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Month of Spreads 2 (2018), Day 3: Gentle Spread.

(R: ) From the Tarot Prose Tumblr post:

The draw was for 1-3 cards and the deck only gave one.

The question: How can I be more gentle with myself?


I mentioned that this deck uses repeating items that I find indicate actual connections between concepts. In this case, the hawk and stylized shield is a direct copy from the High Priestess (seen yesterday); in that card, I see her as having just come through a doorway suggested by two pillars, while here she's on the other side of the door with the pillars below her. (Six: reconfiguration into a superior form of order following the collapse of an old, stagnant one.) A Wand is leaning across the threshold and the moth is from the Hermit.

(I am rambling pas... show more
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Month of Spreads 2 (2018), Day 2: Song Seer

(R: ) From the Tarot Prose Tumblr post:

The basic idea of Day 2: Shuffle a favorite playlist, listen to the random song, draw 1-3 cards asking what message should be learned from that song today and use them alongside the music to create a complete message.

I did three because I thought that more information would make for an easier interpretation, but I was very wrong about that, so I gave into my inner cheater and drew modifying cards for all three, which...were questionably helpful. I am so, so rusty, and I didn't get much that was comprehensible out of this, especially with the song added in. x_x


The song was "Doomsday Party (The Luna Sequence Mix)," original by Sybreed. A Youtube video of it, and if you scr... show more
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Test post.

This is a crosspost test (sorry for this being the first post, but it's necessary).

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