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Show HN: I Built Darwin Mail as a Google Inbox Replacement

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Posted by DarwinMailApp (karma: 96)
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Noch läuft die #Inbox im Browser. Die App hat den Dienst eingestellt. Vlt. nervt ja auch einige Google selbst die Einstellung ;)


Simplify Gmail: Bringing the Simplicity of Google Inbox to Gmail

Click to compare Simplify was made by me, Michael Leggett, with some help from friends. I was Gmail's lead designer from 2008 to 2012 and co-founded Google Inbox. I've been writing Chrome extensions…
Article word count: 186

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Posted by gmcabrita (karma: 1311)
Post stats: Points: 147 - Comments: 49 - 2019-04-02T21:15:32Z

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The best Google Inbox (Inbox by Gmail) alternatives for Android

The death of Inbox by Gmail is a particularly hard one to swallow for fans of Google’s alternative email service. It’s easy to understand the frustration, as Inbox offered a variety of unique features.

So what are your options if you’re coming from the shuttered email app? We’ve got you covered with a look at the best Google Inbox alternatives on Android.
#technology #email #inbox #google #gmail
The best Google Inbox alternatives for Android


To mark the death of Inbox, Spark is now available for Android

On this day, April 2, 2019, we say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail. While this is sad news, we have some good news. If you’re still searching for a new email client, Spark, a popular app on iOS and MacOS, is now available for Android.

Just like Inbox, Spark focuses on creating an email experience that’s smart about organizing your messages. The hope in sorting and prioritizing your emails is to reduce the amount of clutter and provide you with a distraction-free experience.
I can't tell from their webpage, or anywhere else, whether it features offline folders, and I suspect it doesn't. There also isn't a Windows version. But it's free and ad-free, with no in-app purchases required.

#technology #email #Spark #Inbox
To mark the death of Inbox, Spark is now available for Android

Google stellt Inbox am 2. April ein #E-Mail #Google #GoogleMail #Inbox

Android: Gmail bekommt neues Design und neue Funktionen #Gmail #Android #E-Mail #Inbox #Google #Internet