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Facebook releases statement that it banned Candace Owens for relativisation of white supremacy

Owens, 30, took to Twitter to inform her followers that she had been suspended from Facebook for “posting that white supremacy is not a threat to black America, as much as father absence and & liberal policies that incentivize it, are.”
Now this is a dangerously short-sighted explanation of why a threat is not a threat. Reminds me a little bit of Rudy Giuliani desperately trying to have Donnie's giant back.
Several hours after tweeting about her Facebook ban, Owens tweeted out another tweet let her followers know that Facebook had restored her page and ended the suspension.
Wait, she's back (in black)? Damn, I didn't know that. Now this explains why The Scoop reports about it now. I already wondered why I actually read that.
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He fucking did it. And I bet most cons think he did, too, deep down. But they have a greater interest in “owning teh libz” than in this country, its ideals, its laws, and its future.

Time to flush this turd right into prison. What a fucking asshole. And the RepubliCONS should be burnt to the ground (metaphorically) and spend years in the wilderness for laying the ground for this asshole and then supporting him. Not ONE of these fuckers should ever be allowed to hold office.

#ITMFA #Guilty #Trump #Spanky #Nazi #Russia #Hack #Fascism #SlowRollingCoup #Republicans #Fascism #RkTheory #Politics

He fucking did it. And I bet most cons think he did, too, deep down. But they have a greater interest in "owning teh libz" than in this country, its ideals, its laws, and its future.

Time to flush this turd right into prison. What a fucking asshole. And the RepubliCONS should be burnt to the ground (metaphorically) and spend years in the wilderness for laying the ground for this asshole and then supporting him. Not ONE of these fuckers should ever be allowed to hold office.

#ITMFA #Guilty #Trump #Spanky #Nazi #Russia #Hack #Fascism #SlowRollingCoup #Republicans #Fascism #RkTheory #Politics

Isn't it weird how the stupid cons could spend YEARS on stupid conspiracy bullshit like birth certificates, being a secret Muslim, being secretly gay, or that Michelle was transgender, while this ASSHOLE can do this stuff right out in the open, and have the fucking cons still do NOTHING to remove this asshole?

It's almost like Spanky's idiotic base WANTS to be deluded.

#Trump #Russia #Hacking #Spanky #Politics #Criminal #Impeach #ITMFA #Nazi #Fascism #SlowRollingCoup #Mueller #FISA

Well, no kidding. But it takes a lot for one of the Fifth Column Party (the GOP) to admit it.

And can someone tell me - why is S.E. Cupp on Bill Maher's show so much? She doesn't really seem to bring much to the table? Are her and Maher an item?

#Trump #Spanky #ITMFA #Impeach #Fascism #Mueller #Politics #SECupp #Maher #Nazi #Obstruction #Traitor #Russia

Roger Stone - could not have happened to a nicer asshole. Glad to see this fascist-enabler has to beg for money now. If his elitist go fund me efforts fall through, some of the commenters on Wonkette have some suggestions on what he can do to make ends meet. Just like many Americans have to - the same Americans that elitist assholes like him work so hard to shit all over and tell that a minimum wage should be good enough for. Maybe he can try it for a while.

Well, really, this shithead should be in prison for life.

#Fascism #Elitist #Asshole #Spanky #Trump #Swamp #Politics #Stone #RogerStone #Nazi #

14-year old girl became latest alt-right star on Youtube

Users — and more importantly to YouTube, advertisers — have over the past year started to hold the platform accountable for enabling the exploitation of children an
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14-year old girl became latest alt-right star on Youtube

Users — and more importantly to YouTube, advertisers — have over the past year started to hold the platform accountable for enabling the exploitation of children and exposing them to disturbing content. But this video reveals an entirely different way the platform is harming kids: by letting them express extreme views in front of t
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14-year old girl became latest alt-right star on Youtube

Users — and more importantly to YouTube, advertisers — have over the past year started to hold the platform accountable for enabling the exploitation of children and exposing them to disturbing content. But this video reveals an entirely different way the platform is harming kids: by letting them express extreme views in front of the entire world. This is what indoctrination looks like when it’s reflected back by the indoctrinated.
This is sick, simply sick...
Of course, it’s all presented in the terminally ironic style popularized by boundary-pushing comedy groups like the influential Million Dollar Extreme and adopted of late by white supremacist mass shooters in Christchurch and San Diego.
Assuming you can call shit like this comedy, which we finally have to cease. This is not comedy, this is spreading of hate, fearmongering, and inciting violence against minorities. To call it comedy is like surrendering to the ongoing threat of... show more

