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Did the IDF (dleiberately) destroy Palestinian cultural institutions?

These photographs show the Said al-Mishal Centre (not the “National Cultural Center”) in Gaza that was destroyed during an air strike on 9 August 2018 at the end of a “round of escalation” between the militant group Hamas and the IDF. Here’s how the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center summed up the events that eventually led to the Centre’s destruction:

From the Information Centre's article:
On August 8 and 9, 2018, there was a fifth round of escalation between Hamas and the IDF. Hamas and the other terrorist organizations fired about 180 rockets and mortar shells at Israeli territory. The IDF responded with extensive attacks on Hamas’ infrastructure and assets. During and between the rounds of escalation (end of May to August 9, 2018), more than 610 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. At the same time, contacts have been held to reach an agreement between t
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Rashida Tlaib (D - MI) makes equivocal statement about Palestine's role in Holocaust

"There’s always kind of a calming feeling when I think of the tragedy of the Holocaust, that it was my ancestors – Palestinians – who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity and their existence, in many ways, has been wiped out… in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-Holocaust, post-tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that in many ways,” Tlaib said.

When asked about the two-state solution, Tlaib criticized Netanyahu and said she does not believe a two-state solution is currently possible because Netanyahu's doctrine prevents it. She added that the only way for a two-state solution to be possible today would be if Netanyahu "gets up tomorrow morning and decides: ‘I’m going to take down the walls, I’m not going to expand settlements, enough is enough.'"
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In defense of Israeli cyber space, IDF exploded Hamas building

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was announced early Monday morning, bringing an end to the recent round of fighting. The Israeli army lifted all restrictions for Israel’s south at 7:00 am, allowing schools to be opened as usual. 690 rockets were launched from Gaza to Israel in the 48 hours of fighting, and Israel responded by bombing 350 Islamic Jihad and Hamas targets. Some direct rocket strikes resulted in four dead and four wounded on the Israeli side. Palestinian authorities reported 23 dead, including two pregnant women and two infants.

Former chief of staff of the Israeli military Benny Gantz, the current leader of the centrist Blue and White party, said Israel’s military has lost its ability to deter Hamas from acting, criticizing the current government by calling the recent round a surrender to Hamas’ blackmail. Gantz himself has been heavily condemned by right-wing politicians during the recent election campaign for being too soft on Gaza and Hamas.
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Israeli National Union chairman Bezalel Smotrich calls for deliberate murder of 700 Gazans

“The battle with Gaza needed to end with seven hundred terrorists killed – one for every rocket fired at Israel, with heavy physical damage to Hamas, the kind that will take years for them to recover from so that it will be difficult for them to think of attacking again.”

Twenty-three Gazans were reported killed in Israeli retaliatory strikes, including nine people identified as terrorists from either Hamas or the Islamic Jihad organizations.

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US send out naval ships in order to defend their ally in the Middle East

"In response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings, the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the US Central Command region," Mr. Bolton said in a statement.

"The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces."
You brandmarked the IRGC a terrorist organisation, how aren't you about to march forward to war against Iran? This is typical warmongering at its finest, to deny it, on the other hand, is like calling your enemy dumb.
The statement did not specifically state why the deployment is taking place now, but it comes during a deadly escalation between Gaza-based Palestinian militants and Israel in which the two sides have traded a barrage of rocket fire and air strikes in recent days.

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Trump's son in law and senior adviser not going to talk about two-state-solution

Mr Kushner, speaking at a dinner of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said the Middle East peace proposal he has been putting together was close to release and that Israel and the Palestinians should wait to see it before making any unilateral moves.
How would you tell Israel not to annex any more settlements in the Middle East when your father-in-law is closely working together with one of the parties' prime minister? This is hardly feasible.
“What we will be able to put together is a solution that we believe is a good starting point for the political issues and then an outline for what can be done to help these people start living a better life,” Mr Kushner said.
Hollow phrases -nothing but hollow phrases...
Arab officials and analysts believe the plan is likely to be decidedly pro-Israel since the Drumpf administration has taken a tough line toward Palestinians, cutting off aid and ordering
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Palestinian Authority on the verge of collapsing financially

Israel is withholding about $14.8 million of the roughly $242.2 million a month in tax funds that it collects for the Palestinians, claiming that money was being used to support families of terrorists. The Palestinians, in protest, have refused to accept any of the tax transfers.
Damn... On the one hand, this is only going to worsen their miserable situation and therefore fueling hate and increasing attacks against its own country, but on the other hand, they are right, much of the money is also donated to families of martyrs, as they call them. It's a dilemma indeed...
She also urged the ad hoc liaison committee, which co-ordinates development aid to the Palestinians, to use its meeting Tuesday in Brussels to work with Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resolve the crisis.

