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McCabe's personal grudge vs General Flynn

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Senate comparably disinterested about news on FBI investigation on Trump

McCabe writes in his book that the briefing for the "Gang of Eight" leaders in Congress came days after Drumpf fired FBI Director James Comey, making McCabe acting director of the bureau at the time.

"That's the important part here, Savannah. No one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, and not based on the facts," McCabe said.

Just think of it: The Senate thought that ignorance was a viable means of defending the president who possibly committed a crime to reach up for the White House. Or did they not care because they already expected this to happen and only counted the days until he came up and tell them about it?

McCabe was fearful that he would be fired before those probes were on "solid ground," he said. He wrote in his new book "The Threat," in an excerpt adapted for The Atlantic, that after the meeting "it felt like crossing a finish line."
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Der US-Senat will Aussagen nachgehen, wonach im Justizministerium 2017 ernsthaft über die Möglichkeit einer vorzeitigen Absetzung von Trump diskutiert wurde. Der Präsident selbst äußerte sich in der ihm eigenen Weise. #USA #DonaldTrump #RodRosenstein #AndrewMcCabe #FBI #Konress #Senat


Ex-FBI director Andrew McCabe expresses tremendous dislike over Trump's contacts to Russia

McCabe left the FBI after 21 years last March, when he was dismissed for an alleged "lack of candor" in a media leak probe unrelated to the special counsel investigation.

The president and the White House also have focused their attention on McCabe's firing and what critics call the conflict of interest involved with McCabe's wife's political campaign — she ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia legislature as a Democrat.

"How do we impart wisdom and knowledge and the best of our intelligence assessments to someone who chooses to believe our adversaries over our intelligence professionals?" McCabe asked.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R - S.C.) to testify McCabe and Rosenstein

"We're going to find out what happened here and the only way I know to find out is to call the people in under oath and find out, through questioning, who's telling the truth because the underlying accusation is beyond stunning," Graham said on "Face the Nation."

"There is no organization beyond scrutiny," he said. "There is no organization that can't withstand scrutiny. And the FBI will come out stronger."

The Justice Department issued a statement in response reiterating Rosenstein's denial of the claim calling McCabe's account "inaccurate and factually incorrect."
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On former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and his past

The Department of Justice inspector general found that McCabe was involved in an unauthorized leak and that he misled federal investigators who questioned him about it. The IG report doesn't say that McCabe lied to the feds but concludes he engaged in a "lack of candor under oath."

Remember that as you watch McCabe assert that he became a target because he called for the obstruction of justice investigation after Drumpf fired FBI Director James Comey.

And when federal investigators started to probe the leak, McCabe told them a lot of information seemed to be coming out of the New York FBI office, according to the IG report.
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Donnie assails man who revealed the DOJ contemplated his impeachment

And, seemingly in response, the president tweeted: "Disgraced FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe pretends to be a 'poor little Angel' when in fact he was a big part of the Crooked Hillary Scandal & the Russia Hoax - a puppet for Leakin’ James Comey. I.G. report on McCabe was devastating. Part of 'insurance policy' in case I won.

Does Donnie actually have a hard time pretending to not actually speak with a backwater redneck accent? I could really imagine him with an accent that sounded like half of his jaw is deranged significantly, so that he is mumbling all the time.

“I wrote this book because the president’s attacks on me symbolize his destructive effect on the country as a whole,” Mr McCabe said in a statement issued through his publisher, St. Martin’s. “He is undermining America’s safety and security, and eroding public confidence in its institutions. His attacks on the most crucial institutions of government, and on the professi... show more