#HumorlessQueers #SurveillanceCapitalism
12 May 2019 Episode E63
#surveillance #masssurveillance #ACLU #facialrecognition #fascism #spying #tracking #law #civilliberties #elections #elizabethwarren #debtcancellation #studentdebt #SuspectTechnologies #database #privacy #digitalprivacy #tech #activism #KKKops #ACAB #racism #profiling #impeachment #Gorgia #reproductiverights #reproductivejustice
Kade vs. Surveillance Capitalists (E63)


A chronology of hate on behalf of Trump

_I went to a place called Operation Open City. What they had done was send “testers”—meaning one white couple and one couple of color—to Drumpf Village, a very large, lower-middle-class housing project in Brooklyn. And of course the white people were treated great, and for the people of color there were no apartments. We subpoenaed all their documents. That’s how we found that a person’s application, if you were a person of color, had a big C on it.
How subtle...
We met with the architect to go over the elevator-cab interiors at Drumpf Tower, and there were little dots next to the numbers. Drumpf asked what the dots were, and the architect said, “It’s braille.” Drumpf was upset by that. He said, “Get rid of it.” The architect said, “I’m sorry; it’s the law.” This was before the Americans With Disabilities Act, but New York City had a law. Drumpf’s exact words were: “No blind people are going to liv
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Zur Ausladung der AfD aus dem «Bocca di Bacco»

Die verheißungsvolle Begründung:

„Politiker und deren Angestellte, die Menschen aufgrund ihrer Herkunft, Religion, politischer Einstellung oder Hautfarbe diskriminieren und diskreditieren, möchten wir nicht bedienen.“

Es kostet nicht viel Phantasie, sich vorzustellen, wie die Öffentlichkeit reagieren würde, wenn anstelle von AfD-Politikern Menschen mit schwarzer Hautfarbe der Zugang verwehrt würde.

Déjà-vu? Mir kommt das ein wenig bekannt vor. Gab es schon einmal eine solche Elegie auf "diskriminierte AfDler"? Wer mehr weiß, bitte melden.
Ansonsten bleibt nur zu sagen? Selbstredend - aber Menschen nicht-kaukasischen Hintergrundes tendieren auch nicht dazu, andere Menschen zu diskriminieren, zumindest nicht obligatorisch. Bei der AfD sieht es schon wieder ganz anders aus. Wer nur konservativ oder rechtskonservativ ist, fände auch genügend andere Parteien, bei dene... show more


Kyffhäusertreffen des «Flügels» sorgt für erneute Spendenaffäre in der AfD

Die Teilnehmerzahlen für das Treffen wuchsen stetig von 500 auf 1000 Gäste an. Als Teilnehmerbeitrag wurden erst 20, dann 30 Euro pro Person verlangt – darüber hinausgehende Spenden sind gern gesehen. Pro Jahr kommen also zwischen 10.000 und 30.000 Euro allein an Teilnehmerbeiträgen zusammen – plus Spenden. Daraus werden das Treffen und weitere „Flügel“-Aktivitäten bezahlt.

Mehrere Mitglieder der AfD-Spitze bestätigen gegenüber dem RND den Vorgang. Ein AfD-Kader sagt, er habe „erhebliche Brisanz“, ein anderer möchte ihn als „Lernprozess“ herunterspielen. Ob in diesem Fall Strafzahlungen auf die Partei zukommen, macht die Bundestagsverwaltung von der Antwort auf die Nachfragen abhängig.

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The Fallen of World War II is an interactive documentary that examines the human cost of the second World War and the decline in battle deaths in the years since the war. The 15-minute data visualization uses cinematic storytelling techniques to provide viewers with a fresh and dramatic perspective of a pivotal moment in history:
Русская версия:
#europe #fascism #germany #memory #nazis #past #ussr #war


Warum der Tag der Befreiung Feiertag werden muss in Deutschland

"Es ist auch gut zu sehen, dass an den Gedenkveranstaltung immer wieder viele junge Menschen teilnehmen. Die Zeitzeugen und Zeitzeuginnen werden leider immer weniger, so dass es umso wichtiger ist, dass die jetzigen Generationen die Chancen nutzen mit ihnen ins Gespräch zu kommen. Auch die russisch-sprachigen Menschen unserer Gesellschaft gedenken jedes Jahr am sowjetischen Ehrenmal", so Mitteldorf weiter.