Commissioner-general Pierre Krahenbuhl said donors funded the UN Relief and Works Agency's $1.6 billion budget for 2018 after the U.S. reduced its $484.4 million contribution in
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Today's important court rulings from TX and KS

1. Kansas: Pro-abortion ruling:

The court declared for the first time Friday that the Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights. It says the state's Bill of Rights grants a right to personal autonomy that gives a woman a right to end her pregnancy.
Is this going to become a precedent for other states to alter their ruling in favour of women? I hope so.
Abortion opponents want to revise the Kansas Constitution after a state Supreme Court ruling protecting abortion rights.
If the shoe doesn't fit, change your foot instead of looking for a different shoe of the same making. In this case, it should be: If the rule doesn't fit you, deal with it because it's none of your business, in no way. If you're not going to educate the child, pay for it or contribute to it's up-bringing, then don't get into the woman'... show more


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu plans to name Golan Heights settlement after Donald Trump

The naked appeal to Drumpf’s vanity — proposing to add his name to the map of the Middle East even as it disappears from apartment buildings in New York — came as Israeli officials expressed alarm that the American president had not yet done enough to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal.

“We have to get others to walk away because the deal is still alive,” Israel’s American-born ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, said last month at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference. The prospect of Drumpf’s successor rejoining the deal, he added, “is something that has to be seen as totally unacceptable.”

Sanders, who would be the first Jewish president of the United States, was asked by a young Jewish activist on Monday during a CNN town hall if his prior criticism of Netanyahu would damage relations with Israel should he be elected.

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Here is a BORING POST nobody will read although it is a fairly well documented snapshot of the situation

Here is a BORING POST nobody will read although it is a fairly well documented snapshot of the situation

On Israel and Palestine (and the «Deal of the Century»)

1. HRW director to be deported from Israel: TIME Magazine

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On Israel and Palestine (and the «Deal of the Century»)

1. HRW director to be deported from Israel: TIME Magazine

_The Jerusalem District Court rejected an appeal by Omar Shakir to remain in the country, saying that his activities against Israel’s West Bank settlements amount to a boycott of the country.__
So far, as I read in the Jerusalem Post in my RSS Feed, attacks against Palestinian villages were experienced recently; the attackers were West Bank settlers, and were even joined by police forces. Thus, how would protests against those illegal settlements cause a reason to deport someone? This is strange.
(Source: Jerusalem Post)
The court said that Shakir “continues his actions publicly to advance a boycott against Israel, but it’s not on the
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#GazaUnderAttack #FreePalestine

On empathy and other liberal zionist canards

by Yoav Litvin

"Zionism has been a modern white supremacist movement since its inception. Zionists coopted aspects of Judaism and Liberalism, repackaging them as appeals to identities and propaganda tools to bolster colonial expansion.

The state of Israel is built on the fallacy, enshrined in a Basic Law, that it is simultaneously Jewish and democratic. However, Israel is not a democratic state, as demonstrated by the long list of anti-Palestinian measures including the recent Jewish nation-state law. Nor is it a Jewish state, as exemplified by Israel's consistent targeting of anti-Zionist Jews and prejudice against Sephardi, Mizrahi and African Jews, as well as its ongoing collaboration with anti-Semitic forces which aim for global apartheid."


BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti rejected to step on US soil

"Barghouti was not provided an explanation for his denial of entry beyond 'immigration matter,' " the Arab American Institute, which had arranged the trip, said in a statement.
"It is disturbing that policymakers and the American people will not have the opportunity to hear from Omar directly about his views," Arab American Institute President James Zogby said, according to the news outlet.

He has a master’s degree from Columbia University and lived in the U.S. for a decade, and has had difficulties traveling between the U.S. and Israel, where he is a permanent resident, according to NPR, which added that those issues typically involve the Israeli government rather than Washington.

