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[Why You Shouldn't Read The Independent Even If You Wanted To - #PropagandaWatch](

[Why You Shouldn't Read The Independent Even If You Wanted To - #PropagandaWatch - DTube](!/v/corbettreport/tja38bf5)

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[Debunking A Century of War Lies](

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" First published at 16:06 UTC on August 6th, 2018.


In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate the public to fight. That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the "enemy," here are all the examples you'll need to help debunk a century of war lies."

[Interview 1370 – James Corbett on the New World Order : The Corbett Report](

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"James Corbett joins Lior Gantz of to discuss the New World Order, the deep state and the battle for global control, and how we can slay the beast by simply removing our participation from the beast’s system."

[How Trade Wars Become Hot Wars — Steemit](


[Globalist Conference Season Begins: Here's What You Need to Know — Steemit](

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[(3) James Corbett - 2/20/2018 - Weaponization of Social Media - YouTube](

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[(5) How to Herd Your Tax Cattle - YouTube](


"Publicado a 06/10/2014

Good morning, Mr. President. I'm a representative of the shadow government that put you into power. Did you ever wonder how we keep people fighting with each other? Or obeying our silly rules? Or actually loving their captors and slavemasters? This morning we're going to brief you on just that. Are you ready to begin? "

[The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat](

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There is in fact a Middle Eastern nation that is in fact in control of a vast, undeclared stockpile of nuclear weapons. This nation does have the capability of deploying those weapons anywhere in the region. It is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its arsenal has never been inspected by any international agency. But this nation is not Iran. It's Israel."

(59) Cambridge Analytica: The Backstory - YouTube

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Publicado a 25/03/2018

Cambridge Analytica is in the news for its psychographic profiling of the population via Facebook data scrapes. So do you know about the scandal and its background? Well you would if you listened to The Corbett Report. Here's the backstory.

America, China, and the Battle for the โ€œIndo-Pacificโ€ : The Corbett Report

America, China, and the Battle for the “Indo-Pacific”
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