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Cross-Plattform mit JavaScript: Electron 5.0 ist fertig #Electron #Github #JavaScript

So our group of enthusiasts in the office decided to switch to #Matrix for our lunch-coordination group. The signup process was... rocky at best. I received several error messages and had to redo the thing once.
Then when it came to selecting an app for it, the first one I tried was unmaintained, the next two both couldn't send encrypted messages, and finally I took the #Riot #Electron app.

So thanks again to all the people who have been pushing me to switch away from #Signal. Maybe in a year.

we are 90% migrated to and some of us are using weechat with that supports e2ee looking good, the client has some bugs but better than using that shit of #electron crap. #matrix #chat #e2ee #hispagatos #hackernol #activism #anarchism

Si2HSb2 ....Claims 184,000x Power ....Crystalline Si2HSb2....PATENT US5252176.
This invention relates to a novel method of, and means for, directing energy through Si2HSb2 in such a manner that normal energy parameters can be exceeded. The principal object of the invention is to provide the means for more efficient radiant energy power systems to be constructed. For example, this invention can be applied to construct more efficient rocket propulsion systems. Si2HSb2 has a crystalline structure with a regular pattern of electron deficiencies which physicists call "holes" in the lattice. Energy can be radiated at the top of the compound and be accelerated as it passes through to a new higher velocity as it expelled out the bottom of the compound. This is accomplished by applying electrical potentials to the sides of the compound which rectify the "holes" in the lattice. The electrical potentials applied to the sides... show more


Web developers; what/why are we avoiding native application development and opting for tools/frameworks like #Electron?


Electron is flash for the desktop (2016)

What is slack doing? The process was in the background when this happened. I wasn't even interacting with it - I was in a meeting. I only noticed because my laptop fans were whurring when I got back.…

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Posted by djsumdog (karma: 15494)
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Show HN: DeskGap – Like Electron, but uses the system webview

 DeskGap is a framework for building cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies (JavaScript, HTML and CSS). To enable native capabilities while keeping the size down, DeskGap bundles a Node.js…

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Posted by patr0nus (karma: 110)
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Cross-Plattform-Framework: GitHub konkretisiert Zeitplan für Electron 5 #Electron #Github #JavaScript


Electron v5.0 Timeline

sofianguy For the first time ever, Electron is excited to publicize our release schedule starting with v5.0.0. This is our first step in having a public, long-term timeline. As mentioned in our v4.0.0…
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Posted by jedixit (karma: 37)
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#HackerNews #electron #timeline #v50
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Hey developers, just so you know, it is not that I'm "religiously opposed to using electron for any and all purposes".

It's just that my CPU is old and I'd like to be able to run more than 2 programs at once and if they're built on electron I probably won't be able to.


Cross-Plattform mit JavaScript: Electron 4.0 erschienen #Cross-Platform-Entwicklung #Electron #JavaScript