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Rep. Bruce Westerman (R - AR) intends to bar possibility of charging minors

Westerman introduced today a legislative package that seeks to spare juveniles from the excesses of the tough-on-crime policies to which both major parties have adhered for decades.

The other two pieces of legislation that Westerman introduced on Thursday afternoon lack the obvious advantages of Sara’s Act, which is a narrow bill designed to help sex-trafficked minors, an exceedingly sympathetic group. The rest of the package is broader and likely to be more controversial on both sides of the aisle. One bill would ensure that Americans can’t be sentenced for life without parole for crimes committed before their 18th birthdays. Another would require that parole boards consider the “diminished culpability” of minors relative to adults when determining an offender’s release date.

“These bills are aimed at making sure there is justice and fairness in the system, and it will affect people of all races. It’s not specif
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Native inmates won lawsuit to grow their hair long due to spiritual beliefs

The trio of long-time prisoners at the McConnell Unit sued the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in federal court, arguing that their Native American spiritual beliefs regard hair as an extension of the soul, something to be cut only when in mourning. The prison system’s rules requiring men to keep short hair or face disciplinary consequences, the inmates and their attorneys argued, were an unfair violation of religious freedom.

Even though female prisoners are allowed to have long hair, attorneys for the state claimed that letting men do the same would cost too much money to police, that prisoners would get too hot in uncooled facilities, that it would make identifying inmates harder and that it could increase the number of inmate suicides.

I don't get the last argument. Do they beleive that they could use their hair as a noose, to strangle themselves to death? Or how do they explain this argument?

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Infamous Brooklyn prison restored electricity

While the prison's statement said that "staff are working to restore the facility to normal operations," New York governor Andrew Cuomo has asked for the Department of Justice to investigate the prison and the circumstances leading up to the power outage.

I hope for this facility that it was not due to public failure. Because so far, what I have heard is that the privately owned prisons provide higher standards than the public ones do. Of course this is due to the fact that taxpayers' money has to be utilised rationally, and not wasted big-time so that there are hardly any saves for bad times, but on the other hand, it should be clear to see that the money was spent for good, and not for nothing.

The trouble began on Jan. 27 when an electrical panel caught fire at the prison, cutting off power to part of the facility. According to facilities workers, the prison then shifted to emergency power rather than generator power as the generator switch had melted in the fire.

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#Brooklyn inmates freeze to death during polar vortex in richest country on earth

The commissary, where they can buy additional warm clothing and snacks, has also been closed down, due to the limited electricity.

Former supervising paralegal Rachel Gregory told Quartz that colleagues report accounts of “people sitting in darkness and in freezing temperatures all day long,” with the jail on temporary lockdown, or served cans of sardines rather than ordinary meals.

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