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"First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice...who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” — Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”"
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A portrait of mayor Pete as a young man

Sick of old people? He looks like Alex P. Keaton. Scared of young people? He looks like Alex P. Keaton. Religious? He’s a Christian. Atheist? He’s not weird about it. Wary of Washington? He’s from flyover country. Horrified by flyover country? He has degrees from Harvard and Oxford. Make the President Read Again? He learned Norwegian to read Erlend Loe. Traditional? He’s married. Woke? He’s gay. Way behind the rest of the country on that? He’s not too gay. Worried about socialism? He’s a technocratic capitalist. Worried about technocratic capitalists? He’s got a whole theory about how our system of “democratic capitalism” has to be a whole lot more “democratic.” If you squint hard enough to not see color, some people say, you can almost see Obama the inspiring professor. Oh, and he’s the son of an immigrant, a Navy vet, speaks seven foreign languages (in addition to Norwegian, Arabic, Spanish, Maltese, Dari, French, and Italian), owns two rescu
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Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg (D - IN) compares Bernie Sanders supporters to Trumpists

"I think the sense of anger and disaffection that comes from seeing that the numbers are fine, like unemployment's low, like all that, like you said GDP is growing and yet a lot of neighborhoods and families are living like this recovery never even happened. They're stuck," Buttigieg told high school Democrats in Nashua, N.H., on Friday. "It just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote to blow up the system, which could lead you to somebody like Bernie and it could lead you to somebody like Drumpf. That's how we got where we are."
True. Both are populists in their own way, and serve their respective wing in a the populist manner of fighting against the establishment, although Bernie at least never belonged to the establishment he wanted to fight, and only made a lot of money privately via writing a popular book. But that only worked out because he became well-known after running for president twice. I... show more


TX, TN, AZ turn towards further voting restrictions after surge in Democratic voters

In Texas, state lawmakers are considering adding criminal penalties for people who improperly fill out voter registration forms. Arizona Republicans are proposing new voting rules that could make it more complicated to cast an early ballot. In Tennessee, GOP lawmakers are considering a bill that would fine groups involved in voter registration drives that submit incomplete forms.
This is many Republicans' exact comprehension of how Democracy works: When the opposite side experiences a surge in votes, restrict their voters' rights to vote, so that they will improbably be capable of filling out a ballot correctly. Then, you are going to see your party winning in the next election. It might be autocratic and highly unconstitutional, but who cares when you're ruling?
Voting groups in the state say they are concerned this effort could result in jail time for people who don't properly fill out their voter registration forms. Currently, providing false
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18th Democratic presidential candidate announced run - this time: Seth Moulton (D - MA)

Moulton first came to prominence in 2014 when he unseated long-term incumbent Rep. John Tierney in a Democratic primary and went on to represent the state's 6th Congressional District, a swath of communities north of Boston including Salem, home of the infamous colonial-era witch trials.

"Sixteen years ago today, leaders in Washington sent me and my friends to fight in a war based on lies. It's still going on today," Moulton said in a recent tweet. "It's time for the generation that fought in Iraq to take over for the generation that sent us there."
And when Drumpf claimed to be the target of the "single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history," Moulton responded that "as the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false."
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Rather than quibbling about whether or not it is a politically practical #strategy for the #Democrats to pursue #impeachment, why not put #political pressure on the #Republicans to #impeach #trump?

When are they going to be held #accountable by the #left?


Rather than quibbling about whether or not it is a politically practical #strategy for the #Democrats to pursue #impeachment. Why not put #political pressure on the #Republicans to #impeach #trump?

When are they going to be held #accountable by the #left?


On Andrew Yang, presidential candidate for the end of the world as we expect it to be

The Boston crowd is mostly techies and earnest college kids. I catch a few whiffs of weed but nothing unreasonable given the venue. An iRobot engineer is holding up a “Humanity First” sign. (“People say immigrants are taking the jobs,” he tells me, “but really it’s me.”) Farther back, a man named Joe is selling bootleg Yang2020 hats, copies of the “vaporwave” hats used in Yang memes. According to his Etsy store, he’s made 10 sales online, with at least two more made in person at the rally.

