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Asteroid Missions and Crumbling Theories.Space News....
Today,two spacecraft exploring two separate asteroids may provide critical data that could change scientists’ thoughts about these mysterious,rocky worlds.Since June of 2018,the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 has surveyed the surface of the asteroid Ryugu,and recently Japan’s space agency performed a touchdown on the object to collect physical samples,which will reach Earth late next year.Meanwhile, NASA’s Osiris-REx Spacecraft is exploring an asteroid of remarkably similar size, called Bennu, with dust samples from the asteroid scheduled to return to Earth in 2023. Already, what the spacecrafts have found has surprised scientists on Earth, including the “surprisingly dry” surface of Ryugu, and recently, the completely unexpected emission of “energetic plumes” of particles from the asteroid Bennu. In part one of this three-part presentation, physicist Eugene Bagashov explores in detail what the missions have already found, and he suggests from the Electric Universe perspective
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Bankrupting Physics.How Today's Top Scientists Are Gambling Away Their Credibility....Here is the abstract:
“In this fascinating and eye-opening account,theoretical physicist Alexander Unzicker and science writer Sheilla Jones offer a polemic.They question whether the large-scale,multinational enterprises actually lead us to the promised land of understanding the universe.The two scientists take us on a tour of contemporary physics and show how a series of highly publicized theories met a dead end.Unzicker and Jones systematically unpack the recent hot theories such as "parallel universes," "string theory" and "inflationary cosmology," and provide an accessible explanation of each.They argue that physics has abandoned its evidence-based roots and shifted to untestable mathematical theories,and they issue a clarion call for the science to return to its experimental foundation.”

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Can you explain how both the BBT and SST rely on Einstein’s “Untired Light Theory” to interpret the cosmological redshift as evidence for an expanding universe?”....
This is what I wrote in IUT: “By 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered enough galaxies to establish that the degree of redshift also was a rough inverse function of their luminosity, which is a measure of their distance… His greatest mistake was to promote Slipher’s speculation that this cosmological redshift always was due to the Doppler Effect. The title of his famous 1929 introductory paper says it all: “A relation between distance and radial velocity among extra-galactic nebulae.””
In other words, he initially assumed the cosmological redshift and the Doppler Effect were one and the same. But the Doppler Effect only occurs in a medium. Einstein had removed that possibility by his temporary rejection of aether. A single particle could not have such an effect. Nonetheless, regressive physicists and cosmogonists accepted Einstein’s eight a
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Martian Geology,Past and Present.Space News....In part one of this presentation,physicist E. Bagashov began his examination of some of the enduring geological mysteries on Mars.Of course, geologists examining the surface of Mars project familiar earthly processes onto the Red Planet,they imagine volcanic eruptions,flowing water and impacts from space as dominant forces shaping the Martian landscape.But countless Martian features defy these explanations.We have proposed that another process,high energy electrical discharge,may have produced some of the dramatic features on Mars,a hypothesis with a growing body of experimental support.In this conclusion,Eugene summarizes some of the most compelling evidence for electrical scarring on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system,including our own planet.
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Plasma Medium....What ionizes the intergalactic medium?...According to a recent press release, astrophysicists are puzzled by the extent of ionization in distant regions of the Universe.
As the announcement states, after the newborn Universe cooled, hydrogen nuclei (protons) recombined with electrons into neutral atoms. Then, extreme ultraviolet light frequencies are thought to be how the gas was “re-ionized”. However, what is not understood is how that light enters the IGM.
In an Electric Universe,galactic evolution occurs because large-scale plasma discharges form coherent filaments that exhibit electrodynamic behavior.Since the Universe is an electrical system that is constantly charging and discharging, instead of a gravitational system that is constantly contracting and expanding, gravity is not the primary energy source for galactic consolidation. Gravity, by itself, cannot explain how galaxies sometimes form long arcs, like silver beads on a string, threaded through the Universe.
Conventional theories rely on gravity and acceleration
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"The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio 3:6:9.Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive,while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant." [Keely;see also Sympathetic Stream,Laws of Being,Modes of Vibration,Modes of Vibration - Annotated, SYMPATHETIC STREAMS - Snell, LAWS OF MOLECULAR BEING].
369 - "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9,then you would have a key to the universe." Nikola Tesla (source of this quote unknown which puts in question whether Tesla even said this).
I have found no other reference to this quote attributed to Nikola Tesla.Are there any?If you know the source of this quote and/or have more Tesla materials on this idea please contact me.
However,what I have found are numerous references within the Keely materials.Russell also mentions the importance of threes. Dale Pond.