“Barghouti’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate must not be tolerated, empowered or embraced, and I applaud the Administration's denial of his entry to the United States," the Jewish lawmaker said in a statement.

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Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke (D - TX) rushes against Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him racist

"That relationship, if it is to be successful, must transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist, as he warns about Arabs coming to the polls, who wants to defy any prospect for peace as he threatens to annex the West Bank, and who has sided with a far-right, racist party in order to maintain his hold on power," O'Rourke said.

"We must be able to transcend his current leadership to make sure that that alliance is strong, that we continue to push for and settle for nothing less than a two-state solution, because that is the best opportunity for peace for the people of Israel and the people of Palestine," O'Rourke said. "It is the best opportunity for the full human rights of everyone who is living in that region."

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Columbia University professor compares Israel to ISIS

The “murderous thugs” of the jihadist group “conquered parts of Syria and declared a ‘caliphate,’” Dabashi wrote. “Their ISRAELI counterparts meanwhile conquered parts of Syria and declared it part of their Zionist settler colony.”
He added: “The only difference: ISIS does not have a platoon of clean shaven and well coiffured [sic]columnists at the New York Times propagating the cause of the terrorist outfit as the Zionists columnists do on a regular basis.”

The university chapter of Students Supporting Israel wrote in a statement Thursday: “This kind of utterly despicable and repugnant statement is not to be expected from a tenured faculty holder in an Ivy League institution.” Fox News and other media reported that the university did not immediately reply to queries on Dabashi.

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South Africa downgrades embassy to Israel, subsequent to op-ed by former ANC minister Ronnie Kasriels

First, the op-ed, published by The Guardian:

Israel’s repression of Palestinian citizens, African refugees and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza has become more brutal over time. Ethnic cleansing, land seizure, home demolition, military occupation, bombing of Gaza and international law violations led Archbishop Tutu to declare that the treatment of Palestinians reminded him of apartheid, only worse.

Last week, a public meeting in Vienna where I was scheduled to speak in support of Palestinian freedom, as part of the global Israeli Apartheid Week, was cancelled by the museum hosting the event – under pressure from Vienna’s city council, which opposes the international movement to divest from Israel.
The question is what their reasoning was, why... show more


The Palestinian checkpoint experience

Every day, over 80,000 Palestinians cross into Israel. Eighty-five percent of them are men who work in Israel. The rest come for medical, educational or other purposes.

But still I had questions: Are the crossings really mere security barriers, similar to airports where those with nefarious intentions are caught? Or, as some claim, are they places where Israeli soldiers humiliate the population whose movements they restrict?

I started photographing the people tentatively, afraid they would be hostile — or worse. I imagined them seeing me as the enemy. Perhaps they did. But once I became comfortable, I found the reactions to my presence ranging from none to mild interest, and even to smiles and posing. I felt no hostility aside from what I projected from my imagination.

These photos humanize the Palestinians in a way that Israelis don’t often see and force us to see a glimpse of the endless waiting that is their plight. There are few experiences more frustrating, a
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Palestinian militant group cooperated with Israeli secret service to return an IDF soldier's dead body

Based in Syria and headed by Ahmad Jibril, PFLP-GC is an offshoot of the PFLP and is violently opposed to any peace with the Jewish State. The group was involved in dozens of deadly attacks against IDF troops in southern Lebanon and Israeli civilians during the 1970s and 1980s.
Damn, I hate those counterproductive militant groups, they are standing in the way for a peace process. They remind me of the Tory party within the Brexit negotiations, just without the deadly attacks against the opposition.
IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis on Wednesday refused to say which country helped find Baumel’s remains, saying only that a “third-party” was involved. But on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country’s troops along with Syrian forces located Baumel’s body.

Jerusalem likely asked Moscow to have militants on the ground familiar with the rumors of where they were buried do t
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Ideas on how to solve the ISL-PAL conflict

__But when the book was published, my life changed. It provoked a stormy conversation. Right-wingers who saw me treating the left’s arguments with respect and admiration accused me of being a leftist; left-wingers who saw that I presented the strongest possible forms of the right’s positions angrily called me a right-winger in disguise. One of them was former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who wrote in Israel’s leading broadsheet that Catch-67 was “steeped in a right-wing agenda.” A book that sought to heal Israel’s most impolite disagreements ended up inflaming some rude arguments of its own._

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be shrunk, and it can be shrunk dramatically. Israelis could take eight practical steps right now that would maximize Palestinian freedom without compromising Israeli security. These steps won’t solve the conflict. They won’t help manage it. But they can shrink it.

