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v0.2.1-19011201 😁

- fixed: URL got truncate
- fixed: status text - url process
- fixed: When using Scrambled Exif share photo to DiCa, will crash
- enhance: UI beautify compose dialog enhancement
- enhance: RETWEET shouldn't directly submit, should popup dialog for compose.

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

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some device ( LG + Huawei ) ( Android 5.0, Android 7.0)
will force close due to NoSuchMethod error, will hotfix now.

May I add a small bug I encountered here?

When I remove the exif from a picture use this app and it then just asks me where to share the new file to, when I select DiCa then DiCa will crash. I assume DiCa can not really receive a file from another app if the file is not stored.

no problem 😀

Issue is confirm and open here:
will try to find issue later, my laptop is super busy, i cannot open AndroidStudio for now.

fixed, will release on next beta version:…
This entry was edited (8 months ago)

but why it suddenly work ?

it now works because i switched from develop to 2019.01-rc

Hmmm ... I'm having trouble creating new posts through the browser. If I click on the button to create a post, nothing happens. But it looks like the problem is not with the server, but with me. It does not work with another browser. Gab es diese Frage nicht schon mal @Michael Vogel ?

Please have a look into your PHP error log. According to the screenshot the system responds with an error "500" to the edit. This mostly means some PHP error.

my ten years old MBP, build apk and bundle s take over five mins.....😅😅

lost my job today, got a new offer letter also today 😆

Just found v0.1.8 #DiCa , select from gallery has bug, would fix it tonight 😅😅

good morning, just made my #breakfast, 😋😋, even though it's already 11:36 in #Taiwan



thank you , haha 😀 public permission, still show denied photo on other site

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