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@DiCa Support Seems because the change from English makes all the words longer.

Might be worth keeping icons only?

!DiCa Support

I tried several times to use Dica but in each version I have the problem that I should write blind, because as soon the keyboard pops up (AnySoftKeyboard) I can't see what I am writing. See screenshot. Is this a problem with the keyboard?

phone: Oneplus 3t
OS: LineageOS 13
Android: 7.1.2


Update my OS to version 15 LineageOS

I'd like to hear about this too... Please let us know how this goes. I've been postponing OS updates ---outside the nice and orderly world of Linux--- for a very long time.

Thumb up +1000

@DiCa Support
how about user can configure (what TABs) he want to show, and maybe sequence ?

is this a good idea? 🤔

with TABS do you menn this
and what do you meen with sequence?
#friendica #app #client #dica #android

yes, the idea come from this discussion (photo).
some tab (friends / my / public / network / ...) maybe user don't like?


sequence (order),
friends -> public -> network -> my -> favorites

the colaps function is great, thanks jason

yeah, that's great you like this function 😁😁

@DiCa Support

v0.2.2-19011403 production release 😁😁

- Feature: comments list, implement forum thread indent, more clearly know someone is reply to who
- Feature: more clearly and simple status page UI
- Feature: comments collapse/expand
- UI: private status (lock icon ) optimal
- Enhance: enable debuggable mode
- Locale: dutch translation update
- Bug fixed

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download



@DiCa Support
what if create a live stream for network timeline, then I'll no need to keep refreshing 🤔🤔

new comments is almost done, will try implement this feature later 😄😄

@DiCa Support

v0.2.1-19011201 😁

- fixed: URL got truncate
- fixed: status text - url process
- fixed: When using Scrambled Exif share photo to DiCa, will crash
- enhance: UI beautify compose dialog enhancement
- enhance: RETWEET shouldn't directly submit, should popup dialog for compose.

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download


some device ( LG + Huawei ) ( Android 5.0, Android 7.0)
will force close due to NoSuchMethod error, will hotfix now.


The Friendica Android App - New DiCa release

fixed: public status photo won't backslash anymore
enhance: status action bar keep in single line (German)
enhance: user profile introduce max show 8 lines (scrollable)

Google Play Store:
Download APK's:

#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk #release #download


I'm not sure if already know this issue but when view a link in DiCa the url gets truncated.

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