He imagined “an army of smart, enterprising graduates building businesses in Detroit, New Orleans, Providence, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, and other cities that could use a boost.” In 2011, he donated $120,000 of his own money to start Venture For America (VFA), an accelerator meant to build new startups and new jobs in emerging cities outside of coastal startup hubs.

Detroit was sti
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Latest poll put Pete Buttigieg (D - IN) in top three among Democratic presidential candidates

The online survey from Change Research, a left-leaning polling outlet, finds former Vice President Joe Biden at 21 percent support, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at 20 percent and Buttigieg at 17 percent.
That’s a 15-point gain for Buttigieg in the past month, according to the poll, while Biden has fallen by 15 points and Sanders shed 4 points in the same survey.

In the past few weeks, Buttigieg has become a media sensation and a serious contender, raising $7 million in the first quarter and landing several coveted donors who previously raised millions of dollars for the Obama-Biden ticket.

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When #NewJersey passed a #law making these #magazines [10+ rounds] #illegal in 2018, there was a debate on whether the #gun owners of the state would hand in their magazines. When the law went into effect at the end of last year, New Jersey #Governor #PhilMurphy and #AttorneyGeneral #GurbirGrewal celebrated it as a #victory against #gunrights advocates.

SGT Kristina Pados of the New Jersey #StatePolice responded to our #FOIA request. She confirmed what our sources inside the New Jersey Police told us. The gun owners of New Jersey have #surrendered no magazines.
ha ha!

Make stupid laws, get stupid results. Strut around and act like you're "doing something". #democrats
FOIA Request Confirms Zero Standard Capacity Magazines Turned In to NJ State Police


Trump's attacks on Ilhan Omar aim to stoke fears ahead of the 2020 election

Trump and Republicans are using Omar to drive a wedge within the Democratic party and ‘foment hatred of Muslim Americans’

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why you gotta be so #controlling, Dems? Here's their plan, in case you can't figure it out on your own:
  • "health warning" label on guns. No "sane" person would violate a health warning....
  • if you own a gun in spite of the warning, you must have #mental issues (not sane)
  • #redflag law: take away the #guns from the insane people who own guns
Illinois Democrats: exporting their superb record on gun safety to everywhere since whenever. #sarcasm

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Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke (D - TX) allegedly underpaid taxes of years 2013 and 2014

In those two years, O'Rourke and his wife, Amy, reported a total of $15,718 in medical expense deductions. However, at the time, people under 65 could only take the deduction if their medical expenses exceeded 10 percent of their adjusted gross income, and the O'Rourkes' expenses didn't exceed that threshold.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported on the issue, noted that the error means that the O'Rourkes appeared to have underpaid their taxes by a total of more than $4,000 in those two years.
Seems like O'Rourke's tax return exposure has already hit back. I can already smell the right-wingers devouring this report, although their president still didn't show his tax returns, for whatever reason (perhaps tax evasion?).
"After becoming aware of this error, the accounting firm that prepared the filings was immediately informed and will file an amendment as appropriate,” an O'Rourke aide told the Journal.
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I hope they neuter this sad excuse for a mayor:

measles vaccination order will face legal challenge
Children’s Health Defense ( #CHD ) is supporting a #legal challenge to this #dangerous, #unprecedented #overreach. While the City has unquestionable authority to control #disease outbreaks, it may not violate the bedrock principle of prior, #free and #
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On Bernie Sanders' (I - Vt) town hall appearance on Fox News

(I preferred the Vox article over the Fox News article because the Fox one wrote that Bernie didn't apologise for being a millionaire thanks to his book royalties. It hit the stance of saying that Democrats spat upon millionaires for being millionaires, which is wrong. It regards those millionaires a failure which lead companies but don't pay their employees fair salaries and evade taxes. I don't agree with AOC's employee who claims every billionaire a failure generally, I only call those a failure who happen to dump their employees and avoid to pay their fair share to our society. There's a difference, please mind that)
When speaking directly to audience members or to the TV audience watching at home, Sanders was sincere and open. When asked about President Donald Drumpf, he spoke with emotion about how he hoped everyone could agree a “pathological liar” should not be president; in his closing statement, he practically begged for more comity in the country, without backing off his
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Trump's re-election campaign has told to have raised $30 mn dollars

The Drumpf campaign said nearly 99% of its donations were of $200 or less, with an average donation of $34.26.

