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Internet Archive to store Google+ to assure its availability after April 2nd, 2019

It's not completely surprising that efforts would be underway to preserve Google+, but it's an unusual situation. You don't see archivists preserving a major social network (albeit one that struggled to compete) very often. The question is whether or not it will be a comprehensive record -- there isn't much time left to safeguard every last ounce of public content.
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Russians protested for free internet

1. The Moscow Times:

Last May, when communications watchdog Roskomnadzor moved to block the popular messaging app Telegram, some 12,000 Russians turned out to a protest Svetov organized — which, he is eager to point out, was last year’s largest street demonstration.

With the state quashing independent media in recent years, YouTube has become an increasingly popular tool among opposition activists seeking out audiences. The platform is now viewed by 82 percent of the Russian population aged 18-44, as The Economist reported last week. In spring 2017, opposition leader Alexei Navalny took authorities by surprise by using his YouTube channel to inspire thousands into the streets for the first mass protests against the Kremlin since 2012.

“If we disconnect from the internet, our country won’t be able to develop,... show more


On the misery of Facebook's moderators

Returning to her seat, Chloe feels an overpowering urge to sob. Another trainee has gone up to review the next post, but Chloe cannot concentrate. She leaves the room, and begins to cry so hard that she has trouble breathing.

It is an environment where workers cope by telling dark jokes about committing suicide, then smoke weed during breaks to numb their emotions. It’s a place where employees can be fired for making just a few errors a week — and where those who remain live in fear of the former colleagues who return seeking vengeance.

One auditor walks the floor promoting the idea that the Earth is flat. A former employee told me he has begun to question certain aspects of the Holocaust. Another former employee, who told me he has mapped every escape route out of his house and sleeps with a gun at his side, said: “I no longer believe 9/11 was a terrorist attack.”

Read on for further information. This is incredibly... Mind-numbing, horrifying, inhumane altogethe... show more


On the Article 13, which may soon take effect

(Other people, if not most or all of the people on the internet which use to enjoy the freedom on this supranational web of construct full of information, connection possibilities and cats, may still pray for the deus ex machina to save us all from this reactionary legislation)

Voss's deadly pet ideas were, first, a proposal to let news sites decide who could link to them and to charge for the privilege (Article 11); and second, a proposal to require every platform for public communication to invent and deploy copyright filters that would prevent any user from infringing copyright, even momentarily, by suppressing any communications that appeared to contain a copyrighted work of any kind (Article 13).

Nomen est Omen.

That means that only rich, established Internet companies — the YouTubes and Facebooks of the world — will survive contact with the new Directive.

Lobbyism intensifies - who else could have interest in such a destructive legislature that only the giants of... show more


#Patreon needs restructuring due to continous growth

Under the company's current business model, 90 percent of funds are paid directly to content creators. Patreon takes 5 percent, and the remaining 5 percent covers transaction fees.

Patreon CEO Jack Conte said in an interview with CNBC that the platform will soon be facing the challenge of maintaining a profitable model as the company continues its growth.

Until now, Patreon almost appeared like a counterpoint to capitalism's essential requirement of vital profitmaking; it was a simple platform to gather donations to make a living. Now, this model could be damaged severely because it cannot go on like this anymore. At least, this is how I understood the article in full, or maybe I just didn't get it. I'm not someone who uses Patreon in any way, neither as a donator, nor as an artist or freelancer who relies on donations.

The company also revised its content policy in 2017 to eliminate the site's use for... show more


Fact-checkers cease collaboration with Facebook

Last week, the fact-checking site Snopes revealed that it would not stay on with the program this year; meanwhile The Associated Press is still evaluating its commitment. The program started in 2016 when Facebook tapped third-party fact-checkers to help weed out false news in an effort to prevent the type of disinformation campaigns that marred the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

When a post is found to be misleading, Facebook lowers the frequency with which people see it.

"The literal reason we're no longer part of the partnership is because we couldn't agree on renewal terms," Mikkelson says, "and Facebook's lack of responsiveness eliminated any possibility of further negotiation."

As journalists who ceased their collaboration with Facebook in this concern: Facebook didn't care much for what they did, the responsiveness was reportedly low. What would work be worth if Facebook didn't enact when the fact-checkers alerted troublesome content? You either anticipate, or you don't... show more



Quadriga CX's founder suddenly died, causing panic among customers

"This really highlights the need for the government to take action and regulate cryptocurrency exchanges," Skurka said in an interview from Toronto.

I guess that many cryptocurrency fans would disagree with this, even though many of them should also be concerned about things like this. The Bitcoin bubble would splash immediately if state regulation was added.

The affidavit said Robertson was left searching the couple's Nova Scotia home and Cotten's encrypted laptop for business records and missing coins.

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