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[FEIC 2018 Canada - Day 1 - Session 4 (FULL expanded version): Rob Skiba - YouTube](

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This is the fourth session from Day 1 of the Flat Earth International Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which was held August 9 & 10, 2018. This is th...

[Publicação da lista de ex-políticos que recebem subvenções vitalícias está suspensa](

#pt #colectivismo #elites

-continuam a esticar a corda, quando ela se quebrar depois não se queixem...

Publicação da lista de ex-políticos que recebem subvenções vitalícias está suspensa

Governo diz que a decisão partiu da Caixa Geral de Aposentações devido ao Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados. Um "péssimo pretexto", condena a associação Transparência e Integridade.

Misunderstanding socialism 101 😀

But funny.

[10 C's of Survival List in the Wilderness - Essential and Helpful](


10 C’s of Survival List – Prepare for the Worst & the Best Will Happen

The 10 C's of survival by the expert Dave Canterbury is a potential lifesaver when you're lost in the wilderness. Read the list of essential & helpful items to carry in the outdoors and learn how to sustain in an adverse condition.

[AULIS Online – Different Thinking](

#moonhoax #nasa

AULIS Online – Different Thinking
Challenging established views on space exploration and the genesis of mankind. Researching future manned space travel. Questioning Project Apollo ? what really happened on the Moon? Examining the links between Cydonia on Mars and Avebury/Stonehenge in England.

[(1) Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits - Best Aretha Franklin Colletion - YouTube](


Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits - Best Aretha Franklin Colletion
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[Last Clash of the Titans Part 1: Return of the Old Gods » SkyWatchTV](

#derekgilbert #beastsystem #dajjal #supernatural

In this book, I will present evidence for a number of claims, many of which haven’t been made before, to the best of my knowledge:

The Amorites of the ancient world are far more important to history than we’ve been taught.
The Titans, the old gods of the Greeks, are the biblical Watchers, the sons of God who took daughters of man as wives as described in Genesis
... show more

[Foreshadow: Breaking the Virtual Memory Abstraction with Transient Out-of-Order Execution](

#foreshadow #intel #hardware #security

-another mega bug brought to you by INTEL!

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