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Install GNOME Themes - Script To Install Over 40 Popular Gtk Themes

#Gnome #Gtk #Fedora #Ubuntu #Debian

The #GNOME design team wants your feedback for a potential visual refresh of the #GTK default theme: — if you have an application that ships custom CSS, testing is appreciated!

There is two things I really miss in #Linux, one is some quick and easy way to annotate #pictures, like the MS Windows #Paint, just so be able to mark something in a picture with a (red) square/circle/pointer and add some short text and save all as original file again.

The second is some really good #PDF software to also allow me to add comments, annotate, highlight, edit and so on.

There seems to be no real good alternative for PDF, but there must be one for the picture annotation thing.

I use #Xfce, so I would prefer anything #GTK based.