Drumpf formally launched his reelection effort just hours after taking office in 2017, earlier than any incumbent has in prior years. By contrast, former President Barack Obama launched his 2012 effort in April 2011 and had under $2 million on hand at this point in the campaign.

In 2015, Drumpf swore off outside money, declaring in his opening speech: “I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists’. I’m not using donors’. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”

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Pete Buttigiegs (D - IN) perfect image starts to crack

An Indiana judge will rule soon on whether to release five cassette tapes of secretly recorded conversations between South Bend police officers that led to the 2012 demotion of Police Chief Darryl Boykins, the city’s first ever black police chief.

Buttigieg’s critics say he’s gone to great lengths to conceal the contents of the tapes, which some believe could include racist language by white police officers.

“There’s a level of frustration,” said Karen White, a city councilwoman and Democrat who is black. “We want this issue to be brought to closure to ensure this issue does not polarize our community further. We have a right to know [what’s on the tapes], as do our citizens."

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Person from out of town: "Where's the nearest Chick-fil-a?"
Local: "It's at the end of the rainbow"

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US Senate has reached a gridlock situation

Just last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) triggered the “nuclear option” and weakened the Senate’s vaunted filibuster to steamroll over Democratic resistance to President Donald Drumpf’s nominees — the third time in six years the majority party has unilaterally changed Senate rules.
“The fact that we’ve had political vote after political vote after political vote while there’s issues like climate change and comprehensive immigration [reform]that we don’t take up — yeah,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) when asked if the Senate had bottomed out. “We’re an awful lot like the House now. It’s no longer ‘The Greatest Deliberative Body.’ It’s just another body.”

Congress has to pass some funding measure to avoid another shutdown by the end of September, something both sides say they want to do. The U.S. government also will hit the deb
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Fmr. counsel to Obama and Clinton expected to be indicted in Mueller-related probe

Craig had prepared a report concerning Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's jailing of one of his political opponents, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The report was meant to be used by President Donald Drumpf's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who had been lobbying for Yanukovych at the time, to defend the former president. Craig would be the first current or former Democratic official to be indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation, which ended last month.

"Mr. Craig is not guilty of any charge and the government's stubborn insistence on prosecuting Mr. Craig is a misguided abuse of prosecutorial discretion," the statement said.

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Sen. Dems demand AG William Barr to withdraw espionage allegations

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) accused Barr of "perpetuating conspiracy theories" during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was scheduled to discuss the department's budget but ultimately was dominated by questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) accused Barr of "perpetuating conspiracy theories" during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was scheduled to discuss the department's budget but ultimately was dominated by questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Barr told senators on Wednesday that he was looking into the FBI's investigation of members of Drumpf's campaign and that he believes "spying" took place.
Please highlight that he believes it, meaning he has no ground on this allegation. Therefore, he rather spreads a conspiracy theory, although we, on the other hand, didn't h... show more


We should be expected to hear why the Trump-Russia investigation was started in the first place

Barr told senators that “I think spying did occur” in the Drumpf-Russia investigation conducted by (among others) the Justice Department and the FBI during the 2016 presidential campaign.
“The question,” Barr elaborated, “is whether it was adequately predicated.” Because “spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” he explained that he would undertake an internal review, focusing on what the original rationale was for the spying.
Did he also emphasise on what evidental ground he had to believe that spying did occur on the Trump campaign? I mean, he possesses the Mueller report as one of the only people in the political circus (beside (fmr.) Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, Mueller and his team. Trump, as he said, could read the report, but didn't, because he's a semi- to illiterate who struggles to read a full page without losing concentration immediately). Maybe he has got more information on... show more