The dominant narrative on the right is no longer about the sa
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Bill de Blasio challenges Councilmember Kalman Yeger on Palestine comment

First: A letter to him, published by Mondoweiss.

You speak about Israel providing Jewish safety. Standing up for Israeli apartheid, as you have repeatedly done, does not promote safety. Quite the contrary. Our notion of safety is a city and a world in which all people feel and are safe. Yes, that means safety through solidarity with one another. That means safety by opposing all forms of injustice, which very much includes the injustice of occupation and the denial of a people’s right to live freely in their homes and their land.

In all your remarks, your lack of recognition of the Nakba (catastrophe in Arabic) of 1948, which refers to the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and land during the creation of Israel, reveals a gross disregard for the rights and well-being of the Palestinian people. That is also true about your lack of recognition (and denial)
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Mahmoud Abbas claims that US allowed Israel to annex parts of West Bank

Speaking at the Arab League summit in Tunisia, "What is coming from the US is more dangerous and serious,” he said. “The US will tell Israel, annex part of the Palestinian lands and grant self-rule to what's left of the land, and give the Gaza Strip a state so that Hamas can play there.
“The US administration's decision is to destroy the Arab Peace Plan and constitutes a dramatic change from the positions of previous US administrations,” Abbas continued.

Former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk tweeted on Sunday, “So by recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan, Drumpf is helping [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] Bibi get re-elected, which will help the right-wing annex the West Bank, which will lead to pressure from his base to recognize that too, which will doom his peace plan and Israel.”
I guess that Trump's exact plan for peace is to erase the Palestinian people and let Israel devour all the... show more


Israeli PM chains links to the gulf kingdoms that hate his country so much

Still, over the years, pan-Arab solidarity and boycotts of the “Zionist entity” have largely faded away. The last Arab-Israeli war was in 1973. Israel’s peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan are unpopular, but have lasted decades. The 1993 Oslo agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) was an historic – if ultimately disappointing – achievement. And what is happening now with the Gulf states is a hugely important shift.
Still, it doesn't mean that the tensions sank into oblivion: The Hamas still fires rockets towards Israel (although most of them are being intercepted thanks to Israel's high-end, cutting-edge Iron Dome system), and the Arab monarchies still rush against the sole Jewish nation-state in the Middle East, despite Netanyahu's rapproachments towards diplomatic relations. At least one of those two major behaviours are a façade to cover the other.
Yet Netanyahu is seeking to norma
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On the AIPAC and Netanyahu

1. Haaretz:

Netanyahu, for one, certainly doesn’t need another AIPAC speech: He’s been making them for 35 years, since he became Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. But the lobby’s annual jamboree was a convenient pretext for him to fly to Washington and get the endorsement from Drumpf that he believes will help him in the election.

He called AIPAC a “great organization” and took a few digs (without specifically naming her) at freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has been at the center of controversy for attacking AIPAC using barely veiled anti-Semitic tropes. But you could see his heart wasn’t in it.

_ To remain viable over the coming years, AIPAC will need to retain the support it still has on the Democratic side and fight to regain that which it has lost from the party’s more progressive wing. A Drumpf-emb
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UN envoy to the Middle East warns of catastrophe in the Gaza strip

“I am concerned that we may once again be facing another very dangerous escalation of violence in Gaza with potentially catastrophic consequences,” Mladenov told a council meeting on the Middle East.

He spoke hours before Israel threatened to resume bombing raids and Gazan terrorists fired a rocket at Israel, marking a resumption of fighting after a day of calm.

“A new conflict will be devastating for the Palestinian people. It will have consequences for Israelis who live in the vicinity of the Gaza perimeter, and it is likely to have regional repercussions,” Mladenov warned.

