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26 States Now Ban or Restrict Community Broadband

HN Discussion:
Posted by grecy (karma: 15249)
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I think these ActivityPub projects may deserve some more attention - and support.#anfora #peerpx #sharing #activitypub #decentralized #community #selfhosting #foss #photography #pictures #images


Nextcloud Conference 2019: Call for papers

Nextcloud Conference 2019 is coming!

Five months from now, on September 14-15, our annual Nextcloud Conference will take place at Technical University Berlin. This is our opportunity to get together and make Nextcloud awesome (it already is, of course). Come and share with us what you’ve been working on: We want to hear about anything Nextcloud related! Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th will be dedicated to talks, workshops and keynotes (and of course, a great party!) and a Contributor Week will happen on the days around the Conference, from September 13th to 20th. We are hands-on people so make sure to bring your laptop!

What’s the plan?

Our event is like one of our roughly bi-monthly hack weeks on steroids, taking place in bustling Berlin at the Technical University. Think intensive discussions and coding combined with nice drinks & food, only interrupted by good parties!


On Friday we will be busy working, coding, designing, discussing and... show more

Any Diasporans out there visit or participate in ZAD? This read about right?

#ZAD #France #community #organizing


Nextcloud supports Privacy for All to strengthen the California Consumer Privacy Act

Guest post by Marinela Gogo
The more cases of companies ‘playing around’ with people’s data make their way to the news headlines, the more people become conscious about data privacy concerns. Even governments start to take this issue seriously, after all, we are humans before being users and data privacy is a fundamental human right. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in June, hot on the heels of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation that went into effect in May. Nextcloud has signed a public letter on initiative of the team behind the privacy-protecting search engine DuckDuckGo in support of the P4A amendment to the CCPA.

What is CCPA

CCPA is a law that goes into effect on January 2020 and gives Californian consumers more control over the information businesses collect on them. More concretely, the intentions of the act are to grant Californians with:... show more


Bild/FotoWe are getting closer and closer to a final Nextcloud 16 release! We fixed just 11 more issues since beta 3 and thus the time of the first release candidate is here. We call you all to help finishing up!

Help out now!

There’s a lot of work still to be done. First, of co
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Nextcloud 16 Release Candidate 1 is here, help test!

Bild/FotoWe are getting closer and closer to a final Nextcloud 16 release! We fixed just 11 more issues since beta 3 and thus the time of the first release candidate is here. We call you all to help finishing up!

Help out now!

There’s a lot of work still to be done. First, of course: testing! We are at a point where we can’t find any serious issues anymore. That’s just a “works for me” which really needs more than our automated and manual testing: it needs you to help out and make sure it also works for you!

Our internal testing has revealed problems, those problems have been resolved and we can’t find serious problems anymore. But Nextcloud is used in many more ways than we realistically can test: on all kinds of devices, using a crazy variety of web servers, PHP versions, databases and so on. Testing might seem simple:
install Nextcloud, try it. If it works, release it!
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Contributor Week & Nextcloud Conference: Time to apply for travel support!

You have probably heard that at Nextcloud, we have this awesome thing called travel support where we help you cover your expenses if you want to join us to help make Nextcloud better. As we have some events coming up, it is time to invite you to apply and join us at our next Contributor Week in Stuttgart or at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin!

What is travel support?

With our travel support program we help members of our community to meet us and connect with the rest of the Nextcloud community, to get advice for your Nextcloud contributions and to get involved in new Nextcloud-related projects. The rule is simple: Make one (or many!) contributions first, then apply. If your travel support is approved, we support 80% of your travel and lodging costs. Of course, don’t forget to bring your laptop to our event as we are hands-on people!

Please note that Nextcloud travel support is aimed at people whose travel possibilities are limited by financial issues. In other words: Please only apply if you couldn’t afford traveling otherwise! A limited amount of... show more

Streit um Ferienwohnungen: Airbnb will weiterhin Unterkünfte im Westjordanland anbieten #Privat #Vermieter #Wohnungsmarkt #Hotel #Unterkunft #Reservieren #SiliconValley #Community #Airbnb #Reise #Aktuell #USA #Israel #Hotels #Westjordanland

Prozess um getöteten Flüchtling: Ungeklärte Gewalttat #Kurden #Syrien-Flüchtlinge #IslamischerStaatIS #Bremen #Jesiden #Community #Prozess #Nord

Asterisk white mobile

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First piece of my community wireless project arrived. Weatherproof case for the equipment. Going to house a gateway for The Things Network and wifi equioemnt for participating in a mesh network. #Community #LoRa #LoRaWAN #Mesh #Wifi #Nerd #TheThingsNetwork


Nextcloud 16 Beta 2 arrived!

In more testing news, we have put the second beta of Nextcloud 16 online! And again, we look forward to your feedback on bugs and help with polishing this release! Maybe running the beta through its paces will make for a good weekend project?

