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Microsoft Bing Fire Tokenizer – 10x Faster Than NLTK

HN Discussion:
Posted by catam (karma: 71)
Post stats: Points: 163 - Comments: 31 - 2019-04-18T00:07:31Z

#HackerNews #10x #bing #faster #fire #microsoft #nltk #than #tokenizer
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Chasing 10X: Leveraging A Poor Memory In Engineering

I was burned out and my software career was stalling just three years in. My memory sucked. Was my poor memory from stress, lack of sleep or was it always this bad? Work was a cycle of "TODAY IS THE…
Article word count: 1547

HN Discussion:
Posted by jeffshek (karma: 121)
Post stats: Points: 91 - Comments: 23 - 2019-03-30T13:13:44Z

#HackerNews #10x #chasing #engineering... show more

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