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Reduce the beef it's not enought.
if the objective is to reduce the footprint the message can be :
Expert says reduce all the consomation of industrial products can be reduce the carbon footprint.

because it's a global problem, not exclusively a beef problem.

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still a lot of people are not aware of that and think just cars are part of the co2 problem -so i think the statment above is OK

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A few % at most of a shower. But then again that's just the consumption of my terminals which you mentioned.

If there were no GHG, Earth's average temperature woufd be -15°C
In current "natural" balance, it should be 15°C but we added enough GHG to push it to 16°C and climbing...
Water vapor content is in direct corrolation with other GHG: the more CO2 and CH4 (methane), the more warming, the more warming, the more water vapor content.

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