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[Last Clash of the Titans Part 1: Return of the Old Gods » SkyWatchTV](

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In this book, I will present evidence for a number of claims, many of which haven’t been made before, to the best of my knowledge:

The Amorites of the ancient world are far more important to history than we’ve been taught.
The Titans, the old gods of the Greeks, are the biblical Watchers, the sons of God who took daughters of man as wives as described in Genesis
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[The NWO DIEt - The First Ever Anti-Vegan Documentary (2017) - YouTube](

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[Something to Think About...](

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First published at 01:36 UTC on August 8th, 2018.

Alex Jones and Infowars has been banned across several platforms. While there isn't anything "legally" wrong with this action, it does suggest more nefarious censorship to come. But was Alex Jones in on the whole thing? Is he a trojan horse and a pied piper for the actual independent truth community to be lead astray? While we can't know for certain, I share one piece of information that suggests Jones has been compromised and has been part of this "censorship" stage show all along...legally!

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i don't think there is such a thing, the so called mandela effect, and the video i posted answers that there is no corruption at all.

Research Mandela effect bible changes

he has some valid points for someone who wants to make a carreer of it, for people who wants to just learn and play it doesn't make much sense.

[Symbolic Pics of the Month 07/18 - The Vigilant Citizen](

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"The fashion show by designer Xander Zhou featured male models walking around with fake pregnant bellies. There is a clear and constant effort to blur genders and to confuse people about their natural differences. And the fashion world is part of that effort. Also, the feminization of men is of the utmost importance."

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