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«Deutschland muss die Staatsräson für Israel endlich konsequent durchsetzen», finden Frank Müller-Rosentritt und Bijan Djir-Sarai (beide FDP)

Die Uno verabschiedet jedes Jahr mehr Resolutionen, die sich gegen Israel richten, als solche gegen alle anderen Staaten der Welt zusammen. Demnach wäre Israel der mit Abstand schlimmste Menschen- und Völkerrechtsverletzer der Welt. Eine Feststellung, deren Absurdität sich jedem politisch Interessierten sofort erschliesst, auch ohne die Jahresberichte von Organisationen wie Freedom House oder Amnesty International gelesen zu haben.

Bräuchte Israel demnach nicht auch eine Lobby innerhalb der UN, die sich damit für mehr Resolutionen gegen umliegende Theokratien wie den Iran einsetzt, beispielsweise, um die Reden des abgehenden Präsidenten Hassan Rouhani zu verurteieln? Nur so als Gedanke, läge ja irgendwie nahe.

Ganz im Gegenteil: 21 von 26 Resolutionen richteten sich gegen den Staat Israel, die einzige Demokratie im Nahen Osten.

Mit e... show more


Pro-israelische Anfrage der FDP fällt bei Bundestagsabstimmung durch

Vergangenes Jahr stimmte Deutschland dort 16 von insgesamt 21 Resolutionen zu, die sich gegen Israel richteten. Im gleichen Zeitraum wurden Länder mit miserabler Menschenrechtslage wie Syrien oder Nordkorea jeweils nur einmal verurteilt.

Ein Bürgerkriegsland wie Syrien zu verurteilen ist auch immer schwierig, schließlich wird es zugleich von einem Diktator regiert, der in russland obendrein eienn starken Verbündeten fehlt. Ich würde also die Assad-Regierung verurteilen, und nicht das Land, welches teils mit deutschen Waffen vernichtet wurde. So unmoralisch kann nicht mal die Budnesregierung Deutschlands sein.

Sie warfen der Partei vor, direkt nach der Debatte über den Antrag eine namentliche Abstimmung angesetzt zu haben. «Sie geben diesem Parlament keine Chance, ihn zu beraten, weil Sie Sofortabstimmung beantragen. Das ist der eigentliche Fehler Ihres Antrages», sagte der CDU-Abgeordnete Roderich Kiesewetter. Er und einige andere... show more


«Apply this country's virtues equally upon every nation in this world», by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D - MN)

I fled my home country of Somalia when I was 8 years old from a conflict that the United States later engaged in. I spent the next four years in a refugee camp in Kenya, where I experienced and witnessed unspeakable suffering from those who, like me, had lost everything because of war.

At a time when we spend more on our military than the next seven countries combined, our global armed presence is often the most immediate contact people in the developing world have with the United States. National security experts across the political spectrum agree that we don’t need nearly 800 military bases outside the United States to keep our country safe.

It must be hard for a true US-American to be citizen to a country that is more interested in either destroying or intervening in a country militarily, than taking care of its people's education. What kind of country is this? I don't know, and I guess that there is no Republican... show more


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D - MN) claims Israel to be historical homeland of Palestine

The Minnesota representative said that “without a state, the Palestinian people live in a state of permanent refugeehood and displacement. This, too, is a refugee crisis, and they, too, deserve freedom and dignity.”

“I support a two-state solution, with internationally recognized borders, which allows for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination,” she wrote. “This has been official bipartisan US policy across two decades and has been supported by each of the most recent Israeli and Palestinian leaders, as well as the consensus of the Israeli security establishment.”

“When I criticize certain Israeli government actions in Gaza or settlements in the West Bank, it is because I believe these actions not only threaten the possibility of peace in the region – they also threaten the United States’ own national security interests,” Omar said.
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Israel Just Bombed the Living Hell Out of Gaza

The #Jews just hit 100 targets in #Gaza.

This is the biggest #bombing in… I don’t know how long.

They #bomb all the time, but this is definitely a bigger than usual hit.

#Israeli #
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Israel responds with missile fire after one missile departs from Gaza to Tel Aviv

Four people were wounded in the strikes on Gaza. Israel's military said a headquarters of the militant group Hamas was among the targets.

Shortly after midnight, Israeli jets and helicopters attacked dozens of sites in Gaza belonging to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group, Hamas sources said.

