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Selection of fields

!DiCa Support It would be nice if it would be possible in DiCa to select or deselect the fields "Distribute to other networks". @Cheng Shihchieh

Selecting or deselecting groups is already possible.
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Yes for web, but I think not for API 😅 is on latest develope

Yes, I know, but DiCa works, depends on API update; but....API doesn't have implement those new features yet..we need to wait for it.

- API for fetch user binded SN
- API for statuses/update, support custom SN to share

!DiCa Support

I tried several times to use Dica but in each version I have the problem that I should write blind, because as soon the keyboard pops up (AnySoftKeyboard) I can't see what I am writing. See screenshot. Is this a problem with the keyboard?

phone: Oneplus 3t
OS: LineageOS 13
Android: 7.1.2


wait for your good news, haha, gogogo, do it

Update my OS to version 15 LineageOS

I'd like to hear about this too... Please let us know how this goes. I've been postponing OS updates ---outside the nice and orderly world of Linux--- for a very long time.

@DiCa Support
how about user can configure (what TABs) he want to show, and maybe sequence ?

is this a good idea? 🤔

@DiCa Support

v0.2.2-19011403 production release 😁😁

- Feature: comments list, implement forum thread indent, more clearly know someone is reply to who
- Feature: more clearly and simple status page UI
- Feature: comments collapse/expand
- UI: private status (lock icon ) optimal
- Enhance: enable debuggable mode
- Locale: dutch translation update
- Bug fixed

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download



new comments is almost done, will try implement this feature later 😄😄

@DiCa Support

v0.2.1-19011201 😁

- fixed: URL got truncate
- fixed: status text - url process
- fixed: When using Scrambled Exif share photo to DiCa, will crash
- enhance: UI beautify compose dialog enhancement
- enhance: RETWEET shouldn't directly submit, should popup dialog for compose.

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download


some device ( LG + Huawei ) ( Android 5.0, Android 7.0)
will force close due to NoSuchMethod error, will hotfix now.

The Friendica Android App - New DiCa release

fixed: public status photo won't backslash anymore
enhance: status action bar keep in single line (German)
enhance: user profile introduce max show 8 lines (scrollable)

Google Play Store:
Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download


I'm not sure if already know this issue but when view a link in DiCa the url gets truncated.

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DiCa - v0.1.6 release

- feature: hashtag linkable
- feature: hashtag search page
- feature: login page can quick select server list; new registration link ( create account API later)
- feature: multiple photos upload support (maximum 3 photos)
- filter pod_feeder link
- better UI/UX for compose dialog and show posting progress
- when publish status, even compose dialog close, still work (no recommend to do so)
- when not publish yet, dialog close; open compose dialog again, will keep last state which you selected photos.
- change temp file directory from sdcard to app cache folder; and delete on exit


PlayStore Link:

Download Link:



#Friendica #DiCa #Android-Apps #Release

Look here
i think this is a good idea, what do you think?

Thanks for your help, Merged
look like google translate always give me the wrong answer, lol.... 😀
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DiCa - Friendica Android Client Changelog v0.1.6-18121702 (beta)

Enhancement: multiple photos upload support (maximum 3 photos)
Enhancement: Share to DiCa also support multiple photos
Enhancement: compose dialog UI more pretty 😀
Compatible with old API version (require newest friendica develop branch)
#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk

@尺ノᄃんム尺り @utzer @DiCa Support

Sorry for keep you waiting so long, new beta program support [multiple photo upload now],

Maybe 1 hour, can download it from PlayStore (Beta),
more details come to here:

Hope you like it 😀

ps. require newest Friendica develop branch ( at least checkout to this commit )


DiCa - Friendica Android Client v0.1.4-18120702 (beta)

Enhancement: reduce memory usage
Enhancement: quote style improvement
Enhancement: filter more duplicate content (most of all is RSS feed)
Enhancement: filter duplicate likes
#dica #friendica #android #client #app

Sorry, WED, Wednesday
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