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Heute kostenlos im #PlayStore zu haben:
Immersives #eBook mit Geschichten von H.P. #Lovecraft

Sieht zumindest ganz interessant und schön illustriert aus.


Auch Teil 2 ist derzeit reduziert für 1,99€ statt 3,99€ zu haben. Gleiches gilt anscheinend für den Rest der Collection mit Werken von #Poe, #Dickens etc.


On the English writer Charles Dickens and the bad manner of «gaslighting»

But this, Bowen has now concluded from a cache of letters, is probably what Dickens intended for his wife. Before she died, he writes in the Times Literary Supplement, the dying Catherine confided in a friend, Edward Dutton Cook, who told another correspondent: “He even tried to shut her up in a lunatic asylum, poor thing! But bad as the law is in regard to proof of insanity he could not quite wrest it to his purpose.”

After his (sane) estranged wife, Rosina, publicly denounced his “unexampled career of vice”, at a political hustings, Bulwer-Lytton secured the medical signatures needed to have her carried off, in 1858, to a private asylum, a nightmare she later described in A Blighted Life. (That same month, Bowen notes, the Dickenses separated.)
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