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suddenly this kind of RSS feed content make me exciting


cause same data, but three different query params and order, it will generate three website meta box on DiCa, i should filter it, otherwise it's annoy

should filter those two link , and find the rule to ignore duplicate image (another proxy photo rule).



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I think cache web site meta data on device is necessary. not only reduce memory usage once cache, but also bandwidth

let's test Room Persistence Library

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Just for Notes:

why status page content and timeline content is different, after tracing my code a while

> statuses/*_timeline
> statuses/show

the text field content is not consistent


#DiCa @DiCa Support
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hangout w/ my family 😄😄

denied photo again....😂😂

small one work; when next friendica stable version release(bug fix stage now), I'll submit a lot issues and help request 😁😁

how much MB hade the first picture?

no idea actually, it's display normal on web, maybe permission issue too

after reloading thepage i see both pictures

good to hear this, even though I still see denied photo


WebPerl | Run Perl in the browser with WebPerl! WebPerl | Run Perl in the browser with WebPerl! #libre #opensource #perl
WebPerl does not translate your Perl code to JavaScript, instead, it is a port of the perl binary to WebAssembly, so that you have the full power of Perl at your disposal!

About DiCa AP project, currently finish

- /.well-known/webfinger
- /.well-known/host-meta
- /user/xxxx
- save request data to inbox

But everything is fake data
learning #TypeScript + #FireStore + #Cloud Function on #Firebase
Still don't know why i doing

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learn something

1. use nodejs body-parse module should specifiy
{ type: 'application/*+json' }

otherwise you won't get AP request body (ex. follow).

2. signature is just for verify the post if come from owner

finally receive something from inbox