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v0.1.9-18122601 (beta) release

fixed: pick photo(s) share to DiCa orientation is wrong
fixed: pick photo(s) share to DiCa won't refresh timeline
enhance: status post with photos, photo now will set the right permission too

Google Play Store:

Download APK's:

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DiCa - v0.1.6 release

- feature: hashtag linkable
- feature: hashtag search page
- feature: login page can quick select server list; new registration link ( create account API later)
- feature: multiple photos upload support (maximum 3 photos)
- filter pod_feeder link
- better UI/UX for compose dialog and show posting progress
- when publish status, even compose dialog close, still work (no recommend to do so)
- when not publish yet, dialog close; open compose dialog again, will keep last state which you selected photos.
- change temp file directory from sdcard to app cache folder; and delete on exit


PlayStore Link:

Download Link:



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Look here
i think this is a good idea, what do you think?


New dutch translations

!DiCa Support


Thanks for your help, Merged
look like google translate always give me the wrong answer, lol.... 😀
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DiCa - Friendica Android Client Changelog v0.1.6-18121702 (beta)

Enhancement: multiple photos upload support (maximum 3 photos)
Enhancement: Share to DiCa also support multiple photos
Enhancement: compose dialog UI more pretty 😀
Compatible with old API version (require newest friendica develop branch)
#dica #friendica #android #client #app #changelog #apk

@尺ノᄃんム尺り @utzer @DiCa Support

Sorry for keep you waiting so long, new beta program support [multiple photo upload now],

Maybe 1 hour, can download it from PlayStore (Beta),
more details come to here:

Hope you like it 😀

ps. require newest Friendica develop branch ( at least checkout to this commit )



DiCa - Friendica Android Client v0.1.4-18120702 (beta)

Enhancement: reduce memory usage
Enhancement: quote style improvement
Enhancement: filter more duplicate content (most of all is RSS feed)
Enhancement: filter duplicate likes
#dica #friendica #android #client #app


Pictures are being cut.

Images are cropped even if you click OK instead of cropping.
I think that's not the desired behavior in the app @Cheng Shihchieh

#dica #friendica #android #app

Sorry, WED, Wednesday
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