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[Last Clash of the Titans Part 1: Return of the Old Gods » SkyWatchTV](

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In this book, I will present evidence for a number of claims, many of which haven’t been made before, to the best of my knowledge:

The Amorites of the ancient world are far more important to history than we’ve been taught.
The Titans, the old gods of the Greeks, are the biblical Watchers, the sons of God who took daughters of man as wives as described in Genesis
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[Symbolic Pics of the Month 07/18 - The Vigilant Citizen](

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"The fashion show by designer Xander Zhou featured male models walking around with fake pregnant bellies. There is a clear and constant effort to blur genders and to confuse people about their natural differences. And the fashion world is part of that effort. Also, the feminization of men is of the utmost importance."

[The Last Religion Trailer - The Antichrist, The Singularity, and the Great Deception - Prophecy - YouTube](

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"Jeremiah Films
Publicado a 13/10/2017

The Last Religion Trailer - The Antichrist, The Beast, The Singularity and the Great Deception.
Chuck Missler, Paul McGuire, L.A. Marzulli, John Loeffler, Frank Peretti,

The Last Religion

The ancient Biblical Prophetic narr... show more

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