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Die Verfolgung von Christen nimmt weltweit zu, genauso wie der politische Missbrauch von Religion. Nach den Anschlägen in Sri Lanka warnen Experten davor, einen Krieg zwischen den Weltregionen auszurufen. #Christenverfolgung #SriLanka #Religionsfreiheit #Islamismus #Anschlag #Terror #Christen #Islam #InterreligiöserDialog #Weltreligionen


Deutschland hängt in Sachen Säkularität hinterher

Erst mit der Weimarer Verfassung wurde aus Deutschland ein säkularer Staat - allerdings kein laizistischer. Die Autoren der Verfassung fanden einen Kompromiss: Es sollte zwar keine Staatskirchen mehr geben, gleichzeitig wurden aber Kooperationsmöglichkeiten zwischen dem Staat und den Kirchen eröffnet. Ganz so strikt verläuft die Trennung zwischen Staat und Kirchen also nicht.

Eigentlich ist die Kirche allgegenwärtig. Doch seit Bestehen der Bundesrepublik hat sich das christliche Selbstverständnis des Landes gewandelt. 28 Prozent der Deutschen sind Katholiken, 26 Prozent sind Protestanten. Das sind fast 45 Millionen Menschen. Dennoch sinken die Mitgliederzahlen, vielerorts sind Kirchen nur noch an Weihnachten und Ostern gut besucht.
Und was ist mit dem Buß- und Bettag, dem Erntedankfest? Meines Erachtens sind die Kirchen auch zu diesen Tagen relativ gut besucht.
In Gerichten dürfen Kreuze hängen, aber wen
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Dire qu’il existe un antijudaïsme islamique est une affirmation du même genre que celle de parler d’un antijudaïsme chrétien,3020
Par Roland Laffitte

Chercheur indépendant et essayiste, secrétaire de la Société d’études linguistiques et étymologiques françaises et arabes (Selefa) qui mène notamment un travail sur « Les mots de l’Islam ». Il est par ailleurs l’auteur de plusieurs ouvrages sur les rapports entre l’Europe et le monde arabe, dont La ronde des libérateurs, de Bonaparte à Hollande, Alfabarre, 2013, et Où en sommes-nous de l’Empire (ouvrage collectif), Alfabarre, 2014.
Dire qu’il existe un antijudaïsme islamique est une affirmation du même genre que celle de parler d’un antijudaïsme chrétien. Sur le plan théologique
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The kingdom of Brunei demands tolerance and understanding for death sentence for homosexuality

In a letter to Members of the European Parliament (MEP) dated April 15, the kingdom's mission to the EU wrote Brunei enforced its own legislation in the interest of preserving its traditional, religious and cultural values, and that there was "no one standard that fits all".
Death sentences based on somone's crime to be homosexual has got nothing to do with religions, but is only a means of oppressing minorities. Just because people used to believe that it was a misdemeanour to fall in love with the same sex doesn't mean we need to maintain this belief in the new age and even punish it as a capital crime. There's a difference between the knowledge of humans in the middle ages from today's knowledge in anatomy, medicine and the such. Even religions should be able to move forward in acknowledging proven facts.
The MPs also called on the EU to consider asset freezes and visa bans on the South-East Asian nation, and to blacklist n
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Dschadidismus: Muslimische Reformbewegungen des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts

Gelegentlich trifft man ja auf Leute, die meinen, der Islam sei unreformierbar und in archaischen Strukturen verankert. Dabei gab es mit dem Dschadidismus bereits im späten 19. Jahrhundert eine starke muslimische Modernisierungsbewegung im (damals russischen) Zentralasien, die in vielerlei Hinsicht dem christlichen Pietismus ähnelten. Es gab einen starken Anspruch an die Bildung und Aufklärung des Einzelnen, verbunden mit wissenschaftlicher Forschung, insbesondere im Ingenieurwesen und den Literaturwissenschaften. Bildung wurde auch für Frauen und Unterschichten als erstrebenswert angesehen, entgegen den früheren ständischen Denken. Wie so viele Reformbewegungen wurde auch der Dschadidismus in der sowjet-kommunistischen Revolution zermalmt, aber seit 1980 steigt das Interesse wieder.

