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Pictures are being cut.

Images are cropped even if you click OK instead of cropping.
I think that's not the desired behavior in the app @Cheng Shihchieh

#dica #friendica #android #app
Roger that 😁
sorry, this time will delay for few days, I'll review this part of code after I finish another interview at Wed. have to prepare 😉
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Who or what is Wed?

Sorry, WED, Wednesday
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DiCa - Friendica Android Client v0.1.3-18120401 (beta)

v0.1.3-18120401 (beta)
Feature: mention ( internal / external network ) (extract timeline status user as cached user for later use)
System: Upgrade to AndroidX
UI: redesign compose dialog ( expand width / align bottom )
Enhancement: speed up / smooth timeline loading (cache website meta)
Enhancement: skip duplicate image (proxy image)

#dica #friendica #android #client


Features of DiCa

> Enable for all #Friendica base website
> Support display network public stream: Friendica / #Diaspora* / #Mastodon
> #Dashboard [Public / Friends / My / Favorite timeline]
> Simple user page / status page
> Status post (photo / location tag / group permission)
> #Support offline capacity
> #Notification
> Like / UnLike
> #Favorites
> #Retweet
> #Sticker

more to come...get and try out
#Google #Play

The app looks fantastic so far! Here are some humble feature requests:

* Push notifications (to let you know at least when you have a new notification)
* I notice that the app doesn't display comments unless you click through to the post. Could it at least show the number of comments so you know there's something to click through to see?
* Other functionality than just reading status updates (the ability to manage contacts first and foremost)

Thank you for all your hard work on this!

@Trevor Schadt
thanks for so details feature request, DiCa is develop base on FriendicaAPIs, but it's still need lot of works on it

> Push notifications
Currently i only can do polling through API Friendica/notifications; it should be trigger by server side (i wanna this feature too); I can do, peoples who use DiCa, trigger notification (pub/sub / channel) to each others by google firebase cloud messaging service, but it will lose meanings of decentralized, and not overall notification too.

> Timeline stream include reply(last 2 comments)
API timeline, even i setup (exclude_replies=false), still cannot get any comment on this, maybe i use it in the wrong way

> Other functions
such as follow/unfollow user in internal or external network, create account..., those APIs still waiting for develop

Friendica develop team currently is working hard on next stable release( bug fix stage for now), i think more API will coming soon, once API support, DiCa will implements quickly.

Before that, i will do something more not relate (just like Sticker feature)
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You can now use stickers within #DiCa.
#friendica #app #android

It's look like forum not show on my friend timeline, don't know why 😅😅

@Ɽł₵Ⱨ₳ⱤĐ thanks

With me it was there then it was gone again under "Frio"
Under the theme "Vier" it is to be seen.

Just changed from Vier back to Frio and now I see the DicA Support Forum in the bar.

Now the DiCa Forum is gone again, in Frio and in Vier to

i still have dica forum right now,
also, sometime, it's goes crazy w/ wrong sequence, when i add new friend, i think it's sorting? or.....currently no idea
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