The 3, 6 and 9 idea has been partially explain
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Plasma Scientist Anthony Peratt Meets the Electric Universe.Could a Single Pictograph Spark a Scientific Revolution?...
The story of plasma scientist Tony Peratt and the personal cost of his involvement with the Electric Universe community deserves to be told simply and accurately.The overriding message is the damage that a self-appointed Inquisitor,lacking any expertise on the subjects in question,can do to the exceptional career of someone who deserved MUCH better.There is something profoundly unethical and disturbing in the story of colleagues standing by,watching the slanderous treatment of Tony from the sidelines and taking no initiatives to stop the baseless attacks that abruptly terminated his career.In particular,these attacks ended Tony’s systematic,rigorously scientific work to reconstruct earth-altering electrical events in the ancient sky.To hide or to deny this story is to violate every standard of integrit... show more

Scientific "Correctness" vs. Scientific Progress....Space News....In this adaptation of a recent Thunderbolts Picture of the Day article, author Mel Acheson explores how a phenomenon he calls "scientific correctness" can ultimately impede scientific progress.
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There is no Free Energy....Space and ‘field’ phenomena; Nature and sub-nature....This work is founded on the impulse of Rudolf Steiner, and is an extension of the work of Goethe.

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Some Observations on the Relationships Between Light & Electricity....

Friends, avoid the darkened chamber,
Where one pinches off the light,
Which must bow in lamentation
While distortions mock our sight.
Over-credulous believers
Through the years there’ve been enough;
In the noggins of your teachers
Reign illusions, specter-stuff.


"When we open our eyes and view our surroundings this is possible because of a phenomenon we term “light.” What is the origin and cause of this “light” so necessary for optical perception of the objective world? Battles have raged over this question. It has been claimed to have been answered many times over the centuries, but has it truly been answered? Is light a particle, a wave, a Janus-headed aberration mixing the two and confusing the mind, or is the expression of a cosmic forc... show more

Healing the Body's Electrical Circuitry.Electricity of Life....ThunderboltsProject...
Today, various electromagnetic therapies have gained unprecedented acceptance and use, and scientific studies continue to affirm the influence of electromagnetic fields on life. One of the leading pioneers in this rapidly growing field has been Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist whose book series Healing is Voltage describes his groundbreaking research into the electrical circuitry of the human body. Today, in part one of this two-part presentation, Dr. Tennant begins by sharing his own remarkable challenges which catalyzed his scientific journey.
Dr. Jerry Tennant is board certified in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery (residency,
Harvard Medical School and Southwestern Medical School.) He was the director of ophthalmic plastic surgery clinic at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and practiced from 1965 to 1995. He did much of the FDA study for the VISX Excimer laser and performed approximately 1000 surgeries in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dr. Tennant was th
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What is the cosmological redshift?... As mentioned in Infinite Universe Theory[1], there are many types of redshift found in astronomy. Here, we are concerned only with the one responsible for the erroneous idea that the universe is expanding. Light from all sources loses energy as a function of distance (Figure 1). Note that the dimmest sources, farthest away, have the highest redshifts (Figure 2). The cosmological redshift also is termed the “Hubble redshift” for the astronomer who first discovered it.
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The Seven Sisters, or M45, is a misty cluster of stars....Commonly known as the Pleiades,modern astronomers believe that constellation’s stars were born in the same nebular cloud about 100 million years ago.The cluster contains more than 1000 stars,although only 14 are visible to the naked eye.It was known to the ancients,deriving its name from Greek mythology: the “seven sisters” were the daughters of Atlas, the Titan.
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Astonishing Asteroid Becomes a Comet | Space News…Astronomers working with the Hubble Space Telescope are expressing their complete bafflement over a recently observed asteroid, P2013/P5, which has astonished scientists with its unprecedented display of six cometary-like tails. Adding further surprise, the astronomers watched as the object’s tail structures dramatically changed over just 13 days.
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Why Do Planets Have Magnetic Fields? | Space News....ThunderboltsProject....The Earth’s north magnetic pole is on the move. According to a recent update to the World Magnetic Model, the movement of the north magnetic pole, which has been erratic yet accelerating for about 40 years, has recently accelerated more dramatically. Of course, planetary scientists attribute changes to our planet’s magnetic field to the so-called dynamo deep down in the planet’s outer core. However, we have reported on the groundbreaking recent discoveries which completely confound conventional models of planetary magnetic fields. In this episode, we ask retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott to elaborate how a planet’s magnetic field is generated in the Electric Universe.
Correction: at 13:40, should say: "A magnetic NORTH-POLE is where the magnetic field LEAVES a solid object."


