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„Flugtaxis werden kommen“: Audi lässt erstmals ein Auto fliegen!

Trends der Zukunft: „Flugtaxis werden kommen“: #Audi lässt erstmals ein #Auto #fliegen! (Max L.)



Seven minutes of terror

The Insight mission lander will reach Mars at about 3pm US-Eastern tomorrow. For seven minutes during re-entry, the spacecraft will be out of communication, wrapped in a sheet of plasma created by its re-entry. NASA will not know until Insight comes out of the plasma sheath whether it successfully re-entered or not.

NASA mission controllers call this the Seven Minutes of Terror.

#space #mars

Öffentliche, private Beiträge und Direktnachrichten in Friendica
Bei Öffentlichen, privaten Beiträgen und Direktnachrichten in Friendica, gibt es ein paar Dinge, die man wissen und beachten sollte. Daher erstmal ein bisschen notwendiger Hintergrund.

Friendica ist Teil des großen dezentralen Fedi
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Das ist nicht die #Farbe #A8A8A8 das ist der #Himmel heute.

Ist aus dieser Woche. Gestern waren es 2,2 mal schauen was es heute wird, bekomme die Zusammenfassung erst um 23 Uhr


New Friendica Android App

#friendica #app #apps #android #playstore

I am offering an app for Windows 10 currently. I am experimenting to port it to Xamarin Forms. This would allow me to offer the same app to Windows 10, to Windows 10 Mobile, to Android and to iOS. Furthermore I could support Xbox one, macOS and Linux, too. However, there are some specialties on each platform slowing down the development.

Which platforms are you interested in most?


Server Settings

Hallo @Steffen K9 🐰

wir hatten mal vor einiger zeit über Servereinstellungen geschrieben bei denn man den Arbeitsspeicher besser ausnutzt.

Du hattest auch mal deine Einstellungen gepostet. Ich kann aber den Beitrag nicht mehr finden. Hast du den noch?


Vserver Angebot

Habe gerade ein Angebot für einen Vserver mit SSD bekommen

CPU-Kerne 10
460 GB SSD
Ubuntu 18.04
30 Euro pro Monat
Laufzeit 12 Monate
Abrechnung 3, 6 oder 12 Monate
Unlimited Traffic

Was haltet ihr davon?
#server #angebot #ubuntu #vserver #hoster #provider

vcpu*2, 8Gb memory, tokyo@aws (around ~$42 USD)


Ich denke ich werde noch bis nächstes Jahr warten. Keinen Serverumzugsstress vor Weihnachten

Possibly jurisdictional content from
!Friendica Admins I just saw this tweet:

There is a new Friendica server called This seems to be run by a right wing group. According to what can be already seen in the posts of users from this server, the danger is high that their users will distribute content that is prohibited in several countries, for example symbols of organizations of the 3rd Reich. And one can imagine that more will come, since this seems to be a reaction to the decision by Gab to ban a person because of the content that the person had written:

I, personally, have already blocked that system on my both servers and

SHUT IT DOWN! Illegal speech is dangerous!

Had to lock the contact also extra, hope he can not comment anymore.



Does anyone have experience with AutoIt and could program for me a small .exe?
I have only Linux computers in the house and I do not feel like installing Windows again.
#autoit #windows #exe
This entry was edited (8 months ago)

I tested the script today and ran it just before 1pm, it did not stop at 1pm.
Is it maybe that it stops after 13 hours and not at 13 o'clock @Jeroen De Meerleer ?

Ist this right so?
		 $curstop = 0
		 for $i = 0 to $interval step 60
			$stoptime = @HOUR & ":" & @MIN + $curstop
			if @MIN + $curstop > 59 then $stoptime = @HOUR + 1 & ":" & (@MIN + $curstop - 60)
			if _ArraySearch($stoptimes, $stoptime) > -1 then stoploop()
			$curstop += 1
		 Sleep($interval*1000) ; 220 seconds in Milliseconds

Friendica Directory: Version 2.1 released
Hi !Friendica Developers,

after a good week of Release Candidate, I'm happy to announce the release of the version 2.1 of the new Friendica Directory.

Excerpts from the changelog:
  • Added translations with full French, partial Czech and German.
  • Added profile search by language.
  • Added stats pages.
  • Added custom HTML pages for legal writings.

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