Air raid sirens again rang out in Israeli towns close to Gaza overnight and on Friday morning. The IDF said nine more projectiles had been launched, six of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system.
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PA president Mahmoud Abbas declares Mohammad Shtayyeh new PM

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said Abbas received Shtayyeh, a member of the central committee of the president's Fatah party, at his office on Sunday and asked him to form a new government, according to Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Hamas, which will not be included, said the appointment reflected "Abbas's unilateralism and monopoly of power".

Polls show the most popular Palestinian leader is Marwan Barghouti, but he is serving five life sentences in an Israeli jail for allegedly organising and authorising a series of killings of Israelis.
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On the Ilhan Omar case and Israel support in Congress

1. CNN:

The resolution came after Omar criticized politicians by using anti-Semitic tropes, prompting condemnation from several Jewish Democratic lawmakers and an apology from Omar last month.

-What about bigotry from Republicans, including President Donald Drumpf? And why were Democrats so focused on a woman of color, one of just two Muslims in Congress? Could the added scrutiny even put Omar in danger?_

"This is not a productive use of our time," a senior aide to a moderate House Democrat told CNN. "We need to change the subject and get back to the things we promised to do, which is infrastructure, health care, jobs."

2. (Op--Ed by Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Sweet Home Chicago)


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On the Israeli Blue & White Party

1. i24News:

According to Israel’s Channel 13 television news, the platform will also include a willingness to enter negotiations with the Palestinians while maintaining strong support for a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, continued Israeli control over the Jordan Valley as well as the retention of Jewish settlement blocs in the West Bank.

_While Lapid’s Yesh Atid party has a full booklet laying out its stances on the foremost issues facing Israel as country, Gantz’ Israel Resilience party has appeared to keep almost all of its public statements regarding major policy issues purposefully vague.__

“The question is simple: Bibi or Tibi. That’s what the election is about,” the Likud party statement said, claiming Israelis must choose between Netanyahu (referred to by his widely-used
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Phony opinion article about Israel

(Prepare for the worst, or at least for the most obvious things you are going to read in such some articles in such some sources)

The Israelis have been obfuscating and denying mass murder allegations since the ethnic cleansing and destruction of at least 400 Palestinian towns and villages during the “war of independence” between 1946 and 1949.

Ironically, rather than being punished for their crimes, the perpetrators have been lionised by Israeli Jews. Men and women branded as “terrorists” in the 1940s have gone on to serve as Israeli Prime Ministers and senior officials.

Palestinians need to remind the world of Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity, and counter the intense anti-Palestinian bias in the Israeli media and their Western counterparts. Such media bias allows Israel to brush aside its responsibilities, citing “self-defence” and “retaliation” against Palestinian infringements. Israel’s narrative that all leg... show more


On the alliance between India and Israel

For months, Israel has been assiduously lining itself up alongside India’s nationalist BJP government in an unspoken – and politically dangerous – “anti-Islamist” coalition, an unofficial, unacknowledged alliance, while India itself has now become the largest weapons market for the Israeli arms trade.

But there was nothing unreal about the savage ambush of Indian troops in Kashmir on 14 February which the JeM claimed, and which left 40 Indian soldiers dead. Nor the shooting down of at least one Indian jet this week.

Israel itself is trying to explain away its continued sales of tanks, weapons and boats to the Myanmar military dictatorship – while western nations impose sanctions on the government which has attempted to destroy its minority and largely Muslim Rohingya people. But Israel’s arms trade with India is legal, above-board and much advertised by both sides.
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UN accuses Israel of systematic human rights violations

(And no, war is not a viable reason to intentionally and systematically violate human rights. The law of war exists for purpose, and those countries who don't want to be declared terrorist states would be better off maintaining law and order as it has been created internationally, and signed by almost all verifiable states. As far as I'm concerned, Israel signed the The Hague law of war and the Geneva Convention as well. Prove me wrong if you can.)
(Regarding the source: It's a serious source, a local newspaper from Australia from Bathurst, AUS. Don't question me on the bizarre name, who knows what the founders must have thought. They're Aussies, at last. Strange people du début du monde.)
A UN Commission of Inquiry consisting of independent human rights experts said on Thursday in Geneva that they had reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli soldiers violated the international rules of war and human rights law by targeting unarmed, non-violent protesters.