K. Hitchins, “JADIDISM,” Encyclopaedia Iranica, XIV/4, pp. 339-346, available online at (accessed on 30 December 2012).

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@DirkSpaniel Dr. Dirk Spaniel
Dr. Dirk Spaniel on Twitter #Toleranz-Apostel #Islam #Deutschland #Europa #Christentums #Aufklärung #AfD #AfDwählen #Europawahl”

@DirkSpaniel Dr. Dirk Spaniel
Dr. Dirk Spaniel on Twitter #Bessermenschen+ #Toleranz-Apostel #Islam #Deutschland #Europa #Christentums #Aufklärung #AfD #AfDwählen #Europawahl”

Nach den Selbstmordanschlägen in Sri Lanka mit mindestens 290 Toten beklagen Politiker von CDU, FDP und Grünen die gewachsene Bedrohung christlicher Minderheiten in vielen Staaten. #Christen #Christenverfolgung #Union #CDU #FDP #Grüne #Islam #Islamismus


Netanyahu about to go rogue in Jerusalem? All the signs are there

Mick Dumper

Flushed with election success and politically tooled-up with Trump’s support, he now has the holy Islamic sites in his sights.

Is Israel lining up its ducks for another dramatic #unilateral action in Jerusalem? The portents are there in the recent Israeli election
campaign, a campaign that returned Benjamin Netanyahu to power with a small but even more nationalist coalition majority.

Emboldened by Donald Trump’s decision in 2017 to recognise Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, both at the expense of Palestinian claims to a capital in the eastern parts of the city and in #contravention of scores of #UN #resolutions, Netanyahu made campaign pr... show more

Die Zeit ist reif für Rabbiner und Imame in der Bundeswehr. Bis Ende des Jahres will Verteidigungsministerin Ursua von der Leyen die Seelsorge für deutsche Soldaten ausweiten. Einige Rechtsfragen sind noch offen. #Bundeswehr #Islam #Judentum #Imame #Rabbiner #UrsulavonderLeyen


Sanctions for interactions with Revolutionary Guards lowered in certain cases

The exceptions to U.S. sanctions would also permit foreign executives who do business in Iran, where the IRGC is a major economic force, as well as humanitarian groups working in regions such as northern Syria, Iraq and Yemen, to do so without fear they will automatically trigger U.S. laws on dealing with a foreign terrorist group.

The State Department’s Near Eastern and South and Central Asian bureaus, wrote a rare joint memo to Pompeo before the designation expressing concerns about its potential impact, but were overruled, two U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity.

Pompeo’s carve-outs appear designed to limit the potential liability for foreign governments, companies and NGOs, while leaving open the possibility that individuals within those groups could be punished for helping the IRGC.
Thus, you have to either belong to an NGO or to a company to interact legally with the Revolutionary Guards. Otherwise, when you... show more


Social media blocked and curfew raised shortly after terrorist attack

The block on social media including Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram services was announced by the government’s official news portal, which cited the spread of “false news reports” online. The NetBlocks observatory said it detected an intentional blackout of the popular platforms as well as YouTube, Snapchat and Viber. Twitter appeared unaffected.
That's the problem when the concerns can't handle their problems on their own - states have to maintain security but barely have a chance to control the companies who are most likely to lower the bar. Then, governments have to close their service down. Should teach Facebook and its likes a lesson.
Facebook is increasingly in the crosshairs of regulators, rights groups and the public as it tries to balance what CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called “giving people a voice” and demands for censorship of hate speech and other harmful content posted on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
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Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber:
“Anyone Who Disagrees With Muslims Should be Killed”

#CULT #ISLAM #evil
Alleged Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber: “Anyone Who Disagrees With Muslims Should be Killed”

Die 19-Jährige war auf Geheiß ihres Schulleiters in Brand gesteckt worden. Sie hatte ihm sexuelle Belästigung vorgeworfen und bei der Polizei angezeigt. Ihr Fall löste landesweit Protest aus. #Bangladesch #NusratJahanRafi #Verbrennung #Islam #sexuelleBelästigung

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#religionofpeace #replacement-migration #Islam #politics #terrorism #CIA #Kabala #Khazar-Mafia

List of Killings in the Name of Islam: Last 30 Days

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2019.04.18 DRC Bovata 3 5 ISIS claims an attack in whi... show more

Abraham - Stammvater und Gottsucher #Freitagsforum #Islam #Koran #Bibel #Thora #Abraham #InterreligiöserDialog #Trialog #Karl-JosefKuschel #Religion


Trump is ‘Saudi Arabia’s servant’ as he refused to end US support of Yemen war – Tulsi Gabbard — RT USA News

By vetoing the bill dubbed the War Powers Act, Trump again “proves he’s the servant of Saudi Arabia – the theocratic dictatorship spending billions spreading the most extreme and intolerant form of Islam around the world, supporting al-Qaeda & other jihadists, and waging genocidal war in Yemen with US help,” Gabbard said in an emotional tweet.