We want to make sure that upgrades and day to day usage are easy and smooth, but any other input is welcome, too.

Nextcloud 16 beta 2 (zip)

What’s new

We can’t yet reveal what is new, but you can see for yourself by installing the beta of course. And we can use your help, we have our automated tests and it has gotten some basic smoke testing but no test scheme can replace the myriad of ways you all use Nextcloud, on NAS devices to big iron servers!

Besides testing, your help is also welcome in polishing. Small UI improvements, fixes to details – and of course bugf... show more


You are invited to join our next contributor week in Stuttgart!

Two weeks ago, we concluded another successful hackweek, again attracting more people than ever. We’ve worked on many improvements for the upcoming Nextcloud 16 release, discussed what to do for 17 and of course had great fun together. We have set a date for our next Hackweek, June 24-28, again in our office at the Hirschstrasse in Stuttgart, Germany! Like last time, every Nextcloud contributor is warmly invited to join us.
Just transfered my Right click app repository to @Nextclouders. Should be shipped by default for Nextcloud 17 Bild/Foto

— Samy NASTUZZI (@NastuzziSamy) March 14, 2019
We sadly forgot to take a nice group picture last time, however... show more

"South Africa sees hundreds of service delivery protests a year. Zimbabweans no longer expect anything much from government, and have only protested when the fuel hike threatened to bring about truly unsurvivable conditions. ... For decades now, Zimbabweans have been making their own plan. And in the process, communities have changed. Wherever you live, neighbors know neighbors. They have to, to make a plan to share a borehole; or to have someone keep an eye on children while mothers, fathers and grandparents partake in some way in the informal economy."

#Zimbabwe #Idai #mutualaid #community

Hey. I’m another FB refugee.

I care about #community and building community. Also #singing #hiphop #politics and rights of #lgbtq #POC #BlackLivesMatter #refugees #immigrants #Latinx #Indigenous #NativeAmericans #animals and all #beings

I'm #newhere and I don't know what I'm doing. Is this thing on?

Hey. I’m another FB refugee.

I care about #community and building community. Also #singing #hiphop #politics and rights of #lgbtq #POC #BlackLivesMatter #refugees #immigrants #Latinx #Indigenous #NativeAmericans #animals and all #beings

I'm #newhere and I don't know what I'm doing. Is this thing on?


Israeli Rabbis Are Using DNA Testing To Police Civil Rights

#TheForward archived link

On Tuesday, #JudyMaltz reported in #Haaretz that the #Israeli #... show more


Interesting view on the use of the word 'Community' (geared towards gaming)

I've always been hesitant to call myself a member of any community, if only because invariably, there are members of that community that share views that are different than my own, and calling myself a member paints me with that same brush. There are many views- both good and bad- wrapped up in any conglomeration of people. And when you get to online identities, you have to deal with the fact that you might not be looking at someone's true face.

I play Video and Computer Games but am not a member of that community. I play RPGs and Board Games but am not a member of that community. I'm into Mechanical Keyboards but am not a member of that community. And so on, and so on. Dealing with people on an individual level has always been my go to. Not to make assumptions for the good nor the bad.

This blog post summarizes a lot of thoughts that I'd had more eloquently than I could ever have written them.

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An alle Aktiven & die, die es werden wollen: Die #C2CAkademie 2019 findet von 07.-10.06. in #Hannover statt! Sie bietet Euch Raum für Austausch, Vernetzung und Weiterbildung in der #c2c #community. Am besten gleich anmelden und dabei sein! #cradletocradle
Cradle to Cradle eV on Twitter

C2C – Akademie: C2C – Akademie | Eine weitere C2C – Network Websites Website (Lucas)

Hey. I’m another FB refugee.

I care about #community and building community. Also #singing #hiphop #politics and rights of #lgbtq #POC #BlackLivesMatter #refugees #immigrants #Latinx #Indigenous #NativeAmericans #animals and all #beings

I'm #newhere and I don't know what I'm doing. Is this thing on?

Hey. I’m another FB refugee.

I care about #community and building community. Also #singing #hiphop #politics and rights of #lgbtq #POC #BlackLivesMatter #refugees #immigrants #Latinx #Indigenous #NativeAmericans #animals and all #beings

I'm #newhere and I don't know what I'm doing. Is this thing on?


The post I already shared on Lets reshare it here too.

ok so the recommendation lets get done with that. I am an old googleplus user joined while still was not open to public.
#GPlusrefugee #newhere When its about tag newhere I am not really new on the diaspora network as I have accounts from the 2011 and 2012 on some other diaspora nodes. I think first was and I am also on friendica currently on the so you can add me as or here or just search marko.shiva.pavlovic @ other diaspora nodes.
I do not really feel as wanting to follow many people as I hate noise so I will be pretty much selective here you are still open to follow me and I will add my on node address once I set it up.
I am also part of the #KDE project especially #... show more


Cospend: β€œAnother bit in the Nextcloud ecosystem”

It started when he asked himself which apps were missing for him in Nextcloud. Julien Veyssier, the contributor behind the Nextcloud PhoneTrack Android app had started adapting to Java/Android programming, and he was looking for a new contribution to bring to the project. That’s where he thought of IHateMoney, an app he had been using for years to manage shared expenses with his housemates.