Latest Dianne Feinstein (D - CA) meme on electoral colleges makes false claim

The original poster offered no source for the claim, and commenters didn’t ask for one, instead seemingly accepting the quote as legitimate. The included date and name made it easy to locate a brief window of commentary made by Feinstein, who did in fact tweet about the Electoral College on that particular date:
As Ms. Feinstein wrote on Twitter:
Californians are consistently under-represented when voting for president because of the Electoral College. Each elector stands for 712,000 Californians, but smaller states get the same vote for only 195,000 voters. That’s simply unfair. We must eliminate the Electoral College.

As her press release states it:
Every four years, Californians are under-represented when they cast ballots for president of the United States because of the Electoral College. Each elector stands for 712,000 California residents, but a small state like
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socialist projects always go through honeymoon periods, during which they are enthusiastically endorsed by #Western #intellectuals. But since #socialist #policies generally lead to #economic #failure, and sometimes even #political #repression, those honeymoon periods typically don’t last for more than a decade. Then these foreign example fall out of fashion, and get retroactively reclassified as #
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Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg claims that VP Mike Pence might have a problem with his creator

Buttigieg, in a speech at LGBTQ Victory Fund National Champagne Brunch in Washington, D.C., referenced the vice president's less-than-welcoming attitude toward members of the LGBTQ community when discussing his marriage to his husband Chasten. He called marriage equality a moral issue, saying his marriage of two years has made him a "better human being."

"I can tell you, that if me being gay was a choice, it was a choice that was made far, far above my pay grade," he added, to a room full of loud cheers. "And that's the thing I wish the Mike Pence's of the world could understand, that if you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator."

"The struggle is not over when states like my own home state of Indiana don't even have hate crime legislation. The struggle is not over when in so many parts of the country it's perfectly legal to fire somebody because of who they are and who th
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Guy no-one seems to know is running for president, he announced on Late Night Show

Bona note: His name is Eric Salwell

The 38-year-old former prosecutor was first elected to represent California’s 15th Congressional District, covering parts of San Francisco, in 2012, yada yada yada. You know how to read Wikipedia as well as I do. The likelihood Swalwell sticks around long enough that you—or anyone—gets a chance to vote for him for president is pretty slim. The most compelling thing about Swalwell’s hours-old candidacy is that he’s running with a focus on gun control.
And yes, there are 18 people on the Democratic side running for president. No, the boat is not full yet, but I guess we are soon going to capsize because people will have lost all oversight of the field of runners.
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«Them Dems would of been better of reading The Holy Fucking Bible», insists actor and laughing matter Chuck Norris

Before the president and other conservative lawmakers even convened to discuss Justice Kennedy’s possible replacements, liberals and progressives whined and cried injustice as they predicted the certain overturn of Roe v. Wade and the demise of modern left shifts in social equality.

Some Dems have committed to fight like hell to defer any Supreme Court appointment until after the November elections. But in doing so they overlook that one-third of all U.S. presidents nominated a Supreme Court justice in an election year.

My friend and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was right this past week on Fox News when he quipped that even if Drumpf nominated Moses, one of the chief lawgivers and “judges” this world has ever seen, Dems would still oppose him. They won’t be unhappy no matter who Drumpf nominates.
This is too funny to be true. :'D
(Not what he said, bu... show more


Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke (D - TX) rushes against Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him racist

"That relationship, if it is to be successful, must transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist, as he warns about Arabs coming to the polls, who wants to defy any prospect for peace as he threatens to annex the West Bank, and who has sided with a far-right, racist party in order to maintain his hold on power," O'Rourke said.

"We must be able to transcend his current leadership to make sure that that alliance is strong, that we continue to push for and settle for nothing less than a two-state solution, because that is the best opportunity for peace for the people of Israel and the people of Palestine," O'Rourke said. "It is the best opportunity for the full human rights of everyone who is living in that region."

