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[ISAAC KAPPY Vindicated?? Steven Spielberg Outed By CRISPIN GLOVER in 2003 Essay!! - YouTube](

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I Guess I Have to See The Shape of Water - Dr. Michael Heiser

I Guess I Have to See The Shape of Water
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"The apkallu story is the Mesopotamian backstory for Gen 6:1-4. This is virtually unknown to biblical students (even scholars) since prior to 2010 only two articles ever mention the apkallu in connection with that biblical passage. That all changed in 2010 with the excellent work of Amar Annus (as I have blogged before). Consequently, there’s a whole lot more to the apkallu than these brief comments. I wrote about them and Gen 6:1-4 in Reversing Hermon. Do I think director Guillermo del Toro is intentionally trying to “communicate” the apkallu / Gen 6:1-4? No. I doubt he’s been reading Mesopotamian material. But perhaps he had a muse."

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