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It's a sad day here. Things went downhill for Miss Roo this week. We have known for months that this day was coming sooner than later. But it's often tough to gauge the balance between the hard days and the joyful moments left. Last night, the scales clearly tipped, and, by this morning, her other mommy and I knew it was time. The vet joined us in the sunny yard, and Miss Roo passed in my arms with the sun on her face.
This morning, we had to say goodbye to Miss Roo, our ~18 yo Italian greyhound. We have been blessed with the comfort of her companionship for four years, and I will miss the way she fell asleep so completely on my chest and the way she skipped to her dinner bowl when it was chicken day. Her last hours with us were in the sunshine and in our arms, where she loved to be. Sweet dreams, sweet pea.
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I'll try to articulate my point in as articulate a way as possible, but I'm having to refigure out how Diaspora works in a way from so many months on #twitter and #mastodon.

I feel like #robots can eventually have #empathy and #emotions like people, this isn't even really all that hard to program with some of the greatest minds. I mean even #dogs and #cats have emotions.

What I'm not sure why big companies aren't asking, is whether we really want machines evolving like humans, or if we want to evolve in a faster and cleaner way.

Sure humans have a complex array of emotions, but it took from the #bronzeage to the #robotics age to figure how, maybe splitting your neighbors skull open isn't such a nice thing to do people.

If we could eliminate that kind of blood shed and tyrrany that led humans to where they are now, I think robots could actually be better than humans in a lot of ways, and not be creepy because of it.

A couple weeks ago, when the vet started Miss Roo on a different antibiotic, she also gave her some pain pills in case Miss Roo needs them. Over the last couple of days, Miss Roo has been constantly groggy. When she is up (for short periods of time), she gets her ADLs in. But the rest of the time, she has barely been able to keep her eyes open and her head up. This morning, her 3rd eyelid was partly closed. So, today has turned out to ben the day for the pain meds. After she got a pill, she perked back up again and did her basic business. She is now nestled into her blankets for the morning. Her other mommy will be back at lunch to check on her. I wish i could stay home and hold her all day.
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While wolves rely heavily on cooperation, dogs do so substantially less thus leading to the prediction that wolves are more prosocial than dogs. However, domestication hypotheses suggest dogs have been selected for higher cooperation, leading to the opposing prediction — increased prosocial tendencies in dogs. T... show more

King Pasha rode in his chariot today to survey his domain.
Pasha and I got out on the bike today for the first ride of the season.
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Accessorizing. Is rawhide “in” this season?
Pasha has deduced that the key to not having share his rawhide chew is to simply handcuff it to his face.
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I’ve just been enjoying watching Roo enjoy her sun time and hearing the neighbor kids playing and giggling. But my ears really perked when I heard someone on the other side of the fence mention that the “postres” had arrived. 😀
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Every few minutes, Miss Roo wakes up from her Vitamin D bath and puts her nose into the breeze to assess the neighbor’s cookout. Then it’s back to the Saturday siesta.
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what kind of dog for shtf?

All those guys posting videos of their German #Shepherds makes me laugh.

I went to a monster truck rally years ago. The halftime show was a #police dog demonstration. They brought out all the Shepherds, the "bad guys" with the foam arm, sicced the dogs on them, they waved the arm, the dog bit the arm. Yawn. Then they brought out a #Heeler. The guy wasn't wearing a foam arm. He was wearing a full foam suit and a catcher's mask. And he was alrea... show more

Miss Roo went to the vet yesterday. Her incurable kidney disease continues to advance, and she is down to 75% of her healthy weight. Her infection (which has been on and off since late November) is back, which has meant some discomfort for her and frequent laundry for us. Because her kidneys wouldn’t be able to handle the anesthesia needed to investigate the root cause, we’ve agreed to manage it with antibiotics for the rest of her life. Given that she is eating, drinking, and eliminating well and that she clearly gets pleasure from being with her people and lounging in the sun, we still estimate a few more months of quality of life. In the meantime, can someone please bring me a sandwich because it looks like my lap won’t be going anywhere for a few hours. 😀

Old age goals: the lap of someone who loves me, a sunny day, a cool breeze, and nowhere else to be.
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Pasha would have probably achieved enlightenment except that I had to interrupt him to come back inside so that I can leave for work.

Pasha is an excellent meditator. Except when there are squirrels in the yard.
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My neighborhood is full of Chihuahuas. Some run free in the alleys. I once got chased on my bike by one. It was terrifying. I prefer thoughtful Chihuahuas, like this one I found on the way to work this morning.

Itty bitty chihuahua says, “stop ... and think”.
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