He was “almost” fine with IHateMoney, until their public instance crashed, and his data was lost. It was time for a self-hosted IHateMoney instance, followed by an attempt to build MoneyBuster, an IHateMoney client for Android. And that’s where it became an evidence: wouldn’t it be better to have a similar Nextcloud app? An app that would provide the same API so it would be compatible with MoneyBuster?

Cospend was born: a tool to keep track of common e... show more

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#DiasporaRebelAlliance #Update

Don't think this whole thing is just a flash in the pan, because it's not. I can't sustain the blitz of last weekend's rebel postings. That was the summation of a long term plan and a weeks nights on the GIMP doing the #ArtHarder to produce graphics. Even though the frequency of Rebel postings might slow a little, rest assured this alliance is here to stay and will remain a permanent addition to the diaspora* landscape. Slow and steady is the pace.

As expected, the opposition has been relentless but we are thankful for our many supporters, both overt and covert. You know who you are. ;) I appreciate you all, when t... show more


Schulpflicht vs. Recht auf MeinungsΓ€usserung und Mitbestimmung

In den vergangenen Wochen habe ich mich intensiv mit den Kinderrechten beschäftigt und mir auch Gedanken über die aktuellen Klimastreiks von Kindern und Jugendlichen gemacht. Mit verschiedenen Menschen habe ich mich darüber ausgetauscht und spannende, teils auch kontroverse Gespräche geführt. Letzten Montag fand an der FHSG auch der Communityanlass zu diesem Thema statt, wo wir die Kinderlobby Schweiz dazu eingeladen haben (Zusammenfassung: Diese beiden 15jährigen Mädchen haben eine sehr souveränen und unglaublich starken Auftritt gegeben. Besonders ist mir eine Aussage geblieben: «Wir haben oft keine Wege, um unsere Bedürfnisse einzubringen oder uns Gehör zu verschaffen.»
In der UN-KrK, Konkret fallen mir diesbezüglich u.a. Art. 12, 13 und 15 ein, welche den Kindern und Jugendlichen explizit das Recht auf Mitbestimmung, freie Meinungsäusserung und Versammlung zusprechen.
Ich orientiere mich in me... show more


Hello, I'm #newhere to #Diaspora pod

  • I first heard about #Diaspora six months ago, but I finally decided to get involved and see what it's all about. I've been on here for a short time before deciding to create my first post of engagement and see what this website and #community has to offer me and what I can offer it.
  • I'm interested in #Linux #technology #internetfreedom #coding #graphicdesign #webdesign #music #vaping and quite often complete randomness from my specified areas of interest.
  • I'm hoping to inject some positivity and leave something meaningful throughout the #Diaspora #community if nothing else.
  • If you have upvoted, liked, followed, shared this introduction, much is appreciated!


VERSION 19.01 Has Been Released!

Took a bit longer than expected but I've found 31 new songs to add to the collection, bringing the total upto 442, with a combined playtime of almost 29 hours!

I also did a few minior changes, fixes and updates as usual.

You can check out and download the collection from here:

The next update should be out by the end of April assuming that everything goes well.

I'll add these songs to the bot soon.

Add finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been following, supporting and spreading the disk so far! =D

- The Compiler
#music #songs #diaspora #announcement #project #development #dev #mywork #update #community #thankyou #thanks


Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Your freedom requires maintenance!

As a prominent dissident on this network I have long been aware that censorship exists even here in Diaspora.
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Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Your freedom requires maintenance!

As a prominent dissident on this network I have long been aware that censorship exists even here in Diaspora. The first time I had an account deleted on me it was on the Cryptospora pod. The podmin did it without any message or warning. Just like that, poof, it was gone. All my data and contacts vanished. All because I was challenging a narrative with a comment he didn't like. Of course I just made a new account, and reconnected with my contacts, but after that I started to keep track of which pods were opposed to people challenging certain narratives. Every time I noticed a fellow dissident having issues with a pod I made a mental note of it. Before long some of them were even messaging me in private, asking me for intel on good pods.

There were also public discussions. Others were offering m... show more


Operating systems – can we make them private?

Every #operating #system (and #application) ever created becomes less #private with each new version.

As technology has evolved, developers are under increasing pressure to spy on their #customers and extract their #data for #exploitation.

Users are always advised to update their #software to improve its #... show more


While we acknowledge these pods are basically private property, and that the podmin have the right to run them however they please... When the podmin choose to break federation in order to block out certain accounts, t
... show more