"Es muss, gerade in einer Zeit, in der Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsradikalismus in die Parlamente streben und eingezogen sind, wieder gesellschaftlicher Konsens werden, sich antifaschistisch zu engagieren und sich konsequent gegen jede Form von Rassismus, Diskriminierung und Antisemitismus zu stellen. Es ist auch ein Tag, an dem wir allen Menschen danken sollten, die sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten antifaschistisch engagiert haben", erklärt Tim Rosenstock, antifaschistischer Sprecher des Kreisverbandes Die Linke Nordhausen, weiter.
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"Very fine people" interrupt Holocaust remembrance in Russellville, AR

As reported by KSFM, the far-right group interrupted the remembrance event as part of ongoing protests in support of former Arkansas Tech University (ATU) professor Michael Arthur Link, who died in 2016, at age 79.

“The evidence against Dr. Link includes anti-Semitic passages in his written work, testimony from former students and colleagues, and a well-documented 2005 incident in which Dr. Link presented anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi published texts in a graduate seminar as though they were legitimate historical works,” the letter said.

"If the leadership at Arkansas Tech needed more evidence—even though ample has already been provided—that a scholarship under the name of Professor Link is problematic and offensive, they need look no farther than Billy Roper and his band of white supremacists who felt the need to diminish and disrespect the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust in an effort to support Link.”

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Remember: we KNOW that Spanky committed crimes. It's just a matter of being able to get him to pay for them. Especially since we have this dumb "tradition" (not a LAW, mind you, and not in the Constitution) of not indicting a sitting president.

I suspect he'll act more and more desperate, because he knows he'll be facing prison once he leaves. This is how fascism comes to America, people. An idiot like Spanky looking to avoid prison and thuggish proto-fascists in the RepubliCON party covering for him due to their greed and depravity and their own fascist tendencies.

#Spanky #Trump #Criminal #Thug #Fascism #Republicans #Mueller #RkTheory #Politics


The relation between White Nationalists and Trumpists

You might not wear a hood. Your Twitter feed might not be littered with anti-Semitic references. You might not go on white supremacist podcasts. But it needs to be okay to be around those kinds of people.
Think I’m wrong? Then why has there been a determined effort to euphemize, downplay, or even deny the existence of these extremists?

The H.L. Mencken Club bills itself as “a society for the independent right,” and celebrates the eponymous commentator for “question [ing]the egalitarian creed and democratic crusades.” It “seek [s]to change perceptions and attitudes by discussing ideologically neglected topics that few now dare to address.”
Have a look at the follow-up list I am not going to cite here; just look through it, it's an interesting view on who call themselves only "politically incorrect", while they are actually white nationalists, racists and what-not.
The politics of racial hatred an
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Zum Neonaziaufmarsch in Plauen und Rechtsextremisten in Deutschland

1. FAZ:

Der innenpolitische Sprecher der FDP im Bundestag, Konstantin Kuhle, drängt vor diesem Hintergrund auf ein „neues Konzept gegen Radikalisierung im Internet“. Rechtsradikale Inhalte und Amokankündigungen blieben im Internet „über Jahre offen einsehbar“, sagte er der Zeitung. Es sei zudem beunruhigend, dass die Bundesregierung keine Verbindung zwischen der Kommunikation potentieller rechtsextremer Attentäter in Online-Spielen und den Aktivitäten der Identitären Bewegung erkennen wolle. Die Netzwerke rechtsextremer Kommunikation gehörten noch stärker in den Fokus der Behörden, forderte Kuhle. Digitale Kompetenzen und Ausstattung der Behörden müssten weiter verbessert werden, „damit aus einer Kommunikation über rechtsextreme Anschläge keine ec
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Instagram and Facebook Ban Far-Right Extremists

#DefenseOne #Instagram #Facebook #SocialNetworks #HateSpeech #Racism #Fascism


Der erste Mai in Leipzig-Connewitz - AdP-Chef André Poggenburg ausgeschlossen

Stattdessen sei die Veranstaltung auf eine stationäre Kundgebung auf dem nördlichen Simsonplatz beschränkt worden. Grund sei die Gefahrenprognose, teilte das Ordnungsamt am Nachmittag mit. Vor dem Bundesverwaltungsgericht dürfe die AdP von 10 bis 13 Uhr demonstrieren. Rund 300 Menschen werden dazu erwartet.

Außerdem sind laut Stadt drei weitere Kundgebungen angemeldet worden: vom DGB auf dem Markt, von der Partei „Die Linke“ in der Braustraße und am Rennbahnweg eine „Demonstration gegen den Aufgalopp 2019“.