The Black Hole, the Big Bang, and Modern Physics....
There has been a deliberate suppression of scientific truth by the community of physicists and astronomers concerning the black hole and the big bang. I bring you free access to original papers in the hope that this fraud can be exposed and physics restored to a rational search for knowledge. The black hole has no foundation in theory whatsoever. Neither Newton's theory nor Einstein's theory predict it. In fact, both theories preclude it, contrary to what the relativists claim.
The so-called "Schwarzschild" solution is not due to Karl Schwarzschild at all. The experts have either not read Schwarzschild's 1916 memoir or have otherwise ignored it. Go here to get Schwarzschild's original paper, in English. The so-called "Schwarzschild" solution is due to David Hilbert, itself a corruption of a solution first derived by Johannes Droste in May 1916, whose paper has also been buried or ignored at the convenience of the experts. It appears that the experts have not read Hilbert either. Go here to get a copy of Hilbert's erroneous... show more

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Cosmic Magnetic Fields....The Ultimate Challenge to Gravity-Centric Cosmology.Space News.It has been one of the greatest surprises of the Space Age, powerful magnetic fields pervade the cosmos. Mainstream astronomers and astrophysicists do indeed acknowledge pervasive cosmic magnetism,but they did NOT predict it,and the realization has come begrudgingly.In this episode,we explore why powerful magnetic fields associated with countless celestial objects is the clearest indication that we live in an Electric Universe.
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Astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era,unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise.
It is now a century since the Norwegian genius Kristian Birkeland proved that the phenomenal ‘northern lights’ or aurora borealis is an earthly connection with the electrical Sun. Later, Hannes Alfvén the Swedish Nobel Prize winning physicist, with a background in electrical engineering and experience of the northern lights, drew the solar circuit. It is no coincidence that Scandinavian scientists led the way in showing that we live in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®.
Why have they been ignored? The answer may be found in the inertia of prior beliefs and the failure of our educational institutions. We humans are better stor... show more

Still more light found at the “end of the universe”.... The observable “end of the universe” is the farthest we can see with our present telescopes, with the Hubble Space Telescope the current far-out leader. In “Infinite Universe Theory” I included this photo, pointing out that the spiral galaxies at a distance of 13.2 billion light years were no different than our own Milky Way, which is 13.7 billion years old:
IUT, Figure 9. Close-up of a small portion of the HUDF [Hubble Ultra Deep Field]. Note that these objects are various colors. Most are not red as implied by the misnomer “cosmological redshift.” Color is determined by frequency, not wavelength. Credit: NASA.
Of course, the Big Bang Theory claims that we should see younger and younger objects the farther we look out into space:
IUT, Figure 7. NASA’s official view of what the Big Bang universe should look like (serious
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New Surprises at the Heliospheric Boundary,Part 2....Here we continue the discussion of the Voyager 1 spacecraft's astonishing discoveries at the boundary of the heliosphere,revealing more surprises about the Sun's magnetic field.Do charged particles from the Sun carry the Sun's magnetic field out to remote regions as present solar theory claims?

The Electric Universe in 2019 & Beyond....David Talbott, the founder of The Thunderbolts Project, offers his thoughts on the recent developments and progress of the Electric Universe movement. Many viewers may be unaware that David experienced a stroke in September of 2018 from which he is still recovering. Happily, he has been able to resume his video production and soon will be continuing his ongoing series, Discourses on an Alien Sky.

Ultima Thule – Another Victory for the Electric Universe | Space News.
NASA’s New Horizons team has recently received pictures of the most distant object in our solar system ever imaged by a spacecraft.It’s nicknamed Ultima Thule,a relatively tiny body,just 19-miles long, located more than 4 billion miles from Earth in the so-called Kuiper Belt.As we see,like countless asteroids, some moons,as well as the majority of comet nuclei imaged to date,Ultima Thule is made of two distinct lobes which are joined by a thin neck region.Today,physicist Wal Thornhill explains why Ultima Thule is yet another resounding victory for the electric universe hypothesis.
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There is enough energy inside the space in this empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world.This is a fact well known to the scientific community,and was,for example,a favorite quote of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman._Two Nobel prizes were awarded in 1957 to Lee and Yang for substantiating the extraction process for this energy.Tom Bearden referring to "Broken Symmetry"
_Since the archaic old Electrical Engineering model was formed in the 1880s and 1890s,modern physics—including special and general relativity,quantum mechanics,quantum electrodynamics,gauge field theory, quantum field theory, and particle physics—has been born and developed.Physics has made a century of progress since the old EE model was “frozen” in 1892.Modern physics assures us that the vacuum/spacetime has enormous energy, and that it continually interacts with every charge in a circuit, system, and the universe, contin
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#The alternative to the Big Bang Theory - Ask a Spaceman!

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The Logic of Proof....If a theory is true, then certain events can be observed.If Relativity is true,then starlight passing near the sun will be bent twice as much as Newton’s theory predicts.If evolution is true, then variations in a species can develop into independent species.If the Big Bang is true,then there will be a cosmic background radiation corresponding to the temperature to which space has cooled since it Banged.
The Logic of Proof

common misconception 9 — who disproved einstein?Misconception:Einstein’s relativity theory has been proven.
Answer:Einstein’s Relativity theory is actually two related theories,the Special Relativity (SR) theory of 1905 and the General Relativity (GR) theory of 1915.Broadly speaking,both examine the motion of physical bodies in relation to the role of frames of reference.More specifically,SR deals with lig
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