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In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software

In January the European Commission is launching 14 out of a total of 15 bug bounties on Free Software projects that the EU institutions rely on.

This is definitely cool! Even better if other countries, institutions and companies will follow up and do the same.

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RT Ce matin, j'ouvrais le colloque #Voiesdelacyber :
Ouverture et sécurité ne sont pas incompatibles ! Pour preuve,
➡️ lance #bugbounty
➡️ ouvre code système d'exploitation CLIP OS
➡️ lance messagerie sécurisée


GitHub: Mehr Geld und Sicherheit für Bug-Jäger #BugBounty #Github #Security


If Software Is Funded from a Public Source, Its Code Should Be Open Source

If we pay for it, we should be able to use it. Perhaps because many free software coders have been outsiders and rebels, less attention is paid to the use of open source in government departments than…
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HN Discussion:
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Sean is telling some uncomfortable truth about the bug bounty programs: how companies don't treat everybody the same and won't pay newbies anything if they can get away with it.


Final version: When a 3rd party offers a #BugBounty for #OpenSource projects, the bounty should be split between those that find the bug and those that fix it upstream.

Quid pro Quo.

Why reward only the person that finds the bug and leave the (unpaid) work to fix it to others?

The EU will support a number of #FOSS projects by paying for a #security #bugbounty program, like the one #nextcloud has. While 'just' a bounty program isn't enough, we think it is a crucial part of a security strategy.