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Apparently #Facebook steals data directly from your #android phone even if you have never had an FB account, because the built-in android Facebook app phones home and cannot be removed:

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[Don't believe the privacy experts, spy-funded encryption is not politics | Surveillance Valley — Yasha Levine](

"Since I'm perhaps the only journalist in the world digging into this, I feel it is my duty to repeat it over and over and over again: Tor (and related "grassroots" crypto apps like Signal) are creations of America’s spooky war apparatus. They are designed for regime change in the age of the Internet. If they ever posed a threat to the United States — and to the corporate monopoly power that calls the shots here — their funding would be pulled and they would cease to exist. In short: if you’re worried about corporate-state surveillance, technology funded by this very same state is not the answer."

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"Don't believe privacy experts", "I'm perhaps the only journalist in the world" - that in itself sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? The fact that Tor was funded by US Government is right on the Tor Wikipedia page, so certainly "only journalist in the world" is quite of a stretch.

he's not saying that he is the only one who knows that, what i think he's saying is that is the only one saying that we should not trust those tools like the others are selling it.

[Why Isn’t Telegram End-to-End Encrypted by Default? – Telegraph](

"I've been getting this question more often this year. It's based on the wrong assumption that some other popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp are "end-to-end encrypted by default", while Telegram is not. This post is intended to disprove this myth that has been so carefully crafted by Facebook/WhatsApp marketing efforts. Let’s start from the basics."

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#intel #surveillance #privacy #dajjal #ai #ime

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security, VICE on HBO, Full Episode

Intel's Chip Bug Fixes Have Bugs of Their Own - Slashdot

#intel #surveillance #privacy

Researcher Finds Another Security Flaw In Intel Management Firmware - Slashdot

#intel #surveillance #privacy

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