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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R - KY) shortens time periodlawmakers have to discuss executive branch nominees

Normally a batch of six nominees could take weeks to confirm, thanks to delay tactics Democrats have employed to stall some of President Drumpf’s judicial and executive branch picks.
But Republicans have significantly shortened the maximum time lawmakers can debate about them and, under the new precedent, debate could only take a few weeks.

“It’s one of this body’s most important responsibilities. And yet, it’s been hampered recently by a campaign of systematic and comprehensive obstruction that stands without precedent in American history.”
To profoundly discuss a nominee to question his capability in terms of avoiding with someone unable to properly fulfill his responsibilities is not an obstruction but a precautionary measurement. I am negatively surprised you don't understand this. Although, on second thought, I am actually not surprised. It suits your previo... show more

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Trump makes impromptu rally visit in CA, was greeted by protesters

(So much for his alternative, positive event to replace the Press Conference Dinner he refused to attend because it was oh-so negative (which just shows how thin-skinned he is; mocking people on Twitter but can't stand a joke directed to him. I guess that he and Devin Nunes (R - CA) share a lot in common)
Drumpf was also expected to make an unannounced side trip to the coastal city of Rancho Palos Verdes for a dinner at his Drumpf golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a group that included members of the City Council, the Los Angeles Times reported.
If there's anyone out there, next to this site: You know what to do. Let Trump know you care about him. :'D
He flew to Los Angeles from a visit to the U.S. side of the border with Mexico. There, he took a look at a two-mile refurbished section of fencing and took aim at the surge in migrants, saying there's no room left in the U.S. for them. He was briefed on border security, which is sure to become a
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Hillary Clinton's DNC Field Director faces backlash for mocking McConnell's falling, and refuses to apologize

Despite being told by fellow #Democrats that Mitch McConnell has a disabled leg due to #polio, #AdamParkhomenko keeps the Tweet up & refuses to apologize.

A former aide to #HillaryClinton is facing #... show more


Tim Ryan (D - OH) announces run for presidency, the 17th Democrat by now

(Seriously, the presidential field is dangerously overcrowded, this has to stop. We don't need anyone anymore, we can already serve every single preference, as far as I'm concerned. So, if you think about running, don't. Wait for the next presidency in five years. By now, you don't stand a chance anymore, the favourites are out and have flocked the voters around them. You would only fall into oblivion, thus passing your chance in the next election.)
“Those people who voted for [Republican President Donald] Drumpf and wanted a change — and got chaos and no plan and instability — are going to be looking for someone who they can connect with,” Ryan told The Vindicator. “I’ve been to Wisconsin. I’ve been to Michigan. It’s Ohio. I’ve been to Iowa. It’s just like Ohio.”
He's been everywhere, he's been everywhere man, crossed the deserts bare man,he's breathed the mountain air, man Of travelhe's a'had his s... show more


Fox News host overwhelmed by eloquent supporter of tax-raise in random diner survey

Fox & Friends regularly features segments in which a reporter or one of their co-hosts visits greasy spoons to see what “Real Americans” think about today’s hot topics. In this instance, Piro traveled to The Corner Cafe in Riverside, Missouri to talk to patrons about independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz’s positions. (The former Starbucks CEO is appearing at a Fox News town hall in Kansas City.)

The Fox & Friends correspondent then wondered why the young man felt climate change was on the same level as World War II, only for Jack to highlight that while roughly “400,000 Americans died” during that war, “climate change is killing 150,000 people per year, at least.”

“So to review, you are in favor of raising taxes in order to support the Green New Deal?” a confused Piro asked.
“If that’s the optimal solution economists sort out, I will go with th
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Claire McCaskill (D - MS) wants Stacey Abrams (D - GA) to remove Mitch McConnell (R - KY) from Senate

“I really do think that it will be very hard for us to what we want to do in this country as long as Mitch McConnell is running the show in the United States Senate,” McCaskill said. “So I want you to do whatever your ambition and your planning leads you. I use the word ‘ambition’ because I’m proud of your ambition, women need to own their ambition– I think that’s terrific.”

