress

I’m happy to share that I’ll be testifying at a hearing for the committee of health, education labor, and pensions about the importance of vaccinations! Check out "Her response was simply 'that's what they want you to think,' " Lindenberger said. "I was just blown away that you know, the largest health organization in the entire world would be written off with a kind of conspiracy theory-like statement like that." the video here!

In a previous interview, the teen told NPR News of his mother's reaction to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention countering misinformation on vaccines.

Imagine it: In the US, an actually quite developed nation of the first world, there was a measles outbreak. An epidemic that was caused by preventable illnesses. Just because there are conspiracy theories floating around in the world wide web, that tells na... show more


World Health Organization promoting vaccines amid global surge in measles


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World Health Organization promoting vaccines amid global surge in measles


Measles outbreak addressed on Capitol Hill


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Measles outbreak addressed on Capitol Hill


Because now is the PERFECT time to expand vaccine exemptions

Bild/FotoIn apparent reaction to the measles epidemic going on in the Pacific Northwest — caused, it seems, by enough kids being opted out of measles vaccines that herd immunity has been compromised — the bold GOP leadership of the state of Arizona is acting courageously and forthrightly on the matter: by expanding opt-out exemptions for vaccines.
Disregarding warnings by public health officials, a
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NVIC’s “No Forced Vaccination” Message Back Up in Times Square As Americans Fight for Human Rights....
There have been 101 cases of measles that have been reported in 10 states since the beginning of 2019, hardly a public health emergency in a U.S. population of more than 320 million people where 94 percent of school children have received two doses of MMR vaccine and only two percent of children have a vaccine exemption for any reason.In what looks like a repeat of the “measles in Disneyland” media feeding frenzy that stampeded California state legislators into eliminating the personal belief vaccine exemption in 2015, the tiny minority of parents who have made a conscious choice not to give their children every one of the dozens of doses of federally recommended and state mandated vaccines are being once again relentlessly stereotyped, demonized and bullied.

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Measles epidemic leaves 70 people dead on the Philippines

A total of 4 302 cases of measles have been reported throughout the country, it added.

"Of the total deaths, ages ranged from one month to 31 years old," the department said. "Notably, 79% of those who died had no history of vaccination."

79 percent. This is roughly more than three quarters of all deaths. Let that sink in, please.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque has blamed the increase on low vaccination rates among children due to a scare triggered by a controversial programme to immunise children against dengue in 2017.

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Teen Gets Vaccines During Measles Outbreak, Despite Mom's Belief

Ethan Lindenberger had never received vaccines for diseases like polio or measles because his mom is anti-vaccine. Now he's 18, he's finally getting his shots.
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The Washington State Measles Outbreak

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