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«Them Dems would of been better of reading The Holy Fucking Bible», insists actor and laughing matter Chuck Norris

Before the president and other conservative lawmakers even convened to discuss Justice Kennedy’s possible replacements, liberals and progressives whined and cried injustice as they predicted the certain overturn of Roe v. Wade and the demise of modern left shifts in social equality.

Some Dems have committed to fight like hell to defer any Supreme Court appointment until after the November elections. But in doing so they overlook that one-third of all U.S. presidents nominated a Supreme Court justice in an election year.

My friend and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was right this past week on Fox News when he quipped that even if Drumpf nominated Moses, one of the chief lawgivers and “judges” this world has ever seen, Dems would still oppose him. They won’t be unhappy no matter who Drumpf nominates.
This is too funny to be true. :'D
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On the search for heavenly bread raining from the sky

Many have mined biblical verses for clues about the Old Testament substance. Adding to the puzzle are the other descriptions of the food in the Bible: on hot days, manna melted in the sun. If not gathered quickly enough, it rotted and bred worms. In Exodus, it’s referred to as “like coriander seed, white,” with a taste “like wafers made with honey.” Numbers, on the other hand, likens the flavor to “fresh oil” and describes how the Israelites “ground it in mills, or beat it in a mortar, and baked it in pans, and made cakes of it.”

To look for historical as well as scientific foundation in such fantastic encounters must be an arduous endeavour.

ccording to the Jewish mystical treatise known as the Zohar, the consumption of manna imparted sacred knowledge of the divine. Another Jewish text, The Book of Wisdom, even claims that the flavor of manna magically changed according to the tastes of the person who ate it.

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On Trump's bible signing session

The local meteorologists from Montgomery started warning the area just east of where I live to take shelter immediately. As the storms battered our region we heard the tornado sirens, made phone calls, checked on loved ones and neighbors, and made sure people were okay.

Drumpf is just a man. Why would people give him their Bibles? Why would he sign them? It isn’t his place; it’s near sacrilegious.

First of all, Trump is not just a man - he is the fucking president of the fucking United States. He may not be everyone's president, but he has the official position, nevertheless. Also, he has a strong back in the pious pseudo-Christians of the Southern states. To sign Bibles in a catastrophe-stricken region is seen as a believing president who is close to his people, and those who believe in God Almighty as well.

One, involves Jesus being asked about whether a tower falling on people and killing them was because of their sins in Luke 13:1-5. With great seriousness Jesus answers, “Or ... show more


#AOC quotes Bible to argue against Sanders' defiance of climate change-denying policies

(Shitty source, but still worth reading at least in terms of having something to smirk about)

"Genesis 1: God looked on the world & called it good not once, not twice, but seven times. Genesis 2: God commands all people to 'serve and protect' creation," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "Leviticus: God mandates that not only the people, but the land that sustains them, shall be respected."

I wasn't that surprised about the first phrases of the Genesis which everyone could cite, not verbatim, but at least in terms of transporting the sense of what is being written; the Leviticus was admirable, though. I mean, one would not technically investigate the Holy Fucking Bible just to find a counter-argument to hit back on a pseudo-Christian who was fine with destroying the planet as long as God Almighty would not intervene like the US in any proxy war of the 20th century and the early 21st century.

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