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**Falsification of the Big Bang Theory....
Hilster would like me to list a few of the facts and interpretations that disprove the Big Bang Theory. Here is Table 4 from “Infinite Universe Theory,[1]” which sums that up nicely:
Table 1. Falsifications, contradictions, and paradoxes disproving the Big Bang Theory.
The Big Bang Theory predicts that we should observe only young cosmological objects at great distances. Instead, we see elderly galaxies and galaxy clusters at the limit of observation.
Cosmological objects often collide. In actual explosions, objects are scattered in all directions and do not collide.
The opinion that the universe is expanding is dependent on the “Untired Light Theory,” which assumes that light can travel great distances without losing energy. Nothing we know of can travel from one place to another without losing energy.
The explosion of the universe out of nothing is a contradiction of the First Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the conservation of energy.
The Doppler Effect, considered responsible for th... show more

Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS)....A Catastrophe for Cosmology - The Neglect of Riemannian Torsion a Catastrophe for Cosmology by M. W. Evans (Civil List Scientist).
In this essay it is argued that the Einstein field equation is fundamentally incorrect, a catastrophe for twentieth century cosmology. The reason is the adoption of an incorrect symmetry for the object that introduces torsion and curvature into four dimensional spacetime. This quantity is known as "the connection", an obscure terminology adopted at the start of the twentieth century when the first papers began to be published on tensor calculus. The torsion and curvature in Riemann geometry are the two fundamental tensors that describe the characteristics of spacetime in four dimensions. The Einstein field equation was based on only one of them, the curvature, because the field equation adopted the wrong type of symmetry for the connection... show more

Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS)....Myron Evans Eulogy By Gareth Evans in Welsh and English.
For Myron
"If I am right my thoughts will stand the test of time. What is wrong will be replaced by ideas that are better. That is as it should be, that is the way of science.
If you toil as I have done, and relish the journey as I have done, then your efforts will not have been in vain - and you may make a difference.
Good luck my friends, take what you will of mine, use it wisely, make it better and look after this place we call home".


What is more fundamental, field or particles?...Occasionally, we link to some intense debates among regressive physicists.
Astute readers, of course, will recognize this as a non sequitar. Fields, as anointed by Einstein and other positivists,are considered “immaterial.”That is,they contain nothing whatsoever,they are the empty space that was a consequence of his early ether denial.Nonetheless,these matterless “fields” still supposedly caused phenomena such as gravitation and magnetism just as the equations predicted.The matterless ideal perseveres.For instance, according to the popular press the shock wave measured in the LIGO experiment supposedly resulted in a “gravitational wave” that caused the compression and decompression of empty space or “spacetime.” They nevertheless regarded this ridiculous interpretation as yet another proof that “Einstein was always right.” There was not even a hint that it was yet another proof that a medium was necessary for the transmittance of the wave.... show more

Can you explain how both the BBT and SST rely on Einstein’s “Untired Light Theory” to interpret the cosmological redshift as evidence for an expanding universe?”....
This is what I wrote in IUT: “By 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered enough galaxies to establish that the degree of redshift also was a rough inverse function of their luminosity, which is a measure of their distance… His greatest mistake was to promote Slipher’s speculation that this cosmological redshift always was due to the Doppler Effect. The title of his famous 1929 introductory paper says it all: “A relation between distance and radial velocity among extra-galactic nebulae.””
In other words, he initially assumed the cosmological redshift and the Doppler Effect were one and the same. But the Doppler Effect only occurs in a medium. Einstein had removed that possibility by his temporary rejection of aether. A single particle could not have such an effect. Nonetheless, regressive physicists and cosmogonists accepted Einstein’s eight a
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Auf diesen Moment haben Wissenschaftler seit Jahrzehnten hingearbeitet: Ein Bild von einem Schwarzen Loch! Bisher gab es nur Simulationen. Um das Bild zu machen, brauchten sie ein gigantisches Radio-Teleskop.
Sensation: Das erste Bild von einem Schwarzen Loch | SWR Wissen
#Max-Planck-Institut #Einstein #Astrophysik #SchwarzesLoch


CSD-Organisatoren entwickeln geschlechtsneutralen #Sprachassistenten mit

Bislang klangen kleine elektronischen Haushaltshelfer wie #Siri und #Alexa meist #weiblich, während sich komplexe Systeme für künstliche Intelligenz, etwa #Einstein von Salesforce oder #Watson von IBM, #männlich geben. Gegen diese Art von #
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Happy birth (PI) day, Albert Einstein!

#piday #einstein

Bashing the Big Bang....This is a FAVORITE by David de Hilster who always gets gems from one of his friends, mentors, and one of the greatest scientific minds of our time: Dr. Glenn Borchardt on his Scientific Worldview Blog. This time Glenn brings to light how mainstream science journalism uses name calling instead of scientific arguments against those dissident scientists showing Einstein and general relativity wrong.

The Theory of E.P. Dollard.... Back to Space, or Why One Over The Speed of Light Squared:
In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the dimensional relations of the magnetic inductance, and the electro-static capacitance it is necessary to turn again to the metrical dimension of space. It is, however, this dimension of space has become warped, as expressed in a N.F.G. It is in what follows found that the Faraday understanding is in direct conflict with the Einstein understanding, the latter extinguishing the former. Lines of induction have given way to relativistic concepts, fact has succumbed to phantasy. This condition has a direct influence upon the conceptual understanding of the conditions and dimensions that give rise to electrical inductivity as expressed by the co-efficients of magnetic and dielectric fields known as “the inductance” and “the capacitance”.

The concept of space,as given by Albert Einstein, constitutes a serious impediment to the underst... show more


Albert Einstein: "Ich werde mit der Berühmtheit immer dümmer"

Vor hundert Jahren wurde Albert Einstein berühmt. Höchste Zeit, mal wieder mit ihm zu reden – über Theorien, die Menschheit und Gott. Ein fiktives, aber wahres Gespräch

#albert #einstein #wissen #berühmtheit #vor #höchste #zeit #theorien #menschheit #gott #gespräch #news #bot #rss


Albert Einstein: "Ich werde mit der Berühmtheit immer dümmer"

Vor hundert Jahren wurde Albert Einstein berühmt. Höchste Zeit, mal wieder mit ihm zu reden – über Theorien, die Menschheit und Gott. Ein fiktives, aber wahres Gespräch

#albert #einstein #wissen #berühmtheit #vor #höchste #zeit #theorien #menschheit #gott #gespräch #news #bot #rss

common misconception 9 — who disproved einstein?Misconception:Einstein’s relativity theory has been proven.
Answer:Einstein’s Relativity theory is actually two related theories,the Special Relativity (SR) theory of 1905 and the General Relativity (GR) theory of 1915.Broadly speaking,both examine the motion of physical bodies in relation to the role of frames of reference.More specifically,SR deals with lig
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