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[Symbolic Pics of the Month 07/18 - The Vigilant Citizen](

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"The fashion show by designer Xander Zhou featured male models walking around with fake pregnant bellies. There is a clear and constant effort to blur genders and to confuse people about their natural differences. And the fashion world is part of that effort. Also, the feminization of men is of the utmost importance."

[Android Largest Operating System Worldwide With 39% Market Share: Beebom](

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[(1) Should Amazon Stop Selling the Quran? Congressman Keith Ellison Says "Yes!" - YouTube](

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[(1) Antonov An-124: The Russian Strategic Airlift Jet Aircraft - YouTube](

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[Linux security tools (top 100) - Linux Security Expert](

[80 Linux Monitoring Tools for SysAdmins - Server Density Blog](

[Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools](

[The Best Network Tools to manage your network: all details](


[Cool, but obscure unix tools :: Software architect Kristof Kovacs](

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[(5) SR-71 Blackbird: The Queen Of Speed That Outran Missiles - YouTube](


[25 Years of Slackware, PowerShell Snap, REAPER on Linux, Linux Geek Bundle | This Week in Linux 33 - YouTube](


"Segment Index: Show Notes - 00:00 = Intro 01:10 = TuxDigital Patreon Plug 01:33 = 25 Years of Slackware 03:18 = Microsoft's PowerShell Available as a Snap 04:45 = Latte Dock 0.8 Released 07:47 = REAPER 5.93 New Linux-Native Builds 09:27 = System76 Manufacturing Facility Sneak Peak 10:57 = Liberapay Is In Trouble 14:08 = hledger 1.10 15:19 = Librem 5 Development Boards Delays 17:48 = Almond: Open Virtual Assistant 19:48 = Humble Linux Geek Bundle - 21:26 = Clone Hero: Guitar Hero clone 24:13 = Atari VCS Hardware Upgraded 26:39 = Voting Machine Vendor Installed RDP Software 29:24 = More Backdoors Found In Cisco's Routers 33:15 = Outro"

["If you don't like America, you can GET OUT!" - YouTube](

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[The Incredible Story of The PayPal Mafia - YouTube](

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Publicado a 24/06/2018
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Like all great origin stories, The PayPal Mafia is an origin story that deserves to be told and retold.
From Social Media to the auto and aerospace industries, the impact of the PayPal Mafia is amazing, serving as the launching point for six members to become billionaires.
The story of PayPal actually begins with palm pilots.
If you are too young to remember these, Palm Pilots was a specific brand of a device called a personal digital assistant, or PDAs.
Before th... show more

[Coconut Aminos: The Healthy Replacement for Soy Sauce? - Dr. Axe](

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