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Releasing the captives, by Barry Newton – Forthright Magazine> Under the cover of darkness and utilizing stealth technologies, a couple of Black Hawk helicopters approach a political prisoner compound. Deploying with rapid descent a team of highly specialized soldiers drop into the compound neutralizing opposing forces. The prisoners suddenly realize they are being rescued. The thought of release flooding their minds quickly evolves into experiencing good news.

#Bible #redemption

A Rock of Offense

11/12/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: Timothy, I have sent you out amongst My sheep, as a young shepherd who lacks experience, as one who has little knowledge of My flock. Yet from your birth, I set you apart for My purpose. Yea, before your formation in the womb, I appointed you a prophet to the nations. Thus you shall go for Me and be to My people a light, a beacon shining amidst the darkness of the end of this age, a voice shouting in desolate places calling them out.

You shall be for Me a witness,
A rock of offense which I have placed
At the feet of the rebellious and set
Against the churches of men,
Causing them to stumble...

For I have put My words in your mouth,
And by the power of My spirit have I
Caused you to write all these words...

Each Letter a spear with which I
Shall pierce the heart of this people,
Every Vo... show more

Character can be destiny, Lee Parish – Forthright Magazine> “Character is destiny.” This quote, attributed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, has been on my mind these last months. Seemingly a response to those who claim that fate controls one’s life regardless of one’s life-choices, “character is destiny” places the path and end of one’s life into one’s own hands.

#Bible #character #destiny

Both Lord and Christ, by John Henson – Forthright Magazine> Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the dead so that his followers and others might believe he is the son of God. But they hadn’t seen anything, yet. Not too many days after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead the Jews finally had the Lord killed as they wanted.

#death #resurrection #Bible

Who cares? by Mike Brooks – Forthright Magazine> It was just another story in the local newspaper. A schoolgirl accused her principal of sexual abuse. Shortly afterward she was set on fire and after struggling for life for a few days lost that battle too. There was a brief outrage in the community which soon settled down so that the incident became just one more of many. The principal of course denied any involvement with the girl or her death.

#Bible #compassion #justice

Could the works of Christ be over-emphasized? by Jeremiah Tatum – Brotherhood News> I am going to tell you that the answer to this question in some circumstances could be yes.

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Jesus is the way, by Jon Galloway – Forthright Magazine> As we look at the conversation Jesus had with his disciples in the upper room, we can understand some of the frustration they were having. Jesus had been their teacher for a few years. They had travelled around as his pupils, learning from him. But they could feel that something was about to happen. He had washed their feet. He had talked about bread and wine representing his body and blood. And he kept talking about going away.

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5 important lessons from a prominent pagan – Walking with God> The story took place during the covenant of Moses, in the Old Testament (read 2 Kings 5). But it contains some permanent principles. These principles can help us understand how to relate to God today, even under the covenant of Jesus Christ.

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I wish more people were dull, by Johnny O. Trail – Forthright Magazine> By Johnny O. Trail — As I drove to my office on Wednesday, I was listening to XM Satellite Radio. I seem to continually scroll through stations until I find the song I want to hear. Oftentimes I land on country music stations and listen to a great variety of artists. On this day, the disc jockey was talking about an artist who is now deceased.

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The Easter Experience

A six part Bible study about the events and history of Good Friday to Easter morning. Excellent quality, message and biblical teaching, one of the best bible studies I've seen. Powerful. #Christian #Easter #GoodFriday #Jesus #Bible

To him be the glory, by Lee Parish – Forthright Magazine> He was born to a humble family in a humble dwelling. He lived most of his life in obscurity as the son of a carpenter. He was nobody of importance, except that he was the most important person to ever step foot on earth.

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When hating yourself is in your best interest – Forthright Magazine> Jesus uses the word “hate” for emphasis. We’re told it means “love less,” and indeed so, though we mustn’t diminish the force or impact of the word. It’s a strong word, ...

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Saying farewell: Acts 20.1 | Fellowship Room> After surviving a mob in Ephesus, Paul moves on. His last act is to encourage the disciples and say goodbye. It is a deliberate act. Greetings and farewells were important acts in first-century faith.

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Whose son is he? by John Henson – Forthright Magazine> The Pharisees asked Jesus questions sometimes trying to catch him in one of their traps. They attempted this in Matthew chapter 22 with a question about taxes. The Herodians were with them for their purposes.

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