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The GNOME 3.32 runtime is now available on Flathub. 🎉️🎉️🎉️

Please shout at me if anything is broken, or file an issue here:

#gnome #flatpak #flathub

Linux Kernel Flaw, Ubuntu Rumor Debunked, Kali, Geary, digiKam, Riot/Matrix | This Week in Linux 56 -

On this episode of This Week in #Linux, an Arbitrary Code Execution #vulnerability was found in the Linux #Kernel but it is quite what some sources are making it out to be. Rumors are going around for #Ubuntu and #Snaps but again it's not what people are making it out to be. Then we'll get into some actual #news with some changes to #Flathub, new releases for #Geary, #Digikam, #RiotIM, #KaliLinux, BackBox, and much more. We'll also check out some interesting views about #ARM shared by #LinusTorvalds. All that and much more!
Episode 56 | This Week in Linux

TuxDigital: Episode 56 | This Week in Linux (Michael Tunnell)