Poggenburg wollte ursprünglich im Leipziger Süden von der Brandstraße aus über die Selnecker- in die Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße und wieder zurück laufen. Dort waren allerdings von vier weiteren Anmeldern im Umfeld schon Veranstaltungen angekündigt worden. Zuvorderst vom Verein Linxxnet – dieser hat seine Veranstaltung in Connewitz aber ebenfalls abg
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Democracy is dissatisfying many people around the world

Across 27 countries polled, a median of 51% are dissatisfied with how democracy is working in their country; just 45% are satisfied.
Ouch. This is a tremendous decline in their belief in democracy. What is to make out of this, beside the fact that democracy is comparably impotent when it comes to persuading people about its advantageous role model in terms of equal opportunities. I guess that people like Pete Buttigieg are right when they say that capitalism is ardently undermining the core values of our democracy, namely equal opportunities, a peaceful contribution of resources for everyone on behalf of the market, and a blooming future for descending generations thanks to mutually social participation of everyone towards it.
Most believe elections bring little change, that politicians are corrupt and out of touch and that courts do not treat people fairly. On the other hand, people are more positive about how well their countries protect free expression, provide economic
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Trump calls Confed. states' Robert E. Lee on NRA event a great general

When Drumpf was asked about his original response to the rally and the attack on counterprotesters, he said, “I’ve answered that question, and if you look at what I said you will see that that question was answered perfectly.” He went on to discuss what a “great” general he thought Lee, the commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War, was.
Fascists will always stay fascists, no matter what. It's not even worth arguing about it, just let those Trumpists down and overgo them, every human being is equipped with a brain to think on one's own, to do it for them wouldn't help them anyway.
He went on to explain that even people at the White House thought Lee was one of the best generals in history. “Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals. I’ve spoken to many generals here, right at the White House, and many people thought of the generals, they think that he was maybe their favorite general. P
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President Trump's daughter-in-law claims accomodation of humanitarian refugees was Germany's downfall

Even though most respondents remain skeptical about the prospect of living near refugees, they report holding "strong humanitarian views" and express sympathy for those displaced by armed conflict—especially families with children. Notwithstanding these disheartening strains of Islamophobia and NIMBY-ism, the researchers found "no widespread perception that Germany was undergoing a 'refugee crisis'" of the type often reported in right-wing media outlets. The team also learned that Germans who had actually gotten to know refugees were likeliest to welcome more refugees into their communities.

None of these events, however, were the true "downfall of Germany." To Lara Drumpf, that long-dreaded day did not come until 2015, when a wealthy industrialized member of the European Union agreed to grant refuge to some humanitarian refugees, something her father-in-law actively shuns.

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On this day in 1945, the original antifa supersoldiers declared the general insurrection against fascism in Italy. Happy Liberation Day!

Mussolini was captured that same evening, hiding in the back of a truck, trying to flee north disguised as a German grunt.

Three days later, Colonel Valerio (war name of Walter Audisio, communist organizer and partisan) arrived to carry out his death sentence. Mussolini was shot by Valerio personally, while the fascist leadership caught with him was executed by firing squad.

The bodies were then driven to Milan and set up in the same square, Piazzale Loreto, where months earlier the fascists had murdered and exposed the bodies of 15 Italians, some of them resistance fighters and some rounded up for numbers from the ranks of "criminals" like labour organizers.

A huge crowd gathered to defile the bodies, prompting the picket of partisans to string them up and out of reach on t
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"The ideal subject of totalitarianism rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist. But people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.
-Hannah Arendt (1951) Origins of Totalitarianism.

"Psychohistory's main discovery is that war and genocide, like homicide and suicide, is a psychopathic disorder that simply does not occur in the absence of widespread early abuse and neglect....
-Lloyd deMause, The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust

#totalitarianism #authoritarianism #climatechange #brainwashing #fascism #childabuse #holocaust #whywearehere
The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust

A reminder of who the US right is. There is nothing new about #trump's or the #Republican party's #fascism. They have always hated #liberal #democracy and stupidly called it #anti-Christian #communism and #socialism. Today, they say the "deep state" killed Kennedy. But if so, then they and trump are the #deepstate, not the #liberals or the #left.