The commi... show more


Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner to present Middle East peace proposal

Kushner said that since “very little has changed over the last 25 years,” the administration’s team had worked to “formulate realistic solutions for the issues of 2019, which will improve quality of life.

Kushner also called for unified rule over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which are currently split between the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terror group, respectively.

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is “looking forward” to the release of the proposal, Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has promised to reject the so-called “deal of the century.”

The more I read about this yet-unknown proposal, the less I expect from it. In the end, it will be in the style of a Blackrock manager or McKinsey counsel.
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4,000 new settlements approved by local politicians

(You can read the exact data about the responsible politicians in the linked article by Israel Hayom; just use your trusted translating program to translate this local newspaper, which of course writes in Hebrew)
According to local reports, units will be built in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Shuafat and Beit Hanina, 464 in the Gilo settlement which is built on the lands of the Beit Jala town in Bethlehem, and 480 units in the West Jerusalem neighborhoods of Kiryat Yuval and Kiryat Menachem.

“We will increase housing units and bring back the youth to their home. This is the beginning, and soon Jerusalem’s sky will be filled with cranes.”

According to the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS), among the people who signed the declaration were Israel’s ministers for justice, education, transportation, tourism, environmental protection and Jerusalem affairs, public security, culture, communications, immigration, and social equality.
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US companies fund Israeli settlements

(And no, this is a verifiable article, they refer to a report made by a left-winged US-American news outlet which was founded by philosophers like renown (and incomparably popular) Noam Chomsky and German philosopher Herbert Marcuse)
According to the magazine, large network of U.S. nonprofits raises millions of dollars annually to send to Israeli settlements, which are built on Palestinian land and are considered illegal under international law. Some Israeli settlers violently harass Palestinians and burn down their crops. Israeli settlers have also killed Palestinians.

In addition, the corporate foundations of Verizon, Pfizer, Deutsche Bank, American Express and JPMorgan Chase have collectively given over $48,000 to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, a U.S. nonprofit that sends millions of dollars to Israel’s military to support various enrichment activities—like education programs and recreational and cultural centers at army bases for soldiers.

And yes, I know that the Deutsche Bank... show more


On Israeli settlements

(The expression "Am Yisrael chai" is egregiously racist, of couse, because it implies all others are dead. And since when does "Yisrael" have the right to live, let alone exist?)

Geez, I'm just a few sentences in this article and already feel uncomfortable with reading it. This is highly extremist, but in such a way I didn't believe it to ever read it from Israel.

And how dare they call it "B'resheet" ("In the beginning"), a Hebrew word and the name of the first book of the Bible which implies Jewish primacy or historical precedence? Everyone knows that "in the beginning," there were only Palestinian Arabs! Jews are just colonizers, just like they're attempting to colonize the moon!

Get this man something to drink, his head is heating up at a ridiculous velocity.

Israel might be the fourth nation to land on the moon, but they're the first one-and-only nation to unlawfully occupy Space Palestine in brazen violation of international law!

Please let this be satire!
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Gaza protesters call for Abbas' resignation

The pro-Hamas crowd gathered at al-Sarya square yelled for the long-serving leader to "leave" and called on the PA to pay the full salaries of public sector employees in Gaza.

Israel says the blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas, with whom it has fought three wars since 2008, from obtaining weapons or materials that could be used to make them.

Abbas, 83, has over the course of recent months reduced salaries in Gaza as part of a wider attempt to exert pressure on Hamas and push through reconciliation agreements aimed at ending internal Palestinian division.
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Two reports on (probable) human rights violations by Israeli pharma concerns

1. Middle East Monitor:

Speaking in Columbia University in New York City, Shalhoub-Kevorkian said that she collected the data while carrying out a research project for the Hebrew University.

“Palestinian spaces are laboratories,” she said. “The invention of products and services of state-sponsored security corporations are fueled by long-term curfews and Palestinian oppression by the Israeli army.”

In her talk, entitled “Disturbing Spaces – Violent Technologies in Palestinian Jerusalem”, the professor added: “They check for which bombs to use, gas bombs or stink bombs. Whether to put plastic sacks or cloth sacks. To beat us with their rifles or to kick us with boots.”


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