“Leader Schumer has been nothing but gracious,” she said. “He’s been very intense and very intentional, and I appreciate that – I appreciate the input. My job is to make sure, one, I’m the right person for the job, two, that it’s the right time, three, that this is the right job that I need to hold.”

#Kentucky #... show more


Former House speaker Paul Ryan laments about AOC's ignorance on his advices

(I guess she knows who was talking to her, and what his legacy was, subsequent to his resignation)
"I talked to her, AOC — everybody calls her AOC ... She's the youngest person now there. I gave her just a few little tips on just being a good member of Congress, new. I don't think she really listened to a thing I said," Ryan said, to laughter from the audience.
To be honest, reading this I almost felt some sympathy for him. He sounds like the generian uncle who's talking to his young, eagerly spirited niece, giving her advices for her future life but she simply didn't care, running away from him, leaving him behind. It's comparably sad, although his work as a House speaker was paved with failure, trying to decrease the country's debt and such. Still, regarding what he must have said (as he is quoted), she seemed to have listened. She took it easy, and ran forward to tick the points on her agenda.
Ocasio-Cortez has been vocal in the past abou
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Presidential candidate Bennet (D - CO) reveals he has prostate cancer

His PSA was high. The biopsy showed malignancy. The doctors recommended that, at his age, surgery was the best course of action. His family agreed. The risk, he was told, was low. John Kerry had survived, cancer free, the same surgery in 2003 and two weeks later was back on the campaign trail, on his way to winning the Democratic nomination. And so …
When I asked Bennet how he was taking all this — the cancer, not the presidential bid — he said he was OK. “I’m too busy to really sit back and think about it,” he said, “and that’s probably the best thing.”

“I don’t want to be hysterical, but if it was left in me undetected, it could kill me. It won’t because I have insurance and decent medical care. The idea that the richest county in the world hasn’t figured out how to have universal health care is beyond embarrassing. It’s devastating.”

#... show more


Democrats subpoena Trump's tax returns from IRS

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal sent a letter on Wednesday to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig demanding copies of Drumpf's taxes from 2013 through 2018. He gave Rettig until next Wednesday to comply with the request.

"We are under audit, despite what people said, and working that out — I'm always under audit, it seems, but I've been under audit for many years because the numbers are big, and I guess when you have a name, you're audited. But until such time as I'm not under audit, I would not be inclined to do it," Drumpf said.
I guess that he is under audit, although I am not sure whether he spoke about it yet. Did he say something like this already?
"The use of the committee's authority to access and make public he tax returns of a single individual for purely political purposes would not only set a dangerous precedent, but it also undermines the core intent of the law," Brady wrote.
This is for no purely political purpos... show more


Senate GOP prepares to use the nuclear option


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Senate GOP prepares to use the nuclear option


2 more Biden accusers surface with claims of uncomfortable encounters with former VP


#accusers #biden #claims #democratic party #democrats #dnc #elections 2020 #encounters #former #former vice president joe biden #more #oan newsroom #surface #uncomfortable
2 more Biden accusers surface with claims of uncomfortable encounters with former VP


Security first, a healthy economic second

He first says that there surely will be a negative impact on the economy when the border is erected, but shortly after this, he recalls the great deal he has agreed upon with Canada and Mexico, namely the USMCA, which is akin to NAFTA.

Watch the video and see what he says:
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«The Democrats shall cease their partisan obstruction already», says Mitch McConnell

This new, across-the-board obstruction is unfair to the president and, more importantly, to the American people. Left unchecked, it is guaranteed to create an unsustainable precedent that would see every future presidency of either party obstructed in the same mindless way.

Across the first two years of each of the six presidents preceding President Drumpf, the Senate only had to hold 24 total cloture votes on nominations. That’s the once-rare procedural step that unlocks an up-or-down confirmation vote even though a minority has sought to block it.

More nominees whom I suspect would be confirmed without opposition are still being delayed indefinitely because our colleagues cannot finish grieving their loss in 2016.
As for this, POLITICO has published a different piece as well. Read it here:... show more