...Trump, who said it [War Powers Act] was an “unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members.”
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Bei der Präsidentschaftswahl in Indonesien zeichnet sich ein klarer Sieg von Amtsinhaber Joko Widodo ab. Die Wahl wurde durch die zunehmende Islamisierung des Landes geprägt. #Indonesien #Wahl #JokoWidodo #PrabowoSubianto #Islam #Fundamentalismus #Präsidentenwahl #Präsidentschaftswahl

Indonesien: 18.000 Inseln, 193 Millionen Wähler - und abgestimmt wird per Nagel #Politik #Ausland #Indonesien #Islam #Aceh

@DonFPJustice Justice for all.
Justice for all. on Twitter #Antifa #Islam #Europa #Europawahl


Bouteflika's legacy - an expensive, yet unfinished mosque

The majestic white building, known locally as the Djamaa El-Djazair, sprawls across 20 hectares, and its silhouette can be seen from across the capital region.

The initial cost estimate of $1.3-billion has long been overrun and the construction, launched by a Chinese company in 2012, is more than three years behind schedule.
This quote confuses me - so, a Chinese company started to build it in 2012 after request, but it is still unfinished today. Why? In the article, they spoke about a great oil wealth that made it possible for the president to commence the building, but why didn't the Chinese finish yet? Is it so arduous to build it? I would understand, since we are speaking about a large area this mosque expands upon, but they don't mention it.
“There are mosques every 500 meters in this country, we didn’t need that,” said an exasperated 68-year-old Zhora.
Clear to see there was no reason, nor a need to build it. It's j... show more


Backlash after Ilhan Omar-9/11 reference grows

The video Drumpf retweeted on Friday pulls a snippet of Omar's recent speech to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in which she described the 2001 attack on New York's World Trade Center as "some people did something" and includes news footage of the hijacked planes hitting the Twin Towers.
Remember: This is like sending Trump death threats after he failed to fully punish the attacker at the Unite The Right rallye. It didn't happen. Why? Because left-wingers follow by a codex of minimum decency. The right fails to grow this certain amount of decency. Therefore, Ms. Omar's life is threatened by now.
The Muslim politician also tweeted a quote from former President George W Bush, who said days after the attacks: "The people - and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!"
"Was Bush downplaying the terrorist attack?" Omar tweeted. "What if he was a Muslim."
They knocked them down. You couldn't find a more misplaced e... show more

Thousands of worshippers in Pakistan's Jhang city pay tribute to 50 victims of New Zealand's double mosque attack. #Asia #Pakistan #NewZealand #NewZealandattack #Islam


On what is going to affect India's general election's outcome

Hindus comprise about 80% of India’s 1.3 billion people, so the BJP is invoking its Hindu nationalist roots, with Modi at the forefront against the threat of Pakistan, India’s Muslim-majority archrival.

Voting will take place in seven phases over six weeks beginning Thursday. Nearly 900 million people, including 15.9 million first-time voters, are eligible to cast ballots in the world’s largest democratic exercise. Around a million polling stations will be set up, and voters will choose 543 members of the Lower House of Parliament.

But anti-Muslim sentiment in India has become more common and more violent since the BJP came to power in 2014. At least three dozen Muslims have been lynched by self-styled Hindu vigilante groups or mobs on suspicion of illegally moving cows, sacred to Hindus, or eating beef, according to Human Rights Watch.

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In einer Woche wird in Indonesien ein neuer Präsident gewählt. Der Wahlkampf ist vom Thema zunehmender Islamisierung dominiert. Ob das die Demokratie gefährdet, bewerten Experten unterschiedlich. #Indonesien #Präsident #Jokowi #Wahlkampf #Islam #Scharia

Maryam Pougetoux reflects on 'wave of racist hatred' unleashed by her wearing of headscarf on TV a year ago. #France #Europe #Islam #Racism

Mehr Imame mit deutschem Diplom, weniger Imame aus dem Ausland. Berlin will Ankaras Einfluss auf Moschee-Vereine zurückdrängen und das Aufenthaltsrecht verschärfen. Machen deutsch-muslimische Gemeinden da mit? #Imame #Religion #Islam #Muslime #Ausbildung #DITIB #Integration