Gen. Dagoy’s “peace rally” is fake; NPA cannot be defeated in Leyte because of deep roots

The Efren Martires Command (EMC) of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Eastern Visayas today said the NPA has struck deep roots in Leyte and is standing up to the all-out war of the US-Duterte regime, thus dismissing the “peace rally” held last April 13 in San Isidro, Leyte as a charade orchestrated by Army brigade commander Gen. Lope Dagoy. “The NPA has persevered since 1978 in Leyte because it serve the people and advances the armed struggle for national freedom and democracy. The so-called peace rallies staged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines such as in San Isidro are desperate ploys to parade thousands of fake “NPA surrenderees” to falsely claim victory over the NPA,” said EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel. “But the AFP itself admits it cannot defeat the NPA this 2019 and has moved the deadline to 2022.

“Moreover, the AFP keeps on coercing and deceiving peasants who are just innocent... show more

Член Политбюро ЦК КПСС академик А.Н.Яковлев
У меня было представление, что при Ленине и Сталине у нас был тоталитарный режим, режим личной диктату
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Psywar campaign to deceive and divide the revolutionary movement through fake peace talks is stupid and futile

Based on their latest statements, it is now clear that Duterte and his running dog General Galvez are not at all interested in serious peace negotiations through panels duly authorized by the NDFP National Council and the GRP president as the principals at the national level.

They continue to drive nails into the coffin of the peace negotiations which Duterte has terminated and killed formally since November 23, 2017 with his Proclamation 360. The tyrant Duterte is most despicable for throwing away the draft agreements made by his own negotiating panel with the NDFP negotiating panel.

Duterte and Galvez are interested merely in a psywar campaign to stage fake localized peace talks and fake surrenders between military officers and their military assets (disguised as surrendering rebels) in a stupid and futile attempt to deceive and divide the broad masses of the people.

Such psywar campaign is a mere minor adjunct of the all-o... show more


NDFP and the Filipino people must be alert to Duterte’s militarism in the name of peace

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Filipino people should be alert to Duterte’s militarist purposes in announcing that he wishes to reopen the peace talks with the use of a militarized negotiating panel under the militarized office of the presidential adviser, General Galvez.

The NDFP does not want to be baited into accepting a war panel of the Duterte regime whose purpose is merely to seek the impossible, such as the surrender of the revolutionary forces, especially the New People’s Army.

Duterte must first answer the following prejudicial questions:
  • Why did he terminate the peace negotiations and annul all agreements painstakingly made since the The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992?
  • Why did he terminate and dismantle the GRP section of the Joint Monitoring Committee formed under the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Humans Rights and I
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The US Museum of Natural History to host rainforest-threatening Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro

While the event’s existence has been quietly making rounds for weeks, a story in Gothamist sparked a social media firestorm on Thursday. In response, the museum tweeted that it’s “deeply concerned” and “exploring our options,” while at the same time attempting to distance itself by emphasizing that the event is an external affair. The event remains on as of Friday afternoon, and a museum spokesperson told Earther it had “nothing further to add for today.”
I wonder what was their main purpose of inviting him in the first place. I don't believe that they did this accidentally, not having heard of his plans to remove protection from the Amazon region to open it for the Free Market to do what we all expect it to do once it gained access.
For scientists, it represents a slap in the face as the Bolsonaro government dismantles Brazilian research funding and attempts to speed up the destructi
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Duterte prepares to rig the May 13 elections with propaganda and secret orders

In a full month before the May 13, 2019 elections, we can expect an avalanche of propaganda from the Duterte regime to conjure the illusion of Duterte’s perpetual popularity, foretell the “victory” of its senatorial and local executive candidates and cover his secret orders to the Commission on Elections and the military to rig the elections.

The propaganda drive of the regime to spread lies involves the frenzied use of government agencies and resources, paid opinion poll surveys, red-tagging of opposition candidates and parties, planted news stories and columns, TV and radio broadcasts, the troll armies in the social media, tarpaulins and posters, herded paid crowds, and so on.

The Duterte regime is overspending public and private resources and over-exerting itself in trying to create the false illusion of popular support in order to pave the way for election rigging in favor of the regime’s candidates and for the charter change to a bogus... show more

Major league asshole. This guy is a tyrant in the making. I warn Republicans: you are playing with fire here. This could be the end of our country. Get this shithead out of office ASAP. This kind of shit never ends well - when a country goes fascist, it harms everyone in it. You may be a dumb redneck that thinks you'll come out on top if the cons go full fascist. Trust me: you won't.

#Trump #Spanky #Fascism #Assholes #Republicans #Immigration #DHS #Miller #RkTheory #AltRight

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