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Latest Dianne Feinstein (D - CA) meme on electoral colleges makes false claim

The original poster offered no source for the claim, and commenters didn’t ask for one, instead seemingly accepting the quote as legitimate. The included date and name made it easy to locate a brief window of commentary made by Feinstein, who did in fact tweet about the Electoral College on that particular date:
As Ms. Feinstein wrote on Twitter:
Californians are consistently under-represented when voting for president because of the Electoral College. Each elector stands for 712,000 Californians, but smaller states get the same vote for only 195,000 voters. That’s simply unfair. We must eliminate the Electoral College.

As her press release states it:
Every four years, Californians are under-represented when they cast ballots for president of the United States because of the Electoral College. Each elector stands for 712,000 California residents, but a small state like
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Discussion with schoolgirl upsets Sen. Diane Feinstein (D - CA)

"That resolution will not pass the Senate, and you can take that back to whoever sent you here," she says, citing that the deal doesn't have a single Republican in favor of the proposal and "the key to good legislation is to tailor something that you write so that it can pass, and you can get a step ahead."

"We had a spirited discussion and I presented the group with my draft resolution that provides specific responses to the climate change crisis, which I plan to introduce soon."

When Feinstein tries to conclude the meeting, a woman says the children "have decades of life that they hope to still have, and your leadership is so beautifully, beautifully possible," the senator replies, "That doesn't work with me, thank you."
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#Trump forgot about son's call about Trump tower meeting

Democrats, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who both sit on committees investigating the meeting, have pressed for more information om Drumpf's Jr.'s repeated phone exchanges with a blocked number. Others have surmised that the calls could have been with his father, then the Republican frontrunner and future president.

"Has anyone heard from Adam Schiff?" Drumpf Jr. said. "I imagine he’s busy leaking other confidential info from the House Intelligence Committee to change the subject?!? #FullOfSchiff"

Is it an obligatory attitude in the Trump family, to behave like philistine rednecks when talking about their adversaries? Goodness gracious, people, grow yourself some respect and stop behaving like you were a bunch of drunkards occupying the local pub's counter!

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