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TWIMC: #Fedora was mentioned multiple times in this talk because its grub package contains hundreds of patches. Sad situation afaics, I hope the developers find a way to cooperate better in the future (which, I guess, as usual will involve hard work for both sides).


FOSDEM 2019 Was Awesome

Just landed back in the states from my first #FOSDEM #fosdem2019 I'll be doing a long blog post on it later but it was great meeting people from across global the #fediverse and #opensource community.

This is one of the features in #Fedora 30; the 5.1 patches mentioned below already got added to the rawhide kernel a few days ago.

Worth watching: Hans de Goede's #FOSDEM2019 talk "Flickerfree boot – Seamless boot for UEFI systems". The last patches for this will be in #Linux 5.1; Grub patches sadly not upstream.

RT Following a great #FOSDEM2019 presentation by's own (video available at, I've spent most of today fiddling with Synapse ( and
I'm _very_ impressed by how well things fit together. "Chapeau bas" !


RT Amazing to see present and demo the work I helped put together to bring to low-bandwidth use cases live in front of a packed room at #FOSDEM2019 #FOSDEM


RT Amazing talk at . Never seen Janson so full! #FOSDEM2019


Grab your friends folks! Now is the time in #Janson #FOSDEM #FOSDEM2019

T-30mins for our mainstage #FOSDEM2019 talk, showing of the (almost) final redesign, more than you could ever hope to know about Matrix 1.0, and of course a peek behind the curtain of the French Matrix deployment. Folks: don your balaclavas and head over to Janson now!!

RT #FOSDEM2019 folks, come grab your 10% discount off Modular in K2.20 on the stand! For all your Matrix hosting needs!!


Brave the snow and come have a chat in K2.20 #realtimelounge #FOSDEM2019 before ‘s ralk at 2pm in Janson! Come hear about the french deployment, Matrix 1.0, new design!

Good God. Do people really still remember The Dick Turpin Roadshow?; #fosdem2019

Waiting at Gate 2 Birmingham Airport to board my flight. Already met some FOSDEM peeps. #fosdem2019

Had a slight panic attack the flight number on my documents it's not showing on the board looked at my boarding pass and noticed they changed the flight number lol #fosdem2019

Frage mich, wie viele Algorithmen außer denen von Google und Facebook bereits wissen, dass ich gerade wie jedes Jahr um diese Zeit auf dem Weg zur nach Brüssel bin. #fosdem #FOSDEM2019

It starts.
At the station waiting for the train to Birmingham International and Airport #fosdem2019

I'm awake! Must be excited like a small child for my very first #fosdem2019

Physically encountered and shook hands with the first FOSDEMer on the trip, and I haven't even arrived in the right country yet! #fosdem2019

#FOSDEM2019 keynote...

Quoting: "In this talk, we will report on where the resistance fails the most and why. Finally, we will make suggestions of where volunteer developers can most strategically focus their efforts to build a world where all can live in software freedom."

WTF. "volunteer developers"? What about full-time paid developers working on free software? What about public fucking infrastructure?

The schedule for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 is live 🎉

The work of the steering committee was not easy but very exciting: there were many excellent proposals. Last but not least, the diversity of speakers was improved, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved 👍

See you all next year!

#FOSDEM2019 The Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom is going to organize an #ActivityPub round table.

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