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Yeah PHP

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For some reason I thought the logo was an operator so I looked up Perl6 operators. Kinda surprised I didn't find it there😀

New Haskell stuff

The Haskell community has been delivering a lot of neat conveniences lately.

1. Cabal is cool these days. Cabal's dependency hell and cumbersome sandboxes are no more. Instead, there is a new set of v2-commands allowing for deterministic Nix-style builds. Each project has its own local dependencies drawn from a system-wide store that shares everything shareable while keeping your global environment clean. I still use it with Nix though because I like the binary cache.

2. Another take on testing has been made: validity package is based upon the famous QuickCheck and other existing libraries to get us something more handy for randomized property-based testing.

3. A new extension, DerivingVia, along with a new library named capabil... show more
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Haskell in Emacs

People keep asking, "what do you use to write Haskell code?" and some of them get disappointed when I tell them about Emacs. There are various reasons for that, and I thought it would help to write a little beginner-friendly instruction on how to get started. So that's it. Feedback is welcome.
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