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Not Just #AIPAC: Hundreds of Pro-#Israel Groups Are Leeching off US Politics

Concern that Israel is losing its grip on U.S. politicians is breeding even more pro-Zionist lobby groups.
More New ‘AIPACs’ Popping Up


BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti rejected to step on US soil

"Barghouti was not provided an explanation for his denial of entry beyond 'immigration matter,' " the Arab American Institute, which had arranged the trip, said in a statement.
"It is disturbing that policymakers and the American people will not have the opportunity to hear from Omar directly about his views," Arab American Institute President James Zogby said, according to the news outlet.

He has a master’s degree from Columbia University and lived in the U.S. for a decade, and has had difficulties traveling between the U.S. and Israel, where he is a permanent resident, according to NPR, which added that those issues typically involve the Israeli government rather than Washington.

“Barghouti’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate must not be tolerated, empowered or embraced, and I applaud the Administration's denial of his entry to the United States," the Jewish lawmaker said in a statement.

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With #AIPAC in Town, #US Elite Line Up to Pledge Loyalty to Jewish Power

But it's Russian influence that you should be scared of.


On the AIPAC and Netanyahu

1. Haaretz:

Netanyahu, for one, certainly doesn’t need another AIPAC speech: He’s been making them for 35 years, since he became Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. But the lobby’s annual jamboree was a convenient pretext for him to fly to Washington and get the endorsement from Drumpf that he believes will help him in the election.

He called AIPAC a “great organization” and took a few digs (without specifically naming her) at freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has been at the center of controversy for attacking AIPAC using barely veiled anti-Semitic tropes. But you could see his heart wasn’t in it.

_ To remain viable over the coming years, AIPAC will need to retain the support it still has on the Democratic side and fight to regain that which it has lost from the party’s more progressive wing. A Drumpf-emb
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Die pro-israelische Lobbyorganisation "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" (AIPAC) lädt ab Sonntag zu ihrer alljährlichen Konferenz. Nach vergleichsweise ruhigen Jahren weht derzeit ein schärferer politischer Wind. #AIPAC #Israel #DonaldTrump #Benjamin


Trump welcomes Jexodus, encourages Democratic Jews to turn Republican

Drumpf has asserted that though Jewish Americans tended to be reliable Democratic voters, the party’s lurch to the left in recent years, as evidenced by its splintering over Omar’s comments, has alienated Jewish voters.

A website for Jexodus only lists a spokesperson, model and former Drumpf campaign staffer Elizabeth Pipko, and no other staff. A description on the website says that Jewish millennials are "tired of living in bondage to leftist politics" and accuses Democrats of taking the Jewish vote for granted.

The president, who himself has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes and not thoroughly denouncing hate speech, has positioned himself as a champion of Israel throughout his presidency.
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On the people in Minnesota's 5th district, which elected Ilhan Omar

"Anti-Semitism is real in this country," Mohamed Omar, who is not related to the freshman Democrat, said in an interview in a private study, as children nearby hurried to Friday afternoon prayers. But the controversy, he said, is a "distraction."

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman of Temple Israel, a Reform Jewish congregation that is the oldest synagogue in this city, said many of members of her community have called her over the last month to say they were troubled by Omar's comments.

But, the rabbi added, "in my mind, tweets are not the way that you communicate complex, complicated issues when you are a member of Congress."

This is a sentence that is able to refer to so many topics that nowadays are conversed and discussed via Twitter. 280 letters per message are simply not how you lead a decent conversation on a complex topic.
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President Trump: "Make Israel Great Again!"

Trump supporters, take note of this paragraph. Can we say he's done as much for the average American citizen who supported him?

#PresidentTrump #Israel #Jews #Jew #AIPAC #DonaldTrump #Republicans #Democrats #ShillsForJews #JewishControl #ZOG #ZionistOccupiedGovernment


President Trump: "Make Israel Great Again!"

Trump supporters, take note of this paragraph. Can we say he's done as much for the average American citizen who supported him?

#PresidentTrump #Israel #Jews #Jew #AIPAC #DonaldTrump #Republicans #Democrats #ShillsForJews #JewishControl #ZOG #ZionistOccupiedGovernment

SyrianGirlpartisan: AIPAC's Open Secret, Exposed by Ilhan Omar (video)

#omar #aipac #zionism #news
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SyrianGirlpartisan: AIPAC’s Open Secret, Exposed by Ilhan Omar (video)


On the Ilhan Omar case and Israel support in Congress

1. CNN:

The resolution came after Omar criticized politicians by using anti-Semitic tropes, prompting condemnation from several Jewish Democratic lawmakers and an apology from Omar last month.

-What about bigotry from Republicans, including President Donald Drumpf? And why were Democrats so focused on a woman of color, one of just two Muslims in Congress? Could the added scrutiny even put Omar in danger?_

"This is not a productive use of our time," a senior aide to a moderate House Democrat told CNN. "We need to change the subject and get back to the things we promised to do, which is infrastructure, health care, jobs."

2. (Op--Ed by Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